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Smokepurpp – Fingers Blue (Feat. Travis Scott)

PRODUCER: Ronny J & Frank Dukes

Not only did he bless his fans with his DEADSTAR mixtape, Smokepurpp releases his collaborative track with Travis Scott titled, “Blue Fingers”. On this track, both Purpp and Travis speak on counting money til their fingers turn blue and flexing with diamonds in their mouth. Together they make the ultimate turn up song to play at your upcoming function.

It’s also been announced that Smokepurpp is now signed to La Flame’s record label, Cactus Jack Records. Be sure to checkout DEADSTAR as well.

Frankie X – My Shawty [Prod. Rockyylikee]

PRODUCER: Rockyylikee

Frankie X, from Tampa, brings a vintage feel with his new track “My Shawty”. You could hear Frankie X spitting game to his potential shawty over the Rockyylikee produced track. The song has an old school feel to it, rap verses have a very 90s style, while accompanied with soft melodic pianos that gives it a vintage sound.

Boobie Lootaveli – No Touchbacks [Prod. Mikey The Magician]

PRODUCER: Mikey The Magician

Boobie Lootaveli unleashes his new track “No Touchbacks” on to the world. Working with his Buffet brother, Mikey The Magician, once again they crank out something magical. Sampling Cartoon Network’s classic TV series, Dexter’s Laboratory’s theme-song. Boobie Lootaveli and Mikey The Magician turn the late 90s childhood TV show into a smash.

PREMIERE: Xali – Real Hot Boy (Prod. Elm Vision)

PRODUCER: Elm Vision

The Broward Saint, Xali is back on CitrusRap and your airways with a heater for the soul. “Real Hot Boy”, a tribally rhythmic track for passionate bar lovers and rap heads alike. The Regalife CEO and Valhalla Records member viscously attacks the Elm Vision instrumental, as “Real Hot Boy” serves as a strong display of his flows and rap skill set. Completely setting him apart from the majority of whatever competition is foolish enough to get that close to an open fire. Xali is hitting 2017’s third quarter like Klay Thompson. Just as you think that he’s beginning to cool off, his writing hand sets ablaze once again. Thank you Xali for making our jobs easier today. Get your soulja rags and Reeboks, and blast “Real Hot Boy” the proper way.

Robb Bank$ – Cloverfield 2.0 (Presented By DJ Wish6one & Dream Mode)

PRODUCERS: Khaed, Twinkdabeatman, Natra Average & Wish6one

Due to his frustration with his current label and his project continually being pushed back, Robb Bank$ has taken power into his own hands and leaked Cloverfield 2.0. A few songs to hold over, including a snippet of highly anticipated “ILYSM”. Although, we’d love to have a full body of work from Robb Bank$, we can not complain about what he unleashed this week.

Murph – Position of Power (EP)

PRODUCERS:Block Beattaz, The Commission, Rich Eye AM, DJ Cas and Will Notes


Broward county has been pulling great attention with its new breed of talented artists such as the finesse kid, Kodak Black and XXXTENTACTION. Now it’s time to shed light on its next upcoming artist Murph as he releases his new EP, Position of Power. Consisting of 10-tracks, each one carries a momentum full of powerful statements. A great representation of South Florida’s music, that resembles a Rick Ross’s aura. He released his first ever mixtape back in 2010 and now in 2017 you can hear the growth and maturity in this new project.

On Position of Power, Murph’s rap ability are acrobatic as he flips rhymes and verses without missing a beat, with a delivery that’s striking. He’s dives into his preliminary stages in the game, how he came from the bottom to where he is today. “Puttin On” paints pictures of struggle and pain, but it’s what motivated him to get where he is now. Murph brings in other Florida natives such as Bizzy Crook, Webbz, Johnny Brooks, Jay Burna, and 8 Eight to fully fulfill the South Florida vibe. As the production of the project, the beats are efficient and are great for those long late-night drives. Position of Power shows the growth in Murph and how exciting it is to see what he will come out with next.

Fukkit – Remind Me, Why Am I Here Again? [Prod. JAHRAHMF]

PRODUCER: Jahrahmf
LATEST RELEASE: Is This Beauty? | Stream

Coming with great momentum, Miami rapper Fukkit releases “Remind Me, Why Am I Here  Again?”.  Fukkit comes with a hard, aggressive, and heavily distorted track that’s gritty but definitely will cause a riot in the streets. Produced by Jahrahmf, the track blends a mixture of genres together, bringing in elements of rap, metal and punk.