Kaelin Ellis – MOMENTS (Instrumental Album)

Kaelin Ellis
Kaelin Ellis

It has come to a time where producers are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Slowly but surely producers, musicians, and beatmakers are becoming stars, gaining almost the same amount of attention as rappers and singers. Kaelin Ellis from central Florida, is a musician who easily paints cavases with sound. Ellis is a multi-platinum producer with over 10+ years of experience and performance. He’s collaborated with some notable producers such as Kaytranada, Sango and many more.

Kaelin Ellis’s latest project, Moments features 12 tracks that feel like an escape from reality. Each song takes you into different worlds that welcome you with a warm embrace. “Joy” for example feels like summer that is complimented with a mother’s unconditional love. “Justice” has the perfect amount of swing and bounce that resembles the likes of the legendary, J-Dilla. Each song is different from the other giving you different combination of flavors for you to enjoy. He blends mixtures of lo-fi, electronic, hip hop and Afro-beats to create a sound that’s unique to him.

With 6-months in the making, Moments was created via his Twitter feed. Since then, the project has been polished together into this body of work. One particular track, “SWIM” caught the eye of Lupe Fiasco, who recorded a verse over the instrumental and shared it on his Twitter account.

Consequently, Moments pushes boundaries of sound that feels ahead of our time. Ellis puts together a musical composition that’s full of color and charm for everyone to enjoy. It’s safe to say these funky grooves are good for the soul. To listen to Moments, click here.