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CitrusRap Exclusive: Gaby G Interview

gaby g interview by Nick Gonzalez

gaby g interview shot by Nick Gonzalez

Gaby G who has recently dished out her former alias, “Native Youth” is one of Miami’s precious gems. Her music is full of sensuality that you feel pulsating within your bloodstream. Gaby creates sensational atmospheres for major festivals and for those small intimate spaces. The Miami native has a voice that slithers its way to your ear and caresses it behind R&B style records that collide with pop and unnatural sounds.

With her latest projects, Second Chances & Breathe Me , we get a great taste of her artistry.  She showcases her growing skill-set,  having the ability to be poetic with her words that reaches and touches the listener is something to be proud of. In addition, also having the skill to make memorable records that stand-out from her peers. Alongside these projects she possesses stunning visuals that are sensual as well as sexual such as “Closer” featuring her significant other and adult film star, Abella Danger. Her new music video, “Acting Different” is colorful and vibrant that just adds more greatness to her DIY portfolio.

Gaby G gives us the honor to have a sit down interview (conversation) about her upbringing in music, meeting Kaixen & triangle, her life in L.A., her love for Miley Cyrus and much more. You can listen to the Gaby G interview below.

The Singslayer – Bend the Knee (Video)

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STREAM: Apple Music / Spotify / Tidal

PRODUCER: Cameron Dietz

DIRECTOR: Flowercop

After getting co-signs from notable celebrities such as Marlon Wayans, DC Young Fly & Ken Jeong, the South Florida artist Cameron Dietz has stepped into his alter ego Singslayer with his latest single “Bend The Knee”. The record is inspired by HBO’s TV phenomenon Game of Thrones (hence the name Singslayer) and laments on his fear of commitment and regret of losing a significant other because of that apprehension.

“Bend The Knee” is a mesmerizing record by the multi-talented artist. He puts together an sultry & smooth R&B record that easily sticks to you within the first listen, it’s irresistible. Cameron has mellow vocals that carry soul within then and sets a cruise sailing tone that’s perfect for those late night drives. His witty wordplay and writing style is something to take notice of as he makes countless references to Game of Thrones. “If I fool You once you kill me twice / On my mama and the lord of light”.

Alongside of releasing “Bend The Knee”, the singer, songwriter and producer Cameron Dietz also provides visuals for the record. Filmed by Flowercop, we get a slight peek of Cameron’s creative process and some spicy behind the scenes fun. Cameron or shall I say “Singslayer even takes a Up a notch by putting on medieval knight armor for the video.

Dietz is an artist take notice of and its great to hear more R&B artist as the new regime has begun for this generation. For more Cameron Dietz’s music you can click here.

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Gaby G – Acting Different [Video]

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STREAM: Apple Music / Spotify / Tidal


DIRECTOR: FlightLife Mars


The graceful Gaby G is back with yet another stunning visual for latest single “Acting Different”. Produced by her frequent collaborator and best friend, Kaixen, “Acting Different” is an up-tempo record that blends hip hop instrumentals and Gaby’s signature alternative R&B sound. The record speaks about evolving and in moving past from anyone who gets in her way of success. Gaby is seen a different light in this video. She shows a side of her that is just as vibrant as this video. Colorful and full of life, Gaby is unapologetic and talks her shit on this record.

“It’s purely a flex song – even tho I say otherwise on the track. It sounds like it’s about someone else acting different towards me but actually the one acting up. I’m looking into the mirror at the person I am and manifesting the person I want to be. I want to be rich, I want to drive a range, and I want a huge house with a view. I’m having fun on this record being cocky and not giving a f*ck.” – Gaby G

Directed by the LA Native Flightlife Mars, he captures the vibrance of colors and vast landscapes that makes this video visually appealing to the eye. It’s stunning and energetic.

“I wanted to capture to the vibrant energy I was getting from the song. Something that felt lively & fun but also passionate going along with the vocals. The mustard plant fields added just the pop we needed.” – Director Mars

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Twelve’Len – Thank The Gang (Video)

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PRODUCED: Mickey de Grand IV & Fnz
DIRECTED: Twelve’len

STREAM: Apple Music / Tidal / Spotify

After teasing us with snippets and short video clips, Twelve’len finally releases his long-awaited, “Thank The Gang” alongside with a self-directed video that is beyond the hype and worth the wait.

It’s not often that we get R&B records from the sunshine state and this one, is completely refreshing and undeniably irresistible. Twelve’Len has stepped into another tier of artistry with “Thank The Gang”. It’s an ode of gratitude to his team that has stuck with him through the mud and hard times through his continuous journey. The song is so great that I, myself want to thank his team for everything. The Carol City artist is in his bag.

Producers, FnZ and Mickey de Grand IV who deserve so much love for this song, takes us into a 80s & early 90s nostalgic sound that fuses with today’s modern style of music. You can easily get lost in this track, it’s hypnotic. It caresses you with groovey waves, with a bounce that hits you instantaneously. I have to come to the conclusion that this should be mandated to play at future family functions. Twelve’Len is “The past, present and future of Florida” and I’m just excited for what’s to come from him.

Austin Royale – Problems (Feat. JK The Reaper & Goon Des Garcons)

PRODUCER:  Jimmy Kelso

Based out of North Carolina who’s been consistently grinding and putting out heat we have, Austin Royale who just dropped his new headbanger, “Problems”. He brings his fellow North Carolina brethren J.K. The Reaper and LA based artist Goon Des Garçons.

Produced by Jimmy Kelso, “Problems” serves for what’s to come for his upcoming project PLAN|A that’s due to arrive this fall season. This record feels like a double-barrel shotgun blasting in your chest. Royale is front and center within this record and you can feel the intensity and rage building up. You can feel that Austin has this beast mentality and screams all over this tracks. J.K. the Reaper & Goon Des Gracons are dope features that just add more fuel to the fire. Both dropping stellar verses that are distinguished and cohesive.

Dashawn Watson – Blood Red/White Jeep

STREAM: Apple Music / Tidal / Itunes
PRODUCED: Vinny Fuego & DaShawn Wason

Just in time for the summer, DaShawn Watson makes return to set the Internet ablaze. The Live&Local artist drops two crazy joints on our heads, “Blood Red” featuring the hell-blazing Ashton Jazz and “White Jeep” that’s fits perfectly well for the summer time and for day drinking at brunch.

On “Blood Red”, something must’ve ignited a fire inside Watson. It’s as if a powerful spirit has woken up inside of him, bringing out his true skill, almost like he was holding back from his peers and predecessors. The nine-tail Fox has awaken, and his verses are deadly. “Blood Red” was produced by Vinny Fuego who i can imagine as a mad alchemist for the way he cooked this beat up. It’s just bananas. He also tags in Ashton Jazz who makes a stunning introduction, giving witty bars that fit in every pocket. Aston becomes the human torch, making this track even more earth-moving than it already was. There’s an immense amount of growth here, DaShawn Watson has become an adept rapper, from the cadence to control of his voice, to stay on point with his flow…he’s here to make a mark.

Exclusively on youtube,  “White Jeep” takes a different approach. Everything switches over to summer time vibes, and drinking bottomless mimosas. It’s a feel-good record that the people over at Guava Island would love. Featuring vocalists Zaniyahs & Gr8ness who are mesmerizing and more than just complimentary. Together they make this song feel like shimmers of sunlight and sunsets. The song does make a switch and I just want to say that transition is impeccable.

If you haven’t already check out his latest interview with us that was done back in 2018, here.

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Tampa Beat Weekend 19’ [Playlist]


STREAM: Apple Music / Spotify

Tampa Beat Weekend returns once again this year and it’s bigger than ever before. Back by popular demand, to bring together all producers and creatives together to enjoy what we love, which is music. This year they’re bringing in notable music artists and producers who are without a doubt amazingly talented.

The team at CitrusRap has teamed up with Tampa Beat Weekend to curate a playlist to not only put you on game but to take you through a 37-Song marathon of different realms of music, that becomes a journey within. The playlist features the performers and special guests who will be at Tampa Beat Weekend. Music coming from Cherele, Big Baby Scumbag, CHASETHEMONEY, ICYTWAT, STLNDRMS, E On The Boards and more.

Tampa Beat Weekend will return June 7-9th. You can purchase your tickets here.

Tampa Beat