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Mike Lary – Character (Video)

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DIRECTOR: Benny Flash

Back in May the homie Mike Lary released “Character” which was a powerful melodic tune that’s filled with extravagant taste. Now he’s back with a video for this banger. The video was directed by Benny Flash, while the beat was crafted by no other than the great JayO. The Fort Lauderdale artist is on a steady rise to the top with his consistency of bringing heat after heat for the summer.

Sunny Fritz – COUNT2 (Video)

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DIRECTOR: Creative Visions
PRODUCERS: DJ Yung Vamp & Sheltr

The young phenom, Sunny Fritz from the city of Tampa has returned to provide visuals for his smooth-jazzy and hard-hitting track, “COUNT2”. This is track is filled with heavy punches, while laying down a lot of boss talk across the DJ Vamp and Sheltr beat. Inside the video, you’ll find Sunny kickin’ it with his homies while grinding out, getting to the money. This is a track to count to, a track to inspire you to raise your standards and your bank account. To get out in this world and get what’s yours.

Cherele – Basically (Video)

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DIRECTED: Cherele & Kiya Lacey


EDITED: Mike_EllWood

It seems that artists are now taking more time and creativity into making their music videos, which is great ! Artists like Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, J.Cole, and even Drake are putting more time into their visual artistry alongside their music. Cherele is one of those artists. Just last year she released a Miami bop titled “basically” and she’s back to give her very own visual representation of the song.

The video is a psychedelic fantasy that is filled with glimmer and glamour. A dreamy escapade that resembles a touch of Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes inspired style of videos that sparked a new wave back in the early 2000s. This video showcases the creative mind of Cherele as she possesses many talents beyond just music. The Miami artist also co-directed alongside Kiya Lacey and lead the creative direction for the video.

Blxxdshot – RIP (Freestyle)

PRODUCER: Pierre Bourne

Blxxdshot is back again to bless us with more heat but this time he gives us his own take on the Playboi Carti’s “R.I.P”. Blxxdshot lays the Pierre Bourne produced track to rest with his killer rhyme schemes and flows. The bilingual artist talks his shit all over this remix. To be honest he makes this track his own, and the more you listen to it, the more you may prefer it more so than the original.

Kenlow Kabana – Soul Search (Prod. Veixx Beats)

PRODUCER: Veixx Beats

Kenlow Kabana from Miami is an artist that seems to be lost but finding his way back to himself. On his new track “Soul Search”, Kenlow Kabana presents a cryptic message of learning his own identity, and expresses his feelings upon the recent tragedy of the notable artist, XXXTENTACTION. Kenlow Kabana comes to battle his emotions, and his own well-being. Even though the lyrics are dark, the song still has an up-tune beat that will bounce off your ear-drums. The Miami artist is different from most which is going to get him far in the game.



”Unspecific words tend to be volatile,

I cannot go back to that path without a Gat

An yeah the jag fast but that lag got me slow

I got bass on hat,
Feelin like i sold my soul

I feel like sellin my soul

To bad the devil said it cost too much

You can’t live on a crutch (I’m tellin y’all)
Two times
I feel like sellin my soul

I see alot of hate,

How can i acknowledge when it’s
A feelin that i really ain’t use. To

I Connect
Left the function with a fever cause I’m still upset bout X

It ain’t right, taken life for a strife

But who am i to speak,

I’m just one voice amongst a million

Come together,
Put down the beretta

I know it’s difficult, to revert from bein so cynical

If i gotta sell my soul to make my point then so be it

I spoke to satan this eveninnng

He think my price is costly,

But I’m willin to bargain”

Ivy – Past

PRODUCED: Ivy & Troy Cedeno (@thec_lab)
ARTWORK: Zach Tronson (@okaycozy)

Introducing the highly talented and multi-faceted artist, Ivy whose coming out of Fort Lauderdale has dropped his latest new single “Past” that is a refreshing sound for his forthcoming EP, Naomi Blossom. The EP is set to release on July 13th, so be ready for this new heat to drop. “Past” is a humbly conscious record that speaks on not living in the past but focus more on the present and future. Ivy gives a lyrical exercise all over this track with clever wordplays and smart lyricism. Produced by the man himself alongside Troy Cedeno, together they create a fun soulful record.

GenoDa1 – How Dare Y’all

ARTWORK: @dxnny_dolphin

GenoDa1 from Homestead is a swift clever wordsmith on his new track “How Dare Y’all.” A call out to all his opponents, wanting all the smoke that may come to him. He delivers hard bars over a jazzy laid-back record with boom-bay style drums that sits well in the mix.