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Loudon7th Music Festival 2022 – The Collision Course (Venues|Events)

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Loudon7th (Pronounced Loud on 7th) returns to Tampa in the streets of YBOR with its bombastic festival and events. I was a bit skeptical about the event as I’ve never heard of it before, nor did it appeal to me with its marketing campaign. I go in thinking this was going to be another disorganized event where they’ll have some uninteresting acts. Glad I was wrong.

Their first event is held at The CrowBar. It’s a cozy spot where at times feels homey and reminds you of your favorite sitcom where the main character often goes to, like Threes a Company or How I Met Your Mother for example. I arrived a bit early, tussling with the security staff about media passes only to get a phone call from one of the event coordinators to save the day. It was a dreary afternoon as it just rained minutes before I set foot inside.

Moments later I was introduced to 4 interesting individuals with different talents.  I intruded in their conversation about eating oysters, I was immediately bombarded with the question if I’ve eaten the aphrodisiac delicacy. Unfortunately, I have not. Disappointed with my answer and  introverted approach, the conversation moved along to awkward introductions. Amongst these indiviauls was Fresh P, a local artist from Tampa who happens to be one of the hosts of the event, titled “Collision Course”.

The Collision Course

Moving along, the festival opens up with Fresh P. The crowd of people began to flock to the stage, as he magnetized their attention. I begin to hear the velvety voice of Mariah Carey in the background, and he begins to rap over Drake’s “Emotionless”. But Fresh P makes it his own, turning it into a song about police brutality. The Tampa native exudes confidence and shows that he’s been putting in his thousand hours. Transitioning to gripping freestyles and performative acts that resemble a Tyler Perry ensemble, he shows promise. From delivering comedic and captivating bars, Fresh P makes a statement that he’s an MC to reckon with.

Another highlight was Pretti Emage, another Tampa artist who demands attention. She raps with exuberance and grit. The Tampa native’s stage presence is self-assured and attractive. She’s a standout amongst her peers. On stage, Pretti raps as if she has a point to prove, nonetheless showing determination. 

Throughout the rest of the show, you have a number of artists from Atlanta, Georgia. BabyAsberry has so much energy, he’s a fun artist to watch to say the least. K-Rose Royalty, another talent presents a heartfelt song dedicated to her mother. Even MarleBlu is someone to watch out for. Other artists who showed potential but they need just a bit more work.

Aych of Loudon7th
Aych of Loudon7th

Aych the mastermind behind Loudon7th, put together a show that’s about building a community. Not only that but provide a platform for underground artists across the nation. My only hope is that he and his team would collaborate with other collectives like TampaBeat to unify a powerhouse.

Doechii – she/her/black b*tch (Album|Review)

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Tampa royalty and Top Dawg Entertainment’s first female rapper, Doechii, releases her latest EP she / her / black b*tch. Compacted with 5 songs, Doechii does nothing but tease us with captivating verses, complimenting features with production that is pure ear candy. It’s a quickie nonetheless, something to hold us over till we get what she really has in-store. With animated and rambunctious lyricism, raps that are unhinged, beats that are quirky and diverse, Doechii is showing she has such a deep musical pallet.


On “Swamp Princess” she taps in with Rico Nasty, giving us a collaboration that we didn’t know we desperately needed. Rico’s crazed sound pairs so well with Doechii’s off-the-wall style. They’re both at their best here. On “Bitch I’m Nice”, released in July, she delivers a supersonic dance record. On “Bitches Be”, there’s bit of a SZA influence as if it should’ve been featured on her debut album CTRL. On “This Bitch Matters”, things take turn where she’s more reflective and sensitive. Lastly you have “Persuasive (Remix” with SZA, a feel good record where the TDE label-mate enhances the song taking it to another level.

As said in her press material about her debut EP:

“Many times I’ve been referred to as a “bitch” as a way to gaslight me out of certain spaces, something I think many people can relate to in one way or another,” says Doechii. “Lots of people will call you various names for doing something differently. “So I decided to take ownership of the ‘black bitch’ and title my EP she/ her/ black b*tch and reclaim that motherf***ing power,” Doechii continues.” So if you’ve ever been put down for being
yourself, just remember you’re powerful and unapologetic- these songs are for you.”

Ultimately, it’s exciting to see where the Tampa native will take things next with her unprecedented and genre-bending sound. You can listen to her major label debut debut EP above and while you’re at it, check out
BRA-LESS and Oh The Places You’ll Go.

Robb Bank$ – Falconia (Album|Review)

PRODUCER(S): Redda, Skinny MooXe, DJ Scheme, Nuri, Sonny Digital, Brandon Finessin, Oogie Mane, Nick Leon, Budgie, DPAT, SHADO, FaxOnly, Uncle-Flex

FEATURING: Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, Teejay, Nil Bambu, Bounty Killer

With constant teases and slew of monstrous mixtapes in between, Falconia has finally arrived. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely. Robb Banks delivers on all spectrums with this album, where his fans would be satisfied. While not deterring too far away from his spacey and erratic production, Robb Bank$ pens together an album with a sound that’s expansive. Throughout its 50-minute duration, the Tumblr God himself takes you through an ambitious project, filled with his vices, anime references and much more.

Inspired by the legendary fantasy anime and manga, Berserk, Robb Bank$ incorporates many references, themes and characters within the album. “In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above?“. This just one of the many quotes that he uses from the anime and sprinkles throughout the album. In the anime and manga, Falconia is the capital of Midland led by Griffith. The Broward artist himself even goes as far as adopting the name Femto (Griffith’s alias).

Throughout Falconia, Bank$ supplies the album with canny and comedic lyricism that often times lands perfectly while some may miss the mark. However the soundscape of Falconia is layered with crushing drums and ambient textures. From stretched out classic R&B samples that are present in records such as “Sex Therapy” and “Let’s Get Married’ to ragingly intense beats like in “SSERTIFIED” and “SHOOTOUT”, Banks has something for everyone. The album has a few notable features like Lil Uzi Vert on “SHOOTOUT” and Trippie Red on “LIFTED”.

Additionally, Robb Banks also takes the time to pay homage to Miami legends on “Trick, Trina, Khia”. Even on “I WANNA ROCK” he shows love for Luke while also getting to his island roots on “FRM JAMAICA W/LOVE”.

Above all, with 6 years in the making Falconia was worth the wait. With stellar features that compliments Sir Griffith himself, expensive production and polarizing lyrics its a fine addition to his dynamic discography. A theatrical experience from start to finish.


Sylvan LaCue – Young Sylvan EP. 1 (Album|Review)

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Days after dropping a surprising teaser, pictures of diminished black air forces with underlying messages in-between it all, Sylvan LaCue (Or shall I say Young Sylvan) makes his return with a vengeance. After a long dreadful hiatus, The Miami wordsmith unleashes the first part of his Young Sylvan trilogy. 12 and a half minutes of adrenaline-pumping exhilaration that you just can’t get enough of. Once you press play, you’re taken on a high-octane ride that’s packed with thrilling and memorable moments.

The project begins with a pissed off Sylvan LaCue, who is just tired of the antics. He raps with aggression and confidence that you can hear throughout the project’s duration. If you ever counted Sylvan out, he lets you know that you made a great mistake. “Nice guys don’t finish last, we lay low and plan shit”, let’s us know that he is a calculated artist who is also diabolical. “Young Sylvan Back” feels much more as a warning than just another rap song. It’s ferocious and alarming to say the least. It’s actually a threat.

Sylvan LaCue

Songs like “First 48” and “Backseat 2012” are more so lyrical exercises. Flexing his uncanny wordplay and ruthless flows, Sylvan shows how peerless he is. What’s astounding is how it feels that he’s only giving us a taste of just what he can do. As he raps over simplistic yet addictive beats, the intensity rises from one song to the next. “Clam Chowda” for example is like a ticking time bomb.

To conclude this, Sylvan LaCue shows that he’s a lyrical gymnast who’s to be reckon with. With EP 1 starting off with a bang, no telling what his next two installments will offer. We’re excited to see what else the deadly poet has up his sleeve.

Zya – 333 (Debut EP)

PRODUCER: Justin Wiggins, Steffany Perez, Akeem Brownlee, GABEFLOW, Julian Beatz & Kindsey
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

On her debut EP 333, Zya takes this opportunity to spread her wings.

Zya’s soft, comforting vocals are equivalent to rose petals falling onto satin. It’s almost as if we’re witnessing her bloom during each recording. This is even more so prominent on “333 (interlude)”, where she’s accompanied with pleasant guitar strumming and the calmness of how Mother Nature can be. Then with the same breath, the songstress flexes her powers and prowess on “Cruise Control”. An erotic song, perfected with ambient synths and luscious keys. It simply breathes intimacy.


From beginning to end, the Miami native shows she’s more than capable of crafting music that will stick to your heart. While we live in a playlist era of music, 333 displays she’s more than just a vibe. It’s a cultivation of sounds that are resolute to R&B.

An Inseparable Bond Through Music: seeyousoon Interview (Video)

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At first glance, Orlando’s seeyousoon, a 9-member collective seems like an odd pairing of distinct characters. There’s a variety of personalities, races, and backstories. The only question that comes to mind is, “what brought them together ?”. The answer was music. The team was formed back in 2018 where it initially started with only 4 members: Joshua, Ignacio, Maddie and Kenny. Eventually, they expanded, bringing in Denny, Mitch, Drex, Luke and Dre. Before their debut, they spent time sparring one with another, bringing the best out of each other. The Orlando collective is a unification of artists who possess their own set of skills. They’re honestly a family.

What’s fascinating about this harmonious band is their synergy. How they bind together powers and utilizing different styles that is by all means brilliant. Their debut project, VIDÉ is a testament of their chemistry and how cohesive they are together. Indeed, there’s not a moment throughout this album, where one member overshadows another. Each member has their moment to shine throughout its action packed 33-minute duration. Maddie, Luke Summers, Joshua, Mitch, Drex, and Dre serve as vocalists of the group. Ignacio, Kenny and Denny are the architects who create these otherworldly soundscapes. 

VIDÉ displays their versatility and how genre-less they are with their sound. It’s a compliment to say that you can’t pinpoint what their sound is. Seeyousoon is a melting pot of genres, where they go outside of its limit. Where it’s Hip-Hop, House, R&B, or electronic they continuously push against the grain with their avant-garde style. 

On a Monday evening, they sit down with me on a zoom call trading stories of coming together as a collective. We discuss how their bond became strong and the things they’ve learned from each other. We dig into their process of making VIDÉ and so much more.

Be sure to check out their latest single, “FEVER“.




From The Ground Up: featuring J.Larry (Pilot)

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Introducing a new series on CitrusRap, we have “From The Ground Up” hosted and narrated by our very own Cleveland Rowe, also known as PapiCleve.

“From The Ground Up” delivers an audio experience that takes us deeper into artists and creatives minds behind some of their most notable works. Not only that but we’ll dive into wild backstories and some of favorite moments and memories in the culture.

For its debut, the show begins with North Florida’s J.Larry. The Panama City native, is an aficionado of hip-hop who lives and breathes it. His catalog proves how eloquent and sharp his lyricism can be, showcasing that he’s no rookie. Listening to his music, you can tell he’s put in his 10,000 hours. From delivering clever wordplay and witty bars, he shows that he’s a worthy contender against any emcee. J.Larry is a hidden gem who is soon to shine.

Based in the city of Tampa, the young prodigy carries the heart of a lion. Through his music discography, not only do you discover his canny penmanship but his ability to conjure captivating storytelling. Songs like “15” and “Madness” are vivid heart-wrenching stories that’ll you hold on to for ages.

In this episode we breakdown his latest project According To Plan, his earliest memories of hip-hop, the importance of staying true to yourself and so much more.

To stream J.Larry’s According To Plan click here.