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AJ Bank$y – It Gets Deeper (EP)

PRODUCER(S): Donato, Hanzo, Talen Ted
STREAM: Apple Music / Spotify

Born in Brevard County, but now residing in the vibrant city of Atlanta for quite some time, we have AJ Bank$y. A young talent who has released his new EP, It Gets Deeper, which it does. This EP becomes more than just a project for what’s to come with Bank$y. It’s a literal open book, where he takes you into a deep dive of his own mental state, revealing his deepest thoughts that can be worrisome. It Gets Deeper, is about vulnerability and coming toe-to-toe with his inner demons that provoke his well-being, screaming suicidal thoughts, while satiating himself with unhealthy habits to cope with his own depression. Unraveling through these 7-tracks is like reading a journal as we journey through his mentality and his battles. Overall, it’s an outstanding project that can reach out and help someone else who is also going through that reality.

The EP is filled with different musical elements and genres that stir far from boredom. “Second Son” is an upbeat record with booming 808s that creates an irresistible bounce while tracks like “The Sweetest Name” carries a jazzy but soulful sound that’s warm and uplifting. The project also features stellar artists such as, Gwaimak, Indigo, and RobOlu. Lastly, Bank$y is a lyricist with many different flows. He’s shows his great talents with clever wordplay, rhyme schemes, by also combining introspective lyrics. So much potential and talent in the young artist, can’t wait to see more and for what’s to come in his future.

Devon Tracy – Choosin (Feat. Gunna)

PRODUCER: Keanu and Blasian Beats

Soon after performing in Europe, the versatile artist, Devon Tracy, releases a club banger with Atlanta bred star, Gunna, titled “Choosin”. They both get together and connect over the Keanu & Blasian Beats produced track that’s filled with a heavy bass that thumps against your chest. Devon Tracy sits on this record comfortably, he’s clearly in his bag with this one. The Mississauga artist then tags Gunna in and he just floats with ease, and delivers a sweet verse over this luscious instrumental provided by Keanu and Blasian Beats. “Choosin” serves as just an appetizer for his upcoming EP, 4 AM that’s set to release sometime early 2019.

DaShawn Watson – “4me” & “Humid”

STREAM: Apple Music / ITunes / Spotify / Tidal
PRODUCER: Dashawn Watson

You can tell when an artist puts time and effort into their craft. Where they sit down and put thought into their work. Dashawn Watson is one of those artist and it shows. Today the North Lauderdale rapper gifts us with two new singles, “4me” & “Humid”. “4me” which is featured on his upcoming anticipated EP Some Things Just Feel Better thats due on October 6. “Humid” is a freebie for the people out there that’s served as a Soundcloud exclusive. Both tracks are impressive and showcases his talents as not just a lyrical wordsmith but as a producer as well. Yes, both tracks are self-produced by Dashawn himself and it’s refreshing for the ears. “4me” is more of a catchy record that’ll quickly catch your ears while “Humid” holds a soulful texture that brings your attention more forward to his lyrics. These two records alone just builds up the excitement that is yet to come for the multitalented artist, that is DaShawn Watson.

T-Pain – Might Be (Feat. Gucci Mane)

STREAM: Apple Music / Spotify / Tidal

What’s amazing is how someone can stay relevant over many years of music. With so many changes and trends that come and go, The legendary T-Pain still finds a way to scoop right in and deliver a banger after banger. T-Pain is a chameleon that’s able to just blend within the times of music and makes it his own. Just a week ago he drops a tape full of unreleased tracks and now he’s back once again to set the record straight with his new banger, “Might Be” with the East Atlanta legend Gucci Mane.

This song is a reference to the old meme of Gucci Mane appearing in a court hearing back in 2013. A photoshopped picture of a Fox Headline saying “Bitch I Might Be”. Besides that this is a deep 808 bass heavy track that will rock the streets of America. This track is just effortlessly and undeniably fire. Gucci does what Gucci does best by coming with a hot 16 with a smooth flow that just rides so well. T-Pain is the Goat and I’m ending this article here.

Nate Dae – Berry

PRODUCER: Ernest Ziembroski II
: Apple Music/Spotify

It’s been about a year but Nate Dae makes a return with his new lead single, “Berry”. The song serves as the lead single for his next project, Death by a Women. “Berry” is a bittersweet track, where his love for a woman was sweet but ends up being a sour love lost. This is a vulnerable place for Nate, as he opens up about his ex that treated him like shit. As Nate Dae states with Pigeons & Planes about “Berry”: “It’s about my duck ass ex that cheated on me with an old roommate of mine while I was in New York. They both trash, end of story”. With that being said, he’s using his pain to spark his creativity for the project. As Billy Graham would say “Out of pain and problems have come the sweetest songs, and the most gripping stories.” Continue reading

Cherele – Zika (Video) [Premiere]

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DIRECTED: Cherele & Dash Romero
STREAM: Apple Music/ Spotify / SoundCloud

Just when hope seemed lost in the realms of creativity in music, in comes Cherele. Our beloved queen of the bops is back with the official video for “Zika”, that takes the glamor and puts. Cherele alongside Dash Romero, a creative visionary of Awful Records put together a vibrant display of Cherele literally (and metaphorically) jigging her way through a materialistic lifestyle. The video’s co-star, the artist Finding Novyon, is posted and plastered throughout the visual like art, rather than just a model in the video.

Inside, there’s a rather suitable citrus theme that gleams throughout the entire video. Cherele and Dash Romero did an impressive job on keeping the viewer’s eye the display and sound of vibrance, Cherele’s beauty and the puzzle of the underlying message within the video. Trust me, there’s this video will put you in a trance (Cherele you looked amazing by the way, just gonna say that again). However it seems yet again, the South Florida bop queen has blessed us with a captivating visual for the people out here to enjoy.

VNUSAMR – Little Bit Of Love (ft. SMKRSROOM)

PRODUCER: Yellow Synth

After a brief hiatus in order to get adapted to motherhood, one of our favorites South Florida vocalist, VNUSAMR, is back to making her high impacting ballads. Her newly released song, “Little Bit of Love” is a soul driven track that is felt with a blazing with passion and intimacy. A sultry duet infused with beautiful vocals between VNUSAMR and SMKRSROOM that was done effortlessly.

The song possesses an irresistble groove that could easily bind two people together. This was crafted with baby-making vibes, so please be careful when this song is played, cause someone is bound to get pregnant that night.