Iamdoechii – Oh The Places You’ll Go (EP)

Iamdoechii - Oh The Places You’ll Go
Iamdoechii – Oh The Places You’ll Go

Tampa’s iamdoechii is a unicorn. Her latest release, Oh The Places You Go is a wild and grand introduction to knowing the Tampa Bay artist. It is an open, twisted, adult fairytale book of a black woman who is being herself unapologetically. Peculiar as it is, it keeps your attention for a 20-minute duration, that will make you want even more.

Iamdoechii, references Dr.Seuss’s classic children’s book, Oh The Places You’ll Go. She turns turns the children’s book into her own coming of age story. It is more so of an adult version that can be dark yet cheerful and humorous.

While the Dr.Seuss classic speaks on the wonders and challenges you’ll face within your journey of life, Doechii makes the opportunity to show her personality and her experiences that she faced through her adolescent years up until now. Those weird puberty stages, where we begin to learn our bodies and sensations, the young emcee takes us into an empathetic journey of her life. Her opening and title track introduces us to a woman who is reflecting on her childhood. She begins with an enchanting yet crude and maybe a concerning poem that creates the narrative of the project. “I sat way too close to the tv screen. Now I can’t unsee the scenes mama tried to hide from me”. Nonetheless, the atmospheric pads and spacious sounds are lush and mesmerizing. 

Moving on to “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake”, where she paints a picture of introducing herself as a new student in class. At this very moment,  iamdoechii tells her narrative of someone who was always an outcast. “I never really went with the flows and the trends”. The song showcases not only her absurdity but her capability to spit elite level bars. If Tyler The Creator and Nicki Minaj were ever to fuse together, iamdoechii would be the outcome. Although I say this, it is still a disservice to her lyrical ability and her unique character. Her artistry is unmatched.

One of the most important songs on the project is “Black Girl Memoir”. The Tampa artist raps an inspiring message about chasing your dreams. It is a powerful and potent message that is about overcoming poverty and adversity. “I can be anything, /I can do anything”. 

Oh The Places You Go, is an amazing project that is a must listen. One of the most important records that speak on being an outcast, and a woman who is learning about life, like the rest of us. Iamdoechii is an idiosyncratic character that is possesses many talents and styles that will never cease to amaze you.

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