seeyousoon – VIDÉ (Album)

Central Florida’s Seeyousoon have been building great momentum with their latest releases. Although, 2020 has been a strange year for most of us, seeyousoon’s music has kept us afloat and have delivered some of the best music that’s came out this year. Now with great anticipation, they have at last released their full-length debut project, VIDÉ. Their debut album is cohesive where it resembles a great playlist introducing new worlds and sounds. Featuring 14 monstrous tracks where each member is acrobatic with their flows and voices. Each song is different from the next giving each member a moment to shine. It’s also important to notice how each member compliments one another showing no sense of incompatibility. 

seeyousoon via instagram

VIDÉ gives a variety of grooves that are irresistible. Blending genres of music from Hip-Hop, House, R&B & POP, they create a new sound that’s refreshing and intoxicating. It’s without a doubt seamless and nothing but a joy ride. Seeyousoon maybe truly limitless, proving to be a mega-house of artists who deliver prestigious rhymes and vocality.

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