seeyousoon – Shut Up (Music Video)

Seeyousoon continue to push the threshold with their versatility, creating new spaces and atmospheres with their unorthodox and out-of-the box style of music. So far they’ve showcase their skillsets of stepping into different worlds of sound. “ICFWT” was more of downtempo record that felt cerebral while “Blue Chord” was vibrant and exciting. This group comprised of singers, rappers, and producers have easily crept into one of my favorite up and coming artists of the year.

Their new song, “Shut Up” is aggressive with a right in your face attitude. It’s unapologetic, confident and exhilarating. Luke Summers, Mitch, and Dre drop ruthless verses that are cut-throat and slick while saving Drex to deliver a few bars that come off monstrous and cutting edge. “Shut Up” shows fearsome side of seeyousoon that we haven’t seen before. Every time seeyousoon comes with a different sound and different style that make them distinctive.

Their upcoming album VIDÉ drops July 31st, be sure to be on the lookout for that.

Seeyousoon via instagram