An Inseparable Bond Through Music: seeyousoon Interview (Video)

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At first glance, Orlando’s seeyousoon, a 9-member collective seems like an odd pairing of distinct characters. There’s a variety of personalities, races, and backstories. The only question that comes to mind is, “what brought them together ?”. The answer was music. The team was formed back in 2018 where it initially started with only 4 members: Joshua, Ignacio, Maddie and Kenny. Eventually, they expanded, bringing in Denny, Mitch, Drex, Luke and Dre. Before their debut, they spent time sparring one with another, bringing the best out of each other. The Orlando collective is a unification of artists who possess their own set of skills. They’re honestly a family.

What’s fascinating about this harmonious band is their synergy. How they bind together powers and utilizing different styles that is by all means brilliant. Their debut project, VIDÉ is a testament of their chemistry and how cohesive they are together. Indeed, there’s not a moment throughout this album, where one member overshadows another. Each member has their moment to shine throughout its action packed 33-minute duration. Maddie, Luke Summers, Joshua, Mitch, Drex, and Dre serve as vocalists of the group. Ignacio, Kenny and Denny are the architects who create these otherworldly soundscapes. 

VIDÉ displays their versatility and how genre-less they are with their sound. It’s a compliment to say that you can’t pinpoint what their sound is. Seeyousoon is a melting pot of genres, where they go outside of its limit. Where it’s Hip-Hop, House, R&B, or electronic they continuously push against the grain with their avant-garde style. 

On a Monday evening, they sit down with me on a zoom call trading stories of coming together as a collective. We discuss how their bond became strong and the things they’ve learned from each other. We dig into their process of making VIDÉ and so much more.

Be sure to check out their latest single, “FEVER“.