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lrkChronicle – Bruce Wayne (Feat. Lucy Starr & Carlos Civilli Sr.)

PRODUCED: L.B. ThatProducerGuy

LrkChronicle from Jacksonville makes a return on our pages with his grand single, “Bruce Wayne”. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from the Jacksonville artist but it seems that he just been gearing up to bless us with music that’s timeless. Quality over quantity is what’s being said here and LrkChronicle makes it known with “Bruce Wayne”. His new song is full of substance and musicality where it shows growth within his music. This song features Lucy Starr and Carlos Civilli Sr, two unfamiliar vocalist who we should probably take more interest in.

While LrkChronicle delivers candid lyricism that’s sharp and agile, he speaks on the importance of loyalist and acceptance. Lucy and Carlos accompany the Jacksonville artist as Batgirl and Robin (DC comic reference) delivering enticing vocals that pulls in your attention and turns this into a mesmerizing record.

If for some reason you haven’t already check out his lyrical exercise on “Ready or Not” he dropped late last year.

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Travis Shypell – Don't Apologize Official Video

Shot by: Cody Roberts @_codyroberts

Produced By: Run it Chase

Engineered By: Thomas Swanson 

Travis Shypell releases visuals for his recent heavy hitter, “Don’t Apologize” that’s featured off his SHYPELL project that released back in March. Produced by Run It Chase, Travis Shypell delivers a soulful yet melodic song that touches on being a hustler by any means necessary. He taps into his hustler mentality to use each living moment to grind and to reach his dreams of prosperity. Shypell is catchy and uses his slight melodic crooning to pull you into his world. While this happens, Shypell gives simple yet captivating lyricism that can spark inspiration inside your heart.

The video was filmed in Always True Clothing store located in Gainesville. We get a special appearance of Sneq from Chiefland.

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seeyousoon – ICFWT (Single)

STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Back in February the multi-genre collective seeyousoon made an inviting introduction with their energetic and eccentric single, “Steamy”. The song introduced us to a group who was a breath of fresh air amongst their peers in music. Spanning across various styles of music, seeyousoon cannot be contained within a box. With their new single “ICFWT”, it proves how much of a Voltron like force this 9-member group truly is.

“ICFWT” is a nothing more than a retroflex record that utilizes each members strengths and talents. Each voice is eccentric and shows the diversity of sound within the group. Even the within the song there sounds will be strange to the ear but will later captivate you within it’s trance. Seeyousoon takes you through an atmospheric and cerebral ride that may lead you to a new awakening within yourself.

Nonetheless, seeyousoon is versatile and dynamic. They don’t cut short on lyricism as both of their releases are songs with depth and meaning.

Lada Beseda – “Betrayal”

Born in the Ukraine and now based in Miami, Lada Beseda is a singer, songwriter, and producer whose lyrics are captivating to say the least. The songstress releases her new heartfelt single, “Betrayal”. Produced and written by the angelic vocalist herself, Lada Beseda bends genres that packs originality and substance. Combining the elements of Pop and R&B, Beseda creates a lane of her own, where she stands out. “I feel that there aren’t many female producers, so I want to showcase my production skills to inspire others.”

Inspired by a true story, “Betrayal” expresses the hardships of heartbreaks. A soulful yet somber record that’s feels warm to the heart. “One of my fans told me a story about how his girlfriend cheated on him. The story was very touching, so I ended up making a song based off of the situation.” Although this a heart-wrenching record, Beseda’s voice is comforting. Where you once feel pain she steps in to relieve you from your worries and stress.

Lada Beseda (@hereislada)
Lada Beseda
Lada Beseda (hereislada)
Lada Beseda

Since residing in Miami, the genre-blending artist is currently being managed under M.E.I records. Recently, she released two other singles, “Girl Till Morning Light” and “Stormy Ocean”, where she proves to be an artist who is out of the box and willing to push boundaries. As of now, Lada is working on her new project that set to released this year with many of the songs to be accompanied by visuals showcasing Lada’s directing chops.

Bran Movay – “Airbnb” (feat. Ronnie Quest) [Music Video]

STREAM: Apple Music / Spotify / Tidal / Soundcloud

PRODUCED: Bran and Ronnie Quest

DIRECTED: Jocelyn Woods and Aamir Khuller

Raised in Dallas, Texas Bran Movay sets the mood with his latest single, “Airbnb”, featuring Ronnie Quest. A perfect record to play with your current Quarantine-Bae, to spice up your evening. “Airbnb” is seductive and charming, that’s full of sensuality. The Dallas raised artist tries his best to persuade his significant other to take things slow and imagine them together on a romantic escape. It’s a song that speaks on taking time with each other and cherishing the moment. There’s no need to rush. The song was co-produced by Bran and Ronnie Quest, “Airbnb” sounds lavish and smooth, that’s a perfect addition for your bedroom playlist.

About the song, Bran Movay tells us:
“With writing “Airbnb,” I wanted to imagine how things could be with someone you love when you both slow everything down, focus on one another, and enjoy all the new moments in that ‘honeymoon’ stage. So the song talks about doing things right and getting an Airbnb with your boo!”

Bran Movay - Airbnb
Bran Movay – Airbnb

Nonetheless, Bran Movay is a descendant of neo-soul and hip-hop that fits well with the modern day sound of R&B. Check out his enticing video directed by director duo Jocelyn Woods and Aamir Khuller, the video takes you through a day-dream where Bran serenades his lover inside their luxurious airbnb. This latest single is just an appetizer to whats to come for his upcoming EP that’s set to release in April.

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Lit and Beyond – “FLORIDA” (Playlist)

ARTWORK: @bryambryam

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, the homies Lit and Beyond curated a special playlist highlighting the different sounds and genres of music from Florida. Sponsored by us, the playlist features artists who have been putting Florida on their back. These artists who live and breathe the life of Florida. This playlist, gives a glimpse of the Florida lifestyle.

The playlist features artists such as Denzel Curry, a Twelve’Len, Betty Dawl, Savannah Cristina, XXXTENTACTION, and so much more. This playlist will be updated regularly, so just put it on shuffle and vibe out.

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Xali – Big Sleep (Music Video)

PRODUCER: Infamous
SHOT BY: Flowercop

Xali has released a new music video for his latest single, “Big Sleep” and it’s undeniably great. The Broward County artist makes a return to remind us to never sleep on his artistry. On “Big Sleep”, Xali’s penmanship speaks for it’s self. It’s an ode to say to never take his lyricism along with his sound for granted. Although Xali’s skill has always been top-notch, this new record shows that he’s evolved.

Over light piano keys and a subtle soulful sample, the Xali is a God on the mic. The video was directed by Flowercop whose been very as of late. He’s also done for a number of other artists such as Twelve’len for his “Loyal” video.