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Sha The Flash – Winter Flow (Prod. Donato)

STREAM: SoundCloud

PRODUCER: Donato Beats

As we are going deeper into the winter season, Sha The Flash gears is up with his new single “Winter Flow”. Coming from the streets of Broward County, Sha The Flash comes with cold flows and sharp rhyme schemes that show he’s not your average rapper and that he’s nothing like his contemporaries. He’s a lyricist at heart that has something prove to the people. Produced by DonatoBeats “Winter Flow”, has a lo-fi presence, congesting of a smooth jazz sample that gives off 90s aesthetics of hip-hop.

Sha The Flash’s take on “Winter Flow” : “Winter Flow” was written the very first time I ever saw snow. I had gotten into an argument with my parents about what I do in my free time and just remember being outside, taking in the environment. The news was still going wild because of police violence and I just remember realizing some of the realest people you’ll ever find may already be next to you in that very same room you’re in right now.”

“Winter Flow” is just a sample of what the Broward artist has in store for 2019. Be on the lookout for the cold rhyme-spitter as he may be an artist to watch.

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STZ – Tesla (Prod. Francis)


Checkout The underground Puerto Rican artist, STZ drops his newly released track titled “TESLA”. Released as a Christmas gift to us, STZ collaborates with producer Francis to make a track to go flex with. STZ calls himself a Tesla as he is self-driven and determined. You check out the new heat above.

CitrusRap: DaShawn Watson Interview

Shay “ShayTheRager” Waugh


STREAM: Some Things Just Feel Better

With his new EP, Some Things Just Feel Better, DaShawn Watson, a talented sits down with Journalist, Cleveland “PapiCleve” Rowe. They get  into an in-depth conversation on his latest EP, his favorite anime, what’s going on in his current life, what he wants in 2019 and much more.

STZ & 13am – RIP (Dir. & Prod. Avila) [Video]

by .

STREAM: via CitrusRap

As the year comes close to an end, STZ alongside with 13:00am & Avila drop their high octane video, “RIP. Directed and produced by Avila, this video is packed with high-powered kinetic energy that’s irresistible. STZ and his right-hand 13:00am, together execute a great performance as a duo. STZ does his job by laying down a stylish catchy hook while also delivering a simple but memorable verse that’ll catch your ears. 13:00am implements his Latin roots by crooning in his smooth Spanish linguistics. Together they make a dynamic track that is perfect to end the year off with.

Blxxdshot – Just Like That (Prod. Hon Ja)

ARTWORK: @Kevnbg
MIXED: @Ayogee

Live from gutter, Blxxdshot returns to let us know who’s really running the game on his new track, “Just Like That”. The Orlando artist has been grinding consistently throughout the year of 2018. Dropping dope verses with sharp flows, one after another, he shows no sign of slowing down. From the looks of it he’s keeping the momentum going. On “Just Like That” he serves the Hon Ja produce beat justice by executing his slick lyricism and canny wordplay. You can listen to “Just Like That” above.

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Kaixen and His Transition From Dark to Light

Kaixen shot by Kevin “mkbruix” Brooks via instagram

Kevin “mkbruix” Brooks

Kaixen is more than just a producer from Miami. He’s an architect of soundscapes that encompasses groovy ambiences. The Fader describes the producer’s music as, “…heady sounds that feel like a glance from bedroom eyes lined with smoky mascara.” In 2017 he dropped his album, Pecado, which means “sin” in Spanish and Portuguese. An album full of different grooves that blended about every genre of music. Mixing R&B, pop, hip-hop and electronic music, Kaixen does it effortlessly.

Ever since then Kaixen has been on a rise. Putting himself on the world’s radar, he’s done work with notable Miami artists such as Gaby G, Twelve’Len, Savannah Cristina & more. Just recently he’s hit a million streams with “Understatement”, a song he produced for Gaby G that features JK The Reaper. The Miami producer also touched on Gaby’s lustful track, “Closer”. It doesn’t stop there either, he’s landed placements with NBA Youngboy, Kodak Black and the Cash Money GOAT, Lil Wayne.

With his latest single, “Out of Mind”, it serves as an appetizer for what’s to expect from his new album, Life Goes On. The album will be released on all streaming platforms, on November 28th. Your favorite Miami blog, CitrusRap spoke with Kaixen about his creation, Life Goes On, his recent success and his musical upbringing.

So how does it feel to hit your first million streams with Gaby G & JK The Reaper?

Honestly, I feel the same- it’s tight though! I’m always pushing for more, so once I reach one milestone, I’m hungry for the next. What made it really special to us was that it happened completely organic. No management, label backing, or co-sign. (“Understatement” is actually my 2nd milli, but my first independent mili.)

What’s it like working with many of these different artist such as Gaby G, Savannah Cristina, Twelve’Len, etc?

What’s dope about it is that we’re friends before music. Having a real relationship with artist you work with is probably the most important aspect to me. I don’t want to work with people I can’t vibe with.

Whenever you’re making music, do you ever go into the mind-state of “okay, I’m making music for whoever” or do you just mostly just make music for yourself and sometimes it may just end up being for someone else? If that makes sense.

It varies. I’ve definitely been in situations where artist/producers have hit me up to create a certain vibe for an artist and I’ve also been in situations where I’ll play some tunes for an artist and they will want something I wanted for myself. Just depends on the day.

Tell me how you ended up landing a song with one of the biggest rappers ever, Lil Wayne. How did it feel to even get a song with him?

Crazy thing about that song was I produced it about 4 years ago. One of my good friends Manny Galvez got a job engineering for Wayne and told me we should collaborate on a specific vibe for Wayne. we ended up making “weak” and Wayne hopped on it quickly after. It was cool but sucks that it leaked. in the placement world you can’t get too excited cause you never know when or if music will drop, you have to just keep creating.

Can you remember your first music experiences? I would like to know what sparked the idea of you making music and continuing to do it?

Music has been a part of my life since I was a kid. First experience was playing piano at my elementary school recital in 1st grade. I didn’t really get interested into making music until high school though. All my friends were artist/musicians so I think just being around that vibe pushed me into wanting to pursue it.

What’s some of your music influences?

The 1975, Frank Ocean, Travis Scott, & Swae Lee have been inspiring me lately.

Being from Miami, has that shaped some of your sound at all? Also how’s the support/love that comes from Miami?

I love Miami. I’ve been inspired/shaped as a person by things that have happened here, but sound wise not really. I think there’s a good support system here, people want to find new artist to fuck with and support. I’ve gotten love and support out here, but just like everywhere else in the world, some people are gonna fuck with you, and some won’t.

Last year you dropped Pecado which cultivated a lot of dark sounds that resembled the state you were in. With this new project (Life Goes On) that’s coming out, are you in a different head space now? What should the listener expect with this new project?

I’m definitely in a lighter head space now. Life Goes On is basically a prelude to my next full-length project. Best way to describe it is the transition from a darker to a lighter time. The ins and outs of finding happiness.


Don Pope – That’s a Fact (Feat. Jay Critch)


Don Pope from Long Island, New York lets us know that everything is no cap with his track, “That a Fact”. From getting money, having haters, and having endless women chasing after him, it’s no cap to the New York artist. Produced by Roy Lenzo, Don Pope also connects with the Rich Forever artist, Jay Critch who’s been creating such a buzz in the industry. This a track for you to flex and stunt on all your haters with. This song most definitely slaps and that’s a fact.