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Gat$ & Big Kaino – GURNING (Prod. Santiago Purp)

STREAM: Apple / Audiomack / Tidal
PRODUCED: Santiago Purp

The 109house duo, Gat$ & Big Kaino come together to drop an absolute haymaker on our heads with their new track, “GURNING”.

Both tampa artist did what had to be done on this track. Gat$ leaves a verse that scorches the record, while Kaino comes in to cause more mayhem. The two members of 109house showcase their undeniable talents together. This was a collaboration that the streets been waiting on and they delivered. In addition with Santiagopurp behind the boards, he adds he own flavor that makes the track a complete package. “GURNING” becomes a 3-piece combo meal that leaves you wanting more.

Stream “GURNING” now as the streaming revenue will be donated to fight the Australia wildfires.

Twelve’Len – Loyal [Video]

Twelve’Len – Loyal (Music Video)

DIRECTED: Evan (flowercop) Ressler & Twelve’Len
PRODUCED: FnZ & Mickey De Gra

As the year is coming to a close, twelve’len pays homage to R&B and soul legends, Al-Green and H-Town in his video for “Loyal”. The Miami artist, channels his inspirations to create a slick and smooth video that opens up different interpretations for “Loyal”.

““This video and record is an homage to H-Town and Al Green. I’ve picked up a lot from them artistically and personally,” Twelve’Len tells The FADER via email. “The past two years have been challenging and I have learned to be patient. I want my fans to listen and interpret ‘Loyal’ on their own while I pose the question: Do your actions determine your loyalty?”

2019 has been a big year for Twelve’Len. He performed as guest with a Denzel Curry during the Billie Eilish’s When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? tour, dropped the anthem of 2019, with “Thank The Gang” and performed at the 1AM fest during Art Basel. Twelve’Len is set to be a special artist that’s going to push R&B forward and keeping it alive. We’re excited to see what he’ll contribute to the culture as we enter into the next decade.

Twelve’Len – Loyal (Prod. FNZ & Mickey De Gra)

PRODUCED: FNZ & Mickey De Gra

Sultry, sensuous and passionate is what I can describe Twelve’Len’s latest single, “Loyal” and that is just an understatement. It’s a provocative ballad that’s determine to make out of mind and body experiences. Twelve’Len delivers a bedroom banger that seemingly feels like he can be a descendant of Al Green. This is modern day soul to its fullest degree. Producers, FNZ & Mickey de Gra orchestrate a soul catching song that’s silky, lustful and intimate. Again this is an understatement but to fully understand where I’m coming you have to go through the experience yourself.

“Loyal” demands close proximities and intimacy that’s immersive. It’s soulful and fascinating for these body to body moments to experience with your significant other.

Sunny Fritz – Stars Align [Video] (Directed By Kris G)

DIRECTED: @krisg_

PRODUCED: @noosemusik

The last living got boy, Sunny Fritz releases his latest video for “Stars Align”. Directed by Kris G, the Tampa artist gives an introspective record that speaks on his come up as an artist and the obstacles he’s had to overcome. “Stars Align” is a record that sparks motivation, giving that drive and hope to achieve your own dreams. Sunny Fritz as usual, doesn’t disappoint and we’re excited to see what he has coming next in the year 2020.


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Produced by: ChaseTheMoney
Directed by: Tristan Chandra

The emerging artist out of the city of Tampa, Big Kaino releases the highly anticipated video for his smash record, “Ride Around” produced by ChaseTheMoney. Brought to you by Mandalay Social Club with Tristan Chandra as the lead director, the video is stylized as fun and entertaining with a hint of Quentin Tarantino inspired shots and edits. With its dark scenery, the video still finds itself to be lighthearted, comedic and cinematic.

Big Kaino is continuing to rise in stardom with his consistent hits. We’re excited to see what he has in store for us in the next coming decade.

Premiere: Emmpowerr – Cartoon (Music Video)

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SHOT BY: @tbtvpix

The Tampa artist, Emmpower is continuously evolving with herself and within her music. The young artist has been making some bit noise in the city of Tampa as of late. Last month we debuted her high-energetic song, “Cartoon” and now Emmpowerr makes a return to premiere her music video for the song. It’s a captivating video that’s comedic and imperative to say the least. The Tampa rapper takes the time to empower women to stand up against abusive men and their toxic masculinities.

It’s a fun, amusing yet engaging video that pays homage to the Cartoon Network classic the Powerpuff Girls. Inside the video Emmpowerr (dressed as blossom) and her crew come together to alleviate menacing monsters that sexual predators who lurk around our cities and neighborhoods. Emmpower acknowledges the sufferings women go through everyday and uses her art to make a change that is needed.

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DIRECTED: Jaimie Sánchez

Denzel Curry makes a return by releasing a cinematic short film for “SPEEDBOAT”. Featured off his ZUU album that dropped earlier this year.
Directed by Jaimie Sánchez, the short film showcases Denzel’s hometown, Carol City. Filled with riveting cinematography and plot, the story for SPEEDBOAT is actually told backwards. Denzel Curry uses the word, SPEEDBOAT as a metaphor for living the fast-life and the choices that come along with it.

Denzel Curry continues to up the ante with his art. With the release of ZUU, 2019 has been a dope year for the Florida artist. He spent most of the year collaborating with notable artists, like Flying lotus, Rick Ross and much more. You can check out his latest album, ZUU here.