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IvySound – Insecure (Feat. Chedeline) [Single Debut]



ARTWORK: DaShawn Watson

Social media is as prevalent as ever. Over time social media has become our main source of communication, news and entertainment. Although social media can be fascinating it also has it’s own side-effects. The growing platform has become place of insecurities. We constantly compare ourselves to others. With this in mind, we question our own value. Broward’s very own Ivysound, speaks upon that with his new record “Insecure”. The upcoming artist gives a poetic tale of a struggling relationship that is being troubled by insecurities. Ivysound cultivates a song that’s reflective and full of emotion. Throughout the song you can hear frustration of an artist who is passionate about the message he speaks. 

Within “Insecure”, the Broward artist becomes a true lyrical poet who is meticulous with his wordplay. His storytelling is vivid, where he paints a compelling picture with his words. To end it off, he brings in vocalist Chedeline who sings gracefully with power. Her voice captures the moment that’s so profound where you can feel the soul within her spirit.

“Insecure” is introspective record that’s captivating. A song that’s worthy of conversation. With it’s jazzy tones and lo-fi aesthetics, it’s a song that is much needed during this time.




seeyousoon – Blue Chord (Social Distancing Edition)

The 9-member collective, seeyousoon is full of versatility. Their two earlier releases “Steamy” and “ICFWT” are both very distinctive records with refreshing yet intriguing sounds. Their new record, “Blue Chord” is the perfect song for the summer. It’s a dance-floor, feel good song that’s irresistibly great. From it’s pulsating bass-lines and groovy tones, seeyousoon cultivate a record that’s warm and confident. If you’re a fan of electronic producer Kaytranada, then you’ll love this song. “Blue Chord” is nothing short of sensational. The song is also accompanied with a music video, but quarantine style.

Each member is so unique and genre-less. Luke Summers provides, sultry vocals that full of warmth and soul. Joshua is a complete alien when it comes to his flows and lyricism. Mitch delivers an impeccable verse while lastly, Maddie lays down her sultry and enticing vocals.


With only three songs in their discography, each one has it’s own identity. So far, Seeyousoon is ambitious and boundless, where it’s so exciting to what they would come out with next.

To Stream “Blue Chord” click here.




Feng Shui – No Response (Debut Single)


Feng Shui from the city of Tampa makes his presence known with his debut single, “No Response”. Just a few seconds after pressing play, Shui makes a strong first impression with his aggressiveness. As the Tampa artist spits with a vengeance like he has something to prove, he delivers lyrical skills that are combative. Hearing his vocal clarity, rhyme schemes and flows is like watching Mike Tyson sparring in the ring.

Feng Shui - No REsponse
Feng Shui

“No Response” is a for sure heavy hitter, filled with ferocity and passion. The Tampa artist is here to make a mark on this world and we can’t wait to see what he does next.




Layomi The Tampa Baes – “You, Me and The 813” (EP)

Layomi The Tampa Baes


Over the last couple of months, Layomi The Tampa Baes have been making a name for themselves. Lunchmoney’s latest girl group have released their debut EP, “You, Me & The 813”. This EP is packed with many flavors to satisfy your taste-buds. Together, OG Layla Johnson and Naomi Bravo cultivate a project that’s an ode to city of Tampa Bay. The project features 6 tasteful tracks that is for everyone. As said by Layla on instagram:

“We created this project as a soundtrack to your everyday life regardless if you’re taking a walk in the park or going through a bad breakup, our ultimate desire is to bring happiness to you through our music.

Their standout single, “No apologies” is a fun record that speaks about self-assurance and being unapologetically yourself. “Hit My Phone” is a complete bop with afrobeat aesthetics that is a made to be enjoyed outside. “Dancing In Mirror” is a sexy record that encourages women to be confident in their figure an to love themselves. It is for sure to make the ladies move their waist.

Layomi The Tampa Baes have made a fun and dope project that’s perfect for the summer and help you get through this quarantine.

Marlounsly – Honey (Official Music Video)

Kicking off Mother’s Day weekend, Marlounsly releases her new music video for “Honey”. The song was birthed during the quarantine blues while Marlounsly was freestyle singing to a beat that she instantly connected with.  While the song is without a doubt enticing and provocative, the music video amplifies the song by tenfold. Inside her new video, she’s as beautiful as ever, while effortlessly creating a sultry vibe with her aura. “Honey” is a laid-back record with its light strums of guitar that feel tropical. Marlounsly as usual, sounds soothing as ever. It’s as if her voice is massaging your ears.

The south Florida linked up with director Anton Anderson to produce a video that’s calming, while capturing her essence. “Honey” is a seductive and intimate by Marlounsly. Can’t wait to hear what else she has in store for 2020.

To stream “Honey” click here.


Gat$ - Robbers
Gat$ – ROBBERS (Album)


Gat$ is an artist who pays attention to detail. As a fellow perfectionist, the little details matter to make something great. From cadences, flows, rhymes pattern and beat selection, Gat$ has ascended. The Tampa Bay artist’s new project, “ROBBERS” is a testament to that statement. Gat$ shows growth of an artist who has been sharpening his sword and putting his 10,000 hours in to prep himself for battle. His new album shows the artist having the city of Tampa on the top of his shoulders.

This 8-song project is laced with substance and replay ability. His opener, “Madness” serves as a perfect introduction to pull you further into Gat$ World. On “Selfish” we get a Tampa conglomerate of its underground artist, featuring, Mike Mass, NIKO IS, Patrick Hughes, and Scxtt Aye, who all give their best. Each feature on this album feels handpicked, as each choice compliments each song well. As for the closer, “Boost The Crime Rate” maybe Gat$ most prolific record to date. The Tampa Bay artist speaks on the cruelty of systemic racism and the need to rebel against this corrupt system.

ROBBERS is a must listen, from start to finish. Gat$ delivered a project that’s well polished, cohesive and solidifies him as an artist who is here to stay.

Contact The Artist: Twitter / Instagram

Meet New Jersey Artist I.MIR9X (Breezeshare Winner)


On May 2nd, we partnered with Breezeshare, a Tampa start-up company that is a cloud based social network and web application that gives creators their own space online to collaborate with their peers. This platform brings together artists and producers to share ideas, while educating one another. As their website states, this is done using screen sharing, like twitch and Instagram live where there is a live audience. 

For their weekly special, “Breezeshare Saturdays” they do live music reviews for upcoming and aspiring artists across the globe. This time around they welcomed special guest, Mars3times (creator of Aux Wars and host of The Mars Files) to review music submissions and to pick one lucky artist to win free press and to be featured on our blog.

As for our winner we would like to introduce artist, I.MIR9X. Reigning from Trenton, New Jersey where many great MCs were birthed such as Craig Mack, Lauryn Hill, Redman, Joe Budden and many more. I.Mir9x falls right in line into potentially being amongst those formidable MCs. His two recent releases “Rack” and “Offended” are standout tracks that showcase his impressive abilities as a rapper. He is candid, acrobatic, and melodic. “Rack” compiles catchy quotables with top-tier production. As for his music influences, the New Jersey artist draws inspirations from Sade, Meek Mill, 50 Cent, Lil’Wayne and Domino Blacc


“Honestly, if it weren’t for him [Domino Blacc] I would have never started rapping. That’s my cousin so I always wanted to be like him”. 

I.MIR short for “I mirror, I see myself” is a testament of only competing with himself, it is purpose to evolve. “Imir is my middle name. So, I separated the I from the M. to represent I. Mirror which mean I only see myself. I am in no competition with anybody. I am in my own lane. My biggest competition is myself. How can I be better than my last song? How can I be better than yesterday? I’m trying to evolve as a person as well as an artist.”

With our brief conversation, the new jersey artist talks about his upcoming project, The Fall Boyz that is to be released sometime in fall. I.MIR9x gives a bit of thoughtful backstory that serves much purpose.

“Fall Boyz is like the SQL to “6 Shades of dark” that was my first EP that I release November 18, 2015. The fall is my season.  But also, deeper than that it has been 5 years since that EP. Fall represents a time for transformations both personal and environmental. Fall is the perfect time to reflect and embrace change. I evolved and I want to show the world that. Every time the fall season come the colors get Vibrant. Leaves start falling everywhere. Once this tape drops hopefully, I show case how talent I am, and my tape be everywhere. Leaves come from trees and trees release oxygen. I’m giving life from this project.”


I.MIR9X’s is promising act who is agile and distinctive. He raps with style and momentum, which makes him someone to look out for in the near future. It won’t be long til he breaks the air waves and arrives on everyone’s radar.