LrkChronicle – You’re Safe Here (Official Video)

Back in July, Lrk Chronicle dropped his stunning EP, titled You’re Safe Here. The EP is a project full of layers to peel back that reveal the hardships of love and creating a safe space for your special someone. The Jacksonville artist crafts together a 7-song musical experience that takes you on a journey of understanding what love is. Now he returns with a beautifully melanated visual for his titular track, “You’re Safe Here”. He takes a selfless approach by by steeping back from the limelight of his video and lets black women take the forefront. This is a video that celebrates black women.

While we live in a world where there’s a long a history of black women being silenced and oppressed, facing not only racial adversity but intersectional violence, LRK puts together a video that is a must see. The video was creatively directed by two black women, Indigo Menasai and @thatdamnabney. The 2 ladies together turns Chronicle’s “You’re Safe Here” into a video that captures the beautiful essence of black women. Indeed, the video embodies they’re radiating skin complexions while capturing an intimate unification that is present amongst them.

lrk chronicle
Lrk Chronicle via instagram

Overall, the Jacksonville artists does an amazing job of making a video that is tranquil and necessary. It’s video of cherishing and showing deep appreciation for a specific group people who deserved to be revered.