LrkChronicle – You’re Safe Here (EP)

Jacksonville’s LrkChronicle at last releases his latest EP, You’re Safe Here. A project comprised of many layers and depth that reveal vulnerability. The Jacksonville artist laced together 7 songs that takes you into a journey of understanding what love is.

On his new EP, You’re Safe Here, LrkChronicle talks creating a safe haven for your partner. He says so himself in a statement about his EP:

“The journey through love is not a easy one but the pay off is worth it. You go through times of pure bliss and euphoria while often running into times of confusion . No road is clear and there are not any easy decisions. As long as you keep open dialogue with your significant other to assure them that this space you two have created is a safe haven anything is possible. You’re safe here.”

The Jacksonville artist creates a stunning piece of work that really sets him apart from his peers. The EP is comprised of so many genres that makes its hard to pinpoint him to just one or two. Each song is crafted with deep emotion where you feel traces of pain, happiness and hope. It’s driven with soul that’s undeniably a blissful listen. Lrk’s songwriting ability has grown and shows he’s artist with a purpose and who takes his art seriously. You can easily hear his influences as well. There’s a hint of J.Cole, Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino.

Songs such as Bruce Wayne and “Back & Forth” shows struggles within a troubling a relationship. On “Vibez” he shows moments of building intimacy by bonding with one another, cherishing time with your partner.

You’re Safe Here is an example to have hope in finding love and not being afraid to go through hardships in the process. Be sure to listen this exceptional project that shows Lrk’s versatility as an artist and maturity. ‘