lrkChronicle – Back & Forth (Feat. D-Mec)

lrkChronicle via instagram

One of the key ways to becoming a great artist is to be consistent. Most upcoming artists start with a burning fire then become complacent, letting their fire dimmer over time. In some cases these artists become stagnant because they’re facing a creative block. However, as an artist you have to find ways to get through that. Jacksonville’s LrkChronicle does just that. Although he took a slight break, his latest single “Bruce Wayne” showed an immense amount of growth within his artistry and music. His new single, “Back & Forth” shows that consistency matters.

“Back & Forth” serves as second single for his upcoming EP. Lrk again, shows that he is an artist who is promising and growing. Produced by CYGN, “Back & Forth” is full of different textures that feel otherworldly. With that said, production is top notch. Over this well produced record, LrkChronicle opens up about a troubling relationship. As he laments about going back and forth with another, he loses his patience. Constantly facing verbal abuse & pain, the Jacksonville artist sees a relationship that needs to end. “If I’m your superman why you turned into doomsday”.

In addition to this eloquent and deep record, it features vocalist D-Mec. D-Mec sets the tone with his neo-soul vocals. He’s nonetheless emotional and moving, it goes without saying that he really makes this record shine. Both Lrk and D-Mec create a song that’s musical and full of depth.