Kaelin Ellis – After Thoughts (Instrumental Album)

“This new project is an album of shorts, and after thoughts that followed right after Moments” – Kaelin Ellis

2020 had been a great year for the rising producer, Kaelin Ellis. From collaborating with Lupe Fiasco on HOUSE and composing his instrumental album, Moments, Ellis has been catching much attention. HOUSE was a breath of fresh air, while Moments felt like an escape from reality. His new album, After Thoughts is nonetheless a continuation of greatness. After Thoughts shows how Kaelin Ellis is a true composer who can blend genres and take you to a whole new world of feels. 

Composed of Jazz, Hip Hop, and funk, After Thoughts gives you 13 minutes of a grand adventure of dazzling sounds and cozy rhythms. After hours on repeat, I gained the impression that the Orlando producer derives from the likes of J.Dilla. The side-chained kicks, bouncy percussions, and lush chords, Kaelin Ellis proves he is a one-man band who is possessed with passion and soul. Songs like “Moons” and “Clarity” feel like a sunny Saturday morning, while “Touch” is more of a beautiful sunset that kisses you into a goodnight. 

Overall, After Thoughts is a must listen. Ellis delivers an album that gives moments of celebration and tranquility. Truly an album that will uplift your spirits and get you through these unsettling days.

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