Twelve’Len – JITS (Single)

PRODUCERS: Julian Beats & Twelve’Len

STREAM: Apple / Spotify / Tidal

Twelve’Len has been one of our favorite artists coming out of the sunshine state for some time now. Truly remarkable as he is, the profound artist continues to push the threshold with his formidable pen and sound. His new single “JITS” is an ode to his day ones who have showed loyalty towards him since they were Jits. The word “Jits” is famous term of Florida slang that defines someone who is simply younger than you and is also refers to kids.

Twelve’Len as usual is smooth as leather. With his imaginative lyrics and soulful croons, the Miami singer takes us through his adolescent years that are vivid. He paints picture of the streets of Carol City beautifully. We can envision classic candy-painted Chevy impalas cruising as well as glimpses of his upbringing. “They labeled us a high risk” sings Twelve’Len drawing inspiration from the everyday struggles he shared with homies growing up in Carol City.  

Twelve'len - jits
Twelve’len via instagram

“Jits” serves as the first single for his upcoming EP, TOMORROW AFTER ONE. The new EP is due to drop sometime in late July or early August, either way we are more than hyped to dive ourselves into.