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Twelve’Len & Flyboy Tarantino – Feel No Ways (Video)

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DIRECTOR: Sir Fettie & Twelve’Len
PRODUCER: Twelve’Len, Justin Wiggins & Lemonade Playboy
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Twelve’Len recently planted his flag into the heart of Florida with his debut album, Sugar Hill Express. In celebration of dropping a classic, he has teamed up with Broward’s, Flyboy Tarantino, to make a flawless South Florida connection and bless us with new music entitled “Feel No Ways”.

This visually stunning video directed by Sir Fettie and Lenny is paired perfectly with a track that is a slow rhythmic reminder of where both artist have been, where their ambitions lay and where their goals are pushing them towards.

Produced by a handful of South Florida legends on the rise like, Justin Wiggins, Lemonade Playboy and Twelve’len, himself. Twelve’Len and Flyboy Tarantino made sure that “Feel No Ways” has a sound that instantly rang bells of being a bonafide classic. This stead paced, head bobbing tune feels like it’s one of many drops that the duo may have tucked in the stash.

Hmmm, we at CitrusRap smell big things coming soon

Chef – Somethin’ 2 Groove 2 (EP/Review)

STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal
COVER ART: @givemefrieslol

Straight out of Broward County, the hitman Chef releases his latest project Somethin’ 2 Groove 2 and it is everything that we needed for the season. The south Florida rapper has unveiled his sample package of songs, featuring a long-awaited soon to be feel good hit track, “Can’t FWM”, that the streets have been hounding him over since the end of 2020. After hearing “Unleashed”, “Playing it Cool” and “Too Much Fun”, he left all of us wanting more from the rapper. The true definition of audio dope. All four tracks carrying flavor and player energy that flows throughout this entire mixtape. 

Chef has brought himself onto the CitrusRap pages and onto forefront of Florida’s rap game with this project as he will have much more eyes and ears following him now. Somethin’ 2 Groove 2 is filled with four melodically motivating tracks, without any features, that makes this project so cohesive with a very pulsating feel that’s electrifying.

Lil Fancy – Damage Him (ft. Baby Plug) [Single]

PRODUCER: CodeineBeatz
COVER ART: BluntBlesser
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Back on the scene and onto CitrusRap pages, Tampa’s emerging rap star, Lil Fancy, has been putting in major work and staying active all around Florida and the south east. As he and Key Kartel lay claim to Atlanta.

After a string of high profile performances throughout 2021, Lil Fancy, one of Florida’s next heavy hitters and hellish energy bringers calls up Atlanta’s own, Baby Plug, to drop off a loose banger called “Damage Him”, produced by CodeineBeatz. With the handmade cover art ordained by the rap game’s art Goddess, Tampa based visual artist, BluntBlesser, this is the certified stamp for an underground classed.

Fancy uses “Damage Him” to let it be known that he will continue to keep his foot on the gas and apply pressure where the game needs it. Play this slider at high volumes, at your own caution.

ASARU – Everyday (ft. Michaela Paladio & DJ Sandman) [Video]

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DIRECTOR: Wildyouth
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Men lie. Women lie. But real music will always be undeniable. Tampa’s Asaru is back with a triumphant tune for his continuous winning streak, entitled “Everyday”

The wordsmith makes his return to CitrusRap after releasing a lyrical spirit bomb, “ALL PRAISES DUE”, earlier this year. While fans patiently wait for the release of his upcoming project of the same name, Asaru continues to impress with his every changing and lavish flows, accompanied by thought provoking, masterful bars and Michaela Paladio’s enchanting voice over a wavy instrumental, and the authentic scratching provided by Tampa legend, DJ Sandman, to mesh this track perfectly. While the ever so growing Wildyouth, who’s name has been ringing heavily in these video streets assists on the visuals to match this hit single.

An ideal song to blast at anytime of the day when your desire to succeed exceeds all other needs. Asaru has easily become one of our favorite Florida lyricists this, not just Tampa. Play this video at loud volumes and make sure that doubters are paying attention while you’re singing along.

We asked Asaru what “Everyday” meant to him and how much Tampa’s culture played a part into the creation of the record?

The meaning behind the song fits as a reminder of no matter what you’re going through or where you come from the goal is to strive to be all you can be. It’s easy to be in survival mode, when you’ve been through a lot. But you can be a true testament by choosing to live at your absolute best.

We have the legendary DJ Sandman doing the scratches on “Everyday”, and my homie, Michaela Paladio, a rising legend also representing the Tampa Bay, on it as well. I needed those two elements to make the marriage on the track.

– Asaru

Pusha Preme – Red Oktober (Album/Review)

FEATURES: Jafarlee, Bruce Wayne, Big Jayoh, Jay Browne, AD the Artist, Kashvilli, Michaela Paladio, Quintin Cambridge, _Indie.Indigo & DavionThe God
ENGINEERED: Grand Bay Recording Studios
STREAM via: Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

The Tampa myth has finally returned to the CitrusRap pages. Eleven tracks of sheer rhythmic mayhem, with an elegant overtone. Red Oktober is an addition to the warfare that Pusha Preme has initiated. The sequel to his critically acclaimed album, Before I Say, I Do, released last fall. Red Oktober is an album fueled by pure emotion. The Tampa artist continues to give us something to stir up this year’s musical debate. Adding fuel to the fire that he ignited in April, with the release of his charting single, “Sick Of These Games” featuring Quintin Cambridge and _Indie.Indigo. Tossing everyone off of the FL rap thrown that he’s claimed. Completely lifting the bar for the rest of the musical community.

The introduction to Red Oktober is a straight up gut check to the soul called “heavenlyFATHER”. Perfectly titled, of course. It features a powerful piano filled, ballad instrumental, that Pusha Preme manipulates flawlessly with his ever changing melodies, gear shifting flows and throwing a hay-maker or two ever so often, fused with heavy lyrics to sing your soul out to. This song never misses a punch.

It’s nearly impossible to choose just a few highlights. Red Oktober has a plethora of different vibes and a treasure chest full of gems. Such as the high energy filled madness from “Outsiiide”, “Never Thought” featuring another one of Tampa’s lyrical powerhouses, Jay Browne, anda potential pop hit featuring Kashvilli, called “cause I Want U”. And of course, I can’t forget about my personal favorite, the hoppy and jiggy, instant relief hit, “Wrong Way” featuring AD the Artist. The guest list continues with Jafarlee, Bruce Wayne, Big Jayoh, Kashvilli, Michaela Paladio & DavionThe God. All who helped shape this project into a sonically thorough piece of art. 

This man and his army (Propuhganduh) is a force to be reckoned with and should never be taken lightly. Plus, he’s doing it in the most organic and arrogant way, so far. Not only does this seem like its sport to him, but it’s child’s play in some way, how natural these songs feel to the ear. Convincing me that Pusha Preme has something dynamic hidden up his sleeve. This classic of an album is barely the tip of the asteroid. I just pray that the world is ready for the turn up before time runs out.

Nil Bambu – On Game (Single)

STREAM via: Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

The talented South Florida Goddess, known as Nil Bambu, seems to bless us with her strong presence at the right times. This go around she returns to the CitrusRap pages with “On Game” and she’s charged up. Just in time for festival season.

We’ve been waiting on the songwriting vocalist to reemerge for quite some time now. But “On Game”, it’s strong impact on our ears and brains was worth the wait! It would be a surprise if this song doesn’t become an instant favorite of yours.

Melodically giving us brash details of her intimate, late night thoughts of truthfulness with a seductive undertone, over an airy and slow rhythmic driven instrumental. The year is drawing closer to an end and Nil Bambu will continue to strike hard and keep her match lit with this undeniable banger. We’ll be sure to stay tuned for what’s next, as so should you.

In her own words, Nil Bambu describes the in’s and outs of her latest hit:

What is the meaning behind the song, “On Game”?

On Game was honestly written from my own past experience of being in a toxic relationship. You know being involved with someone and having that gut feeling where your intuition just knows something is off. The meaning came from the saying being “up on game” or one step ahead. Sometimes when you’re so close to someone, you just know them too well and because of that certain things don’t have to be said.

What’s your process of making music from writing to recording?

My overall creative process is pretty fluid, I like to remain as open as possible when creating and more so go with the vibe and the feel of what I’m feeling at that particular time. For the most part, I start the majority of my ideas in my room recording myself or because of the acoustics, I also like to record voice memos in my bathroom. Normally, I’d just create and once I have enough strong songs, I lock in with my engineer to lay everything down.

What was the concept behind the single artwork?

For “On Game”, because the single was so spicy and racey, I wanted everything to be super edgy. The vision I had was something reminiscent of Tokyo Drift vibes, but instead of cool hues or neons, I wanted it to be warm and fiery.

What makes a relationship toxic?

That’s kind of a tough one, especially when everything depends on your perspective and tolerance but what makes a relationship toxic to me, is just lack of respect. Personally, I’m like the most open and understanding person when it comes to love and relationships. I don’t really think there’s a right or wrong way but more so finding what works best for both partners and doing that. I definitely think it’s toxic when it becomes draining and leaves you feeling empty, or that you as a person and your feelings aren’t being honored.

How has your past relationships influenced the making of “On Game”?

My past relationships have 1000% influenced the making of “On Game”, and pretty much all of my music fort hat matter. In the second verse, I literally relived the moment when I went through my ex’s phone and read messages between him and another girl (Disclaimer: that was the first and last time I ever went through someone’s phone), I definitely learned my lesson that day. Truthfully, I’m really happy to share such a common and kind of traumatic experience and just make it more empowering by using it to be creative.

AJDaGuru, An Independent Artist On The Rise (Article)

Music by AJDaGuru is unlike anything you have heard before. There is something magical about his voice, which can make your heart melt with its soft, yet strong quality. A musical force in his own right, Guru has succeeded in backing it up with a style that complements his credentials. 

A Look At Who Is AJDaGuru.

AjDaGuruTo understand who AJDaGuru truly is, we need to understand where he started. His first taste of stardom came when he was only 12. During his school years, he was known for his beatboxing skills. – This type of music is done by making musical sounds with your mouth that are almost like instrumental tracks. As their friendship grew, his closest friends started rapping to AJDaGuru’s beats. As a result of this, his music career exploded, and he became very popular within a short time period. 

How AJDaGuru’s Music Career Began.

AJ got his start in music in 2013 when he produced for Chicago rapper GLC, which led to working with artists like Chevy Woods and King Chip. Using his alias Mr. Live, he also made a joint mixtape with the Chicagoan. Their project would be called ISM Churchill, and it was here that AJDaGuru began to make more and more of his work available online. Livestrumentals Vol 1′ was released in 2015, a collection of music with influences from Hip-hop to RNB. The following year, AJ released Livestrumentals Vol 2 with raw Soul, Hip-hop, and Electronic instrumentals. With many artists beginning to use his beats and create songs with them, both projects helped increase AJDaGuru’s popularity. 

AJDaGuru Music Is No Stranger To The Charts.

Many artists create music every day in the world of music. The dream of every musician is to have their music reach the charts. Since several of his songs have charted, it’s no longer a fantasy for AJDaGuru. He reached number 43 on the iTunes Charts in South Africa with his Sledge Family Rules Instrumental, and months later he charted again with “Love Yourself.” A chart-topping song, this one reached number 93 on Spotify’s US top 200 charts. AJ knows he still has a long way to go on his musical journey, and we expect him to showcase all of his progress on the upcoming album A Different Side Of Me, due out in the near future.