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3 Minutes With Bugzy Lavoe: TA13OO – Denzel Curry (Review)

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It’s Tuesday guys! So you already know that means it’s time for a new episode of 3 Minutes with Bugzy Lavoe! Lee County’s own, Bugzy Lavoe, is back with another quick, hot take on latest music out of Florida and the craze surrounding it.

This go around he speaks his mind on Miami’s own, Denzel Curry and his critically acclaimed album, TA13OO|TABOO.

Alexander The Don – Who You Wit (Prod. Ramiche)


Painting vivid pictures with his works. West Palm Beach’s Alexander The Don is back with the second drop of the week on CitrusRap. This time with “Who You Wit”, after dropping the official video fro his steadily climbing heater, “Bubble”. Brief stories and excerpts, along with steady and fluid like flows that were placed in his mental bank, virtually waiting for this moment to create something as saucy as  “Who You Wit”. The song is the ultimate flexing tool. This accompanied with the sound that Fort Lauderdale’s Ramiche has presented, it’s pretty easy to explain how gifted this man is. Embed this into your head. From here on out, anytime that you see the name Alexander The Don. He is on a sure road to being the next up. Today is the day that we told you so.

Alexander The Don – Bubble (Dir. Alex Macareo)

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DIRECTOR: Alex Macareo
PROJECT FEATURED ON: A.T.D. | via Soundcloud

The unpredictable champion from West Palm Beach, Alexander The Don, has been gaining crazy traction for the year of 2018. Over at you know you’ve done something right if you’re out of state and our music landed into our hands. “Bubble” is one of those catchy tracks that you can’t help but sing along and jig to. A real mood-pickerupper. A sort of anthem about the come-up and the mischief that accompanies you on your travel to the top. The soft ambient, bassline filled beat was provided by Dee B and the visuals by Alex Macareo. The video is a light-hearted, but entertaining story of Alexander The Don and company as they witness a self entitled groupie force the young rapper to ball out on her at South Florida’s infamous sportswear store, Simon’s. Something minimalistic, but effective and laid back enough to make it nearly perfect for Alexander The Don’s easy going and care-free cadence. “Bubble” certainly could be the next big thing coming out of the year 2018. Be sure to stay on alert.

3 Minutes With Bugzy Lavoe: Florida Man by Sylvan LaCue (Review)

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Introducing Bugzy Lavoe, one of South Florida’s leading writers in hip-hop culture and all that surrounds it, with his unbiased, but hot takes on today’s music projects in his segment, 3 Minutes With Bugzy Lavoe.

This go around he speaks his mind on Miami up-and-coming star, Sylvan LaCue and his latest project. Florida Man, a 11 video/track experience.

Ozzymoto – Essential Pack (Playlist)

PRODUCERS: ozzymoto, cosmo, Fly Melodies & BlackMayo
FEATURING: @DayVeeJones_, @HMLtheKid, @YAPRAKASIMOV & @_fuckgio

Fresh off of dropping off a stunning and melodic flex anthem called “RANGE+++”, we decided to put together an essential pack of the hits that ozzymoto has released over the past couple of years. The 21 year old East Miramar rising star has been grinding and his worth has steadily and organically been climbing each day. Things like that are hard to go unnoticed by CitrusRap. Featuring his standout hits, “THE KID”, featuring Yaprak Asimov & another CitrusRap alum, BBYG. The former is his most recent and our personal favorite, “COLDH4RTD”. ozzymoto touches on his deepest thoughts, giving us a slight glimpse of his personal side, as well as his vocal range.

This 3-track playlist perfectly displays his versatility.  ozzymoto is a creatively diverse artist that goes from spitting hard lyrical content, to laying down melodic vocals that sit well in the mix. This is a project that often feels atmospheric that takes you into ozzymoto’s mind. This is definitely a gem that’s hidden deep somewhere in Broward. About that time to let bruh get his shine on.

Slumpman Jazzy – Pixar (Prod. Profit) [CitrusRap Exclusive]


Slumpman Jazzy, one half of Miami duo The sLumps, is back with an exclusive drop for CitrusRap. “Pixar”, a hard hitting batch of sauce, produced by Profit and Slumpman Jazzy’s official new anthem to flex to. Hopefully these recent bangers is a hint that a project is in the works for 2018. Until then, “Pixar” will serve as the party anthem for the weekend.