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NIKO IS – The Never Ending Sky (Prod. N Z M) [CitrusRap Exclusive]

ENGINEER: Federico of Extract Studios

The father of the chill, NIKO IS, has been warning us of his resurgence for quite some time now. After floating down the Ichetucknee River for 8 hours, Florida’s Hair God begins his campaign of giving us loosies, snippets and potential singles as he reclaims his throne in the music world and CitrusRap is getting the exclusive first look/listen. Produced by the great, N Z M, “The Never Ending Story” is the first of many rappetizers before the release of his highly anticipated UNIKO arrives. An honest retrospective piece of art, disguised as rhythm and poetry. But don’t just think that this is solely about the care-free feeling within the song. The Brazil native and Orlando ground stomper is displaying a level of rap ability that would get him tested for steroid use, if rapping was a sport. NIKO proves that wordplay, multi-entendres and gear shifting flow changes are not just tools learned, but they are now an extension to who he physically is as an artist. UNIKO will be one of the talks of 2018. You heard it here second, after the man himself.

Lil Coupe – Moon (Dir. @ShxxtingStvrz) [Video]

DIRECTOR: ShxxtingStvrz
LATEST PROJECT: Murdatee | Stream via Soundcloud

Scaling the internet it has become easier and easier by the day to find up and coming talent to feature on CitrusRap. But it seems that Florida has been doing mass production on star potential musicians. Almost seems as if there’s nothing that our state can’t do wrong. This go around we have Lil Coupe coming out of West Florida. East Bradenton to be exact. Lil Coupe comes through with the melodically based, reality rap, “Moon”. Directed by Shxxting Strvz. Featured on his debut project, Murdatee. An anthem strictly for those who came from the bottom. With a steadily growing fan base, we are eager to see what Lil Coupe has to offer for the year of 2018.

Mike Lary – Living Legend (EP)

PRODUCERS: JayO, Boss Brain, DJ Drizzy, EyezLow & 808 Nate
ARTWORK: @Remain3k

Putting on for South Florida and crowning himself a legend in the same breath, Mike Lary comes hard with his latest project “Living Legend”. A reality rap, trap-soul genre blend that has flooded our sound waves since last year. Hailing from the Fort Lauderdale, the rapper delivers strong, yet airy vocals blended gracefully with an overdose of great production. With Instrumentals supplied by producers such as his frequent collaborator JayO. Alongside Boss Brain, DJ Drizzy, EyezLow & 808 Nate. With only one feature out of the eight, complimentary vocals from 1-800-BULL, it still helps Mike Lary prove that he can hold his own light. Listen as the young man puts name on the throne with this project.

Mike Lary


#BattleMania2 is Back!

Battlemania 2 has revealed the list of official judges for the biggest hip-hop competition in South Florida, and announced pre-sales for the event. Last year, a panel of four major players in Miami’s music scene sat at the helm of the stage at Token Miami in Wynwood as competitors flaunted their skills on the decks and the mic to determine who would walk away with the championship belt. This year, the event, hosted by MMG’s Wilemeana Jones and music journalist Tony MC, will be judged by a group of Miami’s OGs in music and business industries.

“Last year, Battlemania was so lit! We wanted to curate an event that we’ve never had before, and it was amazing. Can’t wait to see who will win the battle this year!” – Wilemeana Jones aka Empress Raw.

Battlemania is a three-part competition that allows producers, DJ’s and rappers to hit the stage and showoff their skills on the decks and the mic. Each category will be judged based on their own set of criteria, but overall competitors have an opportunity to win based on their sound, stage presence, and of course, each rappers’ lyricism. For its second year, the event will be held at Miami Live in Miami Beach and will be livestreamed on YouTube for the first time.

“Our goal is to embrace all the essential elements of Miami’s hip-hop scene. The city is full of rare rappers, talented beat makers and expert DJ’s. We want to give them the opportunity to compete alongside the grittiest MC’s in the city.” – Tony MC   

battlemania 2

Maybach Music Group, Rap Snacks, Black Bottle Girls, Token Miami and more will sponsor the event. For more information about how you can sponsor the competition, contact If you’re interested in competing, sign up here until July 22nd. Pre-sale tickets are available now on Eventbrite for $10. Click the link to cop your tickets now before the price increases at the door.    

Purchase tickets here:  



99 JAMZ’s own Supa Cindy is the co-host of the Afternoon Get Down, which airs Mon-Fri from 2-7PM. The radio host, CEO of CinD Media, and leader of the Supa Friends will also livestream the event via her channel on Roku TV and YouTube.  



James Lindsey represents the self-made entrepreneurs who make a name for them in hip-hop. Lindsey is the leading businessman who’s successfully brought some of hip-hop’s biggest stars to convenience stores around the country by putting them on bags of chips with their own articulately designed flavors like Migos’ ‘Dap Of Ranch’. He also co-managed Meek Mill throughout his lengthy career before his recent, high profile bid in jail.




DJ Luna is quickly dominating Miami’s rap scene as a mixer and true curator of vibes. The Miami native was discovered by MMG’s Wale and signed to his label Every Blue Moon as an official DJ. Since then, she’s collaborated with Wale for their joint project Before I SHiNE and just recently hosted Sylvan LaCue’s Florida Man mixtape.




We will announce our surprise judge along with the competing artists next week!



Blxxdshot – THIS (Prod. YungArabian)

PRODUCER: YungArabian

Blxxdshot aka Orlando’s hit-man has been applying serious pressure to the game since his resurgence over the winter. This go around, Blxxdshot links up with the power drum producer, YungArabian, to deliver his latest head banger “THIS”. Hymns for the ragers. This track is a sure anthem for those alike and whoever enjoys heavy hitting music. So press play and continue your hustle with Blxxdshot blaring through your speakers.

Sylvan LaCue – Florida Man (Video)

by .

DIRECTOR: Jonathan Benavente
EDITED: Unkle Luc

From sold out shows around the nation to co-signs from God Emcees, Sylvan LaCue is definitely on a run for all of Florida to take note of. The passing of his grandmother is what brought Miami’s golden child back home, but the love is what kept his mind above water during what most would consider dark times. Sylvan LaCue instead found peace in creating and Florida Man is what we are gifted with. His own take on Donald Glover’s “Florida Man” urban legend. The parseltongued rhyme savior takes us on a true South Florida experience over Trick Daddy & Trina’s infamous hit, “Nann N***a”, with a visual by Jonathan Benavente & Unkle Luc to accompany it.
Here’s what Sylvan LaCue had to say about:

“I brought my business partner Jonathan Benavente out to South Florida & basically took him around to everywhere I grew up. Miramar, Hallandale, Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale, North Miami. I wanted to show a glimpse of the personal places in South Florida that meant the most to me. It’s like the kick off to the whole entire Florida Man visual experience. I wore an André Dawson Florida Marlins jersey for two reasons. 1.) My grandmother is from Dawson Georgia & this tape is dedicated to her. 2.) Andre Dawson wanted to finish his professional baseball career in Florida with the Marlins. It was like his final run before stepping away into a different realm. Later on, he worked for the Marlins front office & won his first World Series with the team. I’ve been an independent artist since I started my career 10 years ago in 2008. I’ve done a lot of things…. But I feel like this is my last run before the shift happens. And there’s no better way to finish, then finishing at home. The mixtape will be a visual mixtape, 10 videos, hosted by DJ Luna & DJ Bre on youtube & IG TV. You’ll be able to really experience & see South Florida for what it is. It’s also a non profit cause, so any proceeds that want to be directed to me, will be directed to South Florida charities. Between my grandmother passing, & recent events that have happened here in South Florida, I feel more that ever, that its time for my city to come together & heal. And I hope this can continue to add / push that agenda.

Sylvan LaCue’s Florida Man Mixtape [A South Florida Visual Experience] is set for a Friday the 13th release, 07/13/2018, via Youtube & IG TV.

Stokely Carmichael – 1000REASONS


Usually for birthdays people get gifts, but We Were Never Friends’ Stokely Carmichael decides to show us why he’s the man and gives a gift to the people called “1000REASONS”. Henney continues to rise to prominence, as he lays a dark-hype instrumental to combat with Stokely Carmichael rash bars. The hook kicks the door off of the hinges immediately, with the lines: “I got one thousand reasons why you n***as can’t fuck with me!” Forewarning, if you play this at high levels in public areas, the possibility of a moshpit being formed out of nowhere will increase 100 percent. But then again, who doesn’t appreciate a good moshpit? Let Stokely Carmichael continue to apply pressure to the rap game, and if you haven’t done so, make sure to wish the young god a Happy Birthday.