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Guap Money – Wett It (Single)

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Guap Money is one of West Florida’s hidden gems and potentially their next heavy hitter, that we are proud we’ve finally uncovered. Today he makes his CitrusRap debut with a certified money making anthem called “Wett It”. Guapo lets his motivations be heavily know on this heavy hitting beat. An artist who takes pride in his products, fully, from the words to the sound, to the look of the packaging. This track comes as a testament to his survival in a life that claimed so many. From the cell to big stages. Rapper, songwriter and money maker. Guap Money has a foot in it all, but now he’s found a way to elevate himself even higher than before. There’s almost no limit to what this man can do.

OG Win – Rap or Die (Album|Review)

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The mythical being that has been captivating all of West Florida has makes his CitrusRap debut. Dropping off ‘Rap or Die, a full body of work that acts as a teaser to what feels like something bigger in the near future. Sarasota’s own and 941 representer, OG Win, relentlessly tears apart the rap game with a commanding 30 tracks, yet expressive and weighty tracks. He isn’t holding any power or techniques back. This is his war cry. It’s all or nothing.

A conqueror’s presence all throughout the project. OG Win is the perfectionist of surreal rap. ‘Rap or Die’ is like the movie “Gladiator” put to rhyme and rhythm. Vivid tales of pain turned into a desperado like passion. Using each track as a display of the fire in his heart. Like a bizarre hybrid of rap and a thrilling action flick. This could REALLY be the score to something of that description!

The introduction is a self titled track, “OG Win”. Reminiscent of Mixtape Weezy, using his bars to predict his reign over the rap game. The latter called “Full Effect” a distressingly track, that is as smooth as it is powerful. “Pop My Shxt” is a brash hitting psalm. “Make It To Heaven” is and will be a sure favorite for many, a mystical track about staying in your own lane and remaining true. With 30 tracks and all are as hard as the last, it’s impossible pick and pull out this pot. It’ll be best for you to do as we say and play ‘Rap or Die‘ in it’s entirety. Back to back to back to back. This is the type of music that deserves to be witnessed live!

As always, if we put the stamp on it, there’s a reason why. Wmbed it into your skull that everything this man creates will be superior to nearly everything claimed to be glorious. And that was just for one single, let alone a full project! Today is no day different. ‘Rap or Die‘ is a poignant masterpiece. Don’t just use the links above to stream this project, be sure to download it as well and keep it on any and every device that you possibly can.

Kase Cobain – Thought It Was Luck (Music Video)

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Back on schedule with another smash to gift us at CitrusRap. This is now becoming a routine for Central Florida native, Kase Cobain. This go around he hits us with “Thought It Was Luck”. A heavy toned, dream chasing, money making anthem directed by Sam McGrath and produced by CANOBEATZ. With surely more hits to be cranked out as the first half of the year comes to a close, Kase may have definitely sewed up his spot for 2023 with this one, as the hard working 407 artist comes through with a braggadocios and flowing verse and a hustler motivating hook. This grade A product is sure to be what the audio fiends and go getters want to hear first thing in the morning, as they stomped through the mud and get to the check. Press play and stay on alert for from Kase Cobain.

Kase Cobain – Have It All (Official Video)

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Central Florida’s maestro is back on CitrusRap with a cinematic masterpiece. Kase Cobain releases the west coast theatrics for his standout single, “Have It All”. In perfect timing, as the spring season is upon us. Shot by Sam McGrath and produced GradeASoundKase Cobain delivers a crisp look to match his pulsing and heavy hitting track. The songwriter and visionary has been setting off waves and it is quite refreshing seeing new found talent at this level coming out of the sunshine state. Press play and vibe your troubles away with this cram by Kase Cobain.

MachoSoulDeep – It’ll All Make Sense Later (EP)

PRODUCER: OG Vinchenzo
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“Some times in life we don’t know the plans God has for us and we don’t understand what or why we are going through it, but one things for sure is It’ll All Make Sense Later.” This EP was entirely produced by OG Vinchenzo.

About years since his latest project, MachoSoulDeep, aka South Florida’s phoenix, has returned from the ashes of the rap game to provide a strong resurgence of authenticity fused with pain and determination on his brand new album, It’ll All Make Sense Later.

It’ll All Make Sense Later serves as MachoSoulDeep’s official debut project, and CitrusRap debut, after blessing fans with teasers since 2022. The young Broward county emcee gives us a raw confession of life, disguised as a six track album. A helm of psalms that entail his many trials, tribulations, blessings and uprisings, as he navigates his way through this broken world as a man of God.

It’ll All Make Sense Later is an experience. One that needs to be witnessed in order to be understood.

Bachi – Amber Rose (ft. TY-44) [Single]

PRODUCER: 100graham
PHOTOGRAPHER: Christopher Shipe
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Not wasting any time with it, North Florida’s Bachi & TY-44 come together to make their CitrusRap debut and bless us, as they close out the year on a high note. Next up on their list is a hard-hitting, yet cruising track called “Amber Rose”.

A perfect way of kicking off his and 41st Lane Music’s winter campaign. Off top the production itself places the track in a good light. Great patterns, perfecting timing, and a mesmerizing sample playing throughout. But Bachi’s slick, ear-catching melody and vibrant lyrics.

A testament to all ride-or-die shorties and a middle finger to all of the runner ups. The duo take turns narrating their entertaining and romantic memoirs over a 100graham produced instrumental. Whether you’ve found your rider or if you’re just in the mood to flex a bit, this track will surely help you get your point across.

LunchMoney Lewis – Say I Won’t (ft. Kenny Sharp) [Video]

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DIRECTOR: LunchMoney Lewis

LunchMoney Lewis, legendary Miami songwriter, producer, performer and LunchBox Records H.N.I.C. has been making some undeniable power moves for over a decade. Taking his musical gifts around the globe and showcasing them immaculately, gaining the hearts and ears of nearly every listener that encounters his highly acclaimed work. All without having to release a full body of work. How many artist have that feat on their resume?! The midas touch.

This go around, LunchMoney Lewis delivers a romantic film, sharing moments of his personal life, while also helping a young talent breakout and make his CitrusRap debut. DC’s own, Kenny Sharp, is the voice that you hear dancing on “Say I Won’t”. A premier for the ages. He gifts us with a captivating track filled with satisfaction and a devotion for the thrill. Kenny breezes through notes and runs in an epic display of vocal ability over this tranquil instrumental. In a state of music where rap is the center of attention it’s been harder every day for artists in rhythm & blues to breakout. But it has never seemed so flawless for talents such as the hit maker, LunchMoney Lewis, and a soon to be breakout artist, Kenny Sharp.

There’s nothing sweeter than being able to put a track with such great vibes on repeat, completely drowning in the sound and not realizing that you’ve played it almost a hundred times without a break. Except being able to put this very song on repeat while you’re with your significant other, setting an inescapable mood. An eternal love letter and psalm of life, all in one.

Directed by LunchMoney, himself. “Say I Won’t” was edited by the musical genius on a train from London to Paris and answers the age old question, what do you get the man who has everything? The answer is Love.

A track of this quality and magnitude will sure to have current and newly obtained fans practically begging for a project from LML. And maybe even build up a possibility to petition for a collaborative project from LunchMoney and Kenny Sharp (hopeful wishing), being that they just showed and proved the magical combo that they both make. But whether or not, “Say I Won’t” is definite a hit. Hands down. We over at CitrusRap urge you to not only keep this joint playing, but to stay on the look out for what LunchMoney Lewis has to offer in the future. Surely it will be nothing short of greatness.