Deaudrick Williams – Gold Teeth In The White House (Album|Review)

COVER ART: sheepishnarco
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Deaudrick Williams

Damn… It’s been a long year of waiting for the return of some real rap. By real, I’m not talking boom-bap. I’m talking an artist that makes the most effortless and familial sounds, that take you to places in your mind that feel like exactly like home. The artist I’m referring to is the man that we at CitrusRap has dubbed Tampa’s phoenix, Deaudrick Williams. The rapper who consistently rises from the ashes of the weak, played out sounds and gifts us with the fye that we’ve longed for. This season, Deaudrick gives us a weighty EP called ‘Gold Teeth In The White House’, that we have a feeling will stand the test of time. His track record tends to reflect that.

With a name like ‘Gold Teeth In The White House’, it’s apparent that Deaudrick came to uplight the ones in the dark, while also striking a nerve to the opposition. The title suits the sounds perfectly. As its blend of black excellence and hood luxury meet the raw and unfiltered prospectives of witnesses to the horrors and burdens that comes with living in the skin and territories that we are in. This project is short lived, but it has a track for every crucial vibe and emotion of this day and age.  Deaudrick Williams immerses himself into the truth of today’s reality, as he composes an outline of emotions within this project. With sounds, detailing the yin & yang of seeking escape through luxury, as the 20-something year old musician deals with the pains of lies and conforming, to finally witnessing himself overcome and only wish the best for his evils. Not only with the help of his instrumentals, Deaudrick calls upon a notable rising stars of the gulf coast, Nochobud.

Each of the 7 tracks layered with in sync vocals and songwriting that perfectly captures each message. So when you hear the introduction of the project, “Off White”, as it delves into the mind of a man who just wants to cope and move forward, you just get it. Die”, the pithy track follows right after. With quotable rhymes like “I be dripping when I walk, I think my b***h need goggles”… UUUGGGHHHH, HE’S GOING CRAZY, EARLY!!! “FACES”, featuring Nochobud, is one of those water flowing tracks that you gotta play with the windows rolled down in Florida on a cool Sunday afternoon. And it doesn’t take much to catch the flow of the scenes as you move forward. From there you have one of my personal favorites, “Conceited”. A fun and undeniable anthem about looking good, feeling good and paying the game even better. “Currency” trails after. A short, slow building tale of money trails with limited instrumentals. More like an interlude, but the heavy hitting delivery makes your face screw up as soon as he spits the first bar, and it will stay that way for that entire minute. Following next is “Gold Teeth In The White House”, the title track of the project, His introspective mind on speaker, over one of the smoothest and well put together instrumentals of our time. And, to end it off, Mr. WayUp, delivers “Gangsta” to the masses. One of, if not, THE most thought provoking track of the year, in ALL OF rap music released. As it it’ll make you sway and bop to the beat, the message hits just as hard. No one can hide from their truth. “But you gangsta…” As the totality of his efforts come into scene, Deaudrick begins to, as do we, feel a breezy sense of closure.

Gold Teeth In The White House’ is going to dominate our airwaves. Deaudrick Williams delivers a full out experience packed into just under 15 minutes of audio dope. Even the cover art is dope and timeless. Shout out to the Tampa photographer and growing legend, sheepishnarco. If you couldn’t tell by the essay written earlier, this project is a definite MUST LISTEN, and has earned yet another CitrusRap approved perfect score. Deeming it on our platforms, #CertifiedFresh. We don’t have to persuade you to press play on this project, because how great this is, you will never be able to escape it’s clutches. So brush up on your lyrics and buy a few peacoats in advance. Because Deaudrick Williams is about to make this a cold fall and winter. Aundrekias Gardens has another one.