Twelve’Len – THANK ME (I Got You) [Video]

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DIRECTOR: Brian Wade
PRODUCER: Brenden Powers
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Fresh off of his national television acting debut, on Issa Rae and Max Go’s hit television show, Rap Shit, Miami’s hometown hero knows no breaks. How could you rest when you’re the neighborhood’s Bruce Wayne? He doesn’t have to think about saving the day anymore. His body now moves on its own to do so. All action, to accompany his poetic words. Wether it be showing the youth how to have a good time during the nightlife, or showing his face on one of the world’s biggest networks, Twelve’Len is going to always show and prove that anything is possible.

This go around, the Carol City enigma releases a new banger of visual sounds with the Brian Wade directed video, and Brenden Powers produced track simply entitled “Thank Me”. A wavy tale of loyalty and admiration that perfectly displays his effortless versatility. Equally rap. Equally soul. Overall, an undeniable slider for all to enjoy.

Make sure to thank Twelve’Len for this blessing. As we always do over here at CitrusRap.