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Sylvan LaCue – Florida Man (Video)

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DIRECTOR: Jonathan Benavente
EDITED: Unkle Luc

From sold out shows around the nation to co-signs from God Emcees, Sylvan LaCue is definitely on a run for all of Florida to take note of. The passing of his grandmother is what brought Miami’s golden child back home, but the love is what kept his mind above water during what most would consider dark times. Sylvan LaCue instead found peace in creating and Florida Man is what we are gifted with. His own take on Donald Glover’s “Florida Man” urban legend. The parseltongued rhyme savior takes us on a true South Florida experience over Trick Daddy & Trina’s infamous hit, “Nann N***a”, with a visual by Jonathan Benavente & Unkle Luc to accompany it.
Here’s what Sylvan LaCue had to say about:

“I brought my business partner Jonathan Benavente out to South Florida & basically took him around to everywhere I grew up. Miramar, Hallandale, Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale, North Miami. I wanted to show a glimpse of the personal places in South Florida that meant the most to me. It’s like the kick off to the whole entire Florida Man visual experience. I wore an André Dawson Florida Marlins jersey for two reasons. 1.) My grandmother is from Dawson Georgia & this tape is dedicated to her. 2.) Andre Dawson wanted to finish his professional baseball career in Florida with the Marlins. It was like his final run before stepping away into a different realm. Later on, he worked for the Marlins front office & won his first World Series with the team. I’ve been an independent artist since I started my career 10 years ago in 2008. I’ve done a lot of things…. But I feel like this is my last run before the shift happens. And there’s no better way to finish, then finishing at home. The mixtape will be a visual mixtape, 10 videos, hosted by DJ Luna & DJ Bre on youtube & IG TV. You’ll be able to really experience & see South Florida for what it is. It’s also a non profit cause, so any proceeds that want to be directed to me, will be directed to South Florida charities. Between my grandmother passing, & recent events that have happened here in South Florida, I feel more that ever, that its time for my city to come together & heal. And I hope this can continue to add / push that agenda.

Sylvan LaCue’s Florida Man Mixtape [A South Florida Visual Experience] is set for a Friday the 13th release, 07/13/2018, via Youtube & IG TV.

Stokely Carmichael – 1000REASONS


Usually for birthdays people get gifts, but We Were Never Friends’ Stokely Carmichael decides to show us why he’s the man and gives a gift to the people called “1000REASONS”. Henney continues to rise to prominence, as he lays a dark-hype instrumental to combat with Stokely Carmichael rash bars. The hook kicks the door off of the hinges immediately, with the lines: “I got one thousand reasons why you n***as can’t fuck with me!” Forewarning, if you play this at high levels in public areas, the possibility of a moshpit being formed out of nowhere will increase 100 percent. But then again, who doesn’t appreciate a good moshpit? Let Stokely Carmichael continue to apply pressure to the rap game, and if you haven’t done so, make sure to wish the young god a Happy Birthday.

Feddi Family – La Familía (EP)


Orlandos own, Feddi Family, is back with their latest offering entitled La Familía EP. The 6 song body of work brought to you by the Twins, Zay Feddi & JR Feddi is a must listen for true hip-hop fans and music connoisseurs alike.The tag team duo delivers strong, sometimes airy vocals blended gracefully with an overdose of great production. The features are very limited, helping Feddi Family prove that they can hold their own light, with only one track calling for assistance with features from Malachi & LoveAtFirstSound
La Familia EP is now available on all streaming platforms.

QuietStorMarc – Wakanda (Dir. Kameo Films) [Video]

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DIRECTOR: Kameo Films & QuietStorMarc
PRODUCER: Dino De Leon
Enter The Dragon | Release TBA

As always, we enjoy bringing you guys high quality content and today is no different. This go around we present the asiatic black man and Miami native, QuietStorMarc and his cinematic visual for his Dino De Leon produced hit, “Wakanda”. A concept developed by QuietStorMarc himself and directed by the nationally renowned, Kameo Films. As the video plays, we get a slight piece of QuietStorMarc’s mental visions of being a king of this people, as he performs his own interpretation of Marvel’s great hero, The Black Panther. But these incredibly executed visuals won’t stray you from the dopeness that this really is. “Wakanda” is the complete package and QuietStorMarc deserves some form of award for this masterpiece. A wordsmith with the nobility and veracity of T’Challa and the vengeance of Killmonger, paired with a bounce heavy instrumental that shares enough tribal and street influences to create the perfect audio experience of today’s black male.

While creating this moment, QuietStorMarc added this thought:

“I had a lot of ups and downs trying to shoot this video, timing, dealing with egos, variables i couldn’t control. But I just stayed positive and went with the flow. I handled every thing I could control and the things I couldn’t control, I just had to eat it. I say that to say if you just keep pushing and don’t let potholes stop you, you can come out with something amazing. Everybody involved in the video were close friends and family. I’m independent with really no direction but I have a lot of people who believe which helps me get reassurance that this is what I should be doing.”

If this is just a preview to what his upcoming album, Enter The Dragon, is like. Then CitrusRap may have discovered one of Florida’s next secret weapons.

#TBT: Wifisfuneral, SKYXXX, Max P, & 458Keez – SURRRF (Video)

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PRODUCER: Jay Splash
PROJECT: Wifisfuneral 2 | Download

You are officially watching the future of Florida’s music scene in one video. From Wifisfuneral 2015 hit, he linked up Max P and Swamp Posse‘s SKYXXX & Keez for the NASSACRE-directed “SURRRF”. It’s always awesome to see Florida artists get together and work to shoot a dope ass video like this. Best believe these four have more up their sleeves for the remainder of the year. 2015 was a bright look at the future of Florida. 2018 and beyond will be even greater.

Cali Kev & Joey Wild – Sun In June

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PRODUCER: MexcioMerio

Aspiring artists Cali Kev and Joey Wild deliver a summer time jam, “Sun In June” produced by Mexico Merio. The duo also bless us with a music video as well and it’s very entertaining to the eye. Check this intricate song and visual, also Cali Kev and Mr. Wild latest music.