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Quietstormarc – Lyrics Of Fury (EP)

PRODUCERS: LangstaLang, JahRahMf, Fattldino, Hiitec Beatz & Audio Jones
COVER ART: @gods99
STREAM: via Apple Music/Spotify

Just as Master Ip’s famed apprentice, Miami’s own Quietstormarc catapults into the limelight with a flying kick to our ears, as he releases his highly awaited EP Lyrics Of Fury. A seven track melee of hard hitting bars and fire for the hungry soul“Survivor’s Rage” is the introduction to this soundtrack of ass kicking, as Quietstormarc uses the memory of him being shot last January as the fuel for the aggression and lyrical precision on the track. This project also features his standout track (and one of our favorites at CitrusRap), “Triumph“. I’m not sure if we’ve ever been so satisfied with getting mentally beat tf up, like this project has done to the mental image of our favorite rappers at the moment. It is needless to say that the fully independent Quietstormarc is equipped and ready to take on the industry singlehanded, as he uses his mind and technology to bring his vision to a broader world with his self-made website and various promotional tools. He truly is a chosen one that is set out to rule, in his own way. Take a listen for yourself and thank us later.

Blxxdshot & MIULA – Ride With Me (Prod. Xtravulous)

PRODUCER: Xtravulous
ARTWORK: @xoverxpr

Bi-lingual rappers, Blxxdshot and MIULA carry their talents through both down south and the islands, as they head strong to claim a spot in the rap game. Blxxdshot and MIULA have an obvious mission to get on the world’s mind with “Ride With Me”, as this melodic tune brings on waves of great vibes and jiggi-ness. Produced by Xtravulous. A straight bop, ready to set a function off. Just in time, as their next project Sangre En El Moni is on the way soon.

Sensei $moke – Don’t Get Finessed (Dir. $auce McGraw) [Video]

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DIRECTOR: $auce McGraw
PRODUCER: Bulletproof$ole & 808 Mate

Barely a month after teasing his highly anticipated, $auce McGraw directed video, “Don’t Get Finessed”, Broward’s Sensei $moke decided to call upon CitrusRap to do what we do best and give you the exclusive drop. The 954 rapper gives up the official release for his video. A powerfully melodic filled extravaganza produced by, Bulletproof$ole and 808 Mate. This track substitutes as the perfect guide to stunting, continuing to keep your summer lit as ever. In preps for his next release, keep a close eye on Sensei $moke, as he steadily rises to greatness and put on for South Florida.

Kenlow Kabana – To The Moon

The man. The myth. Miami’s Kenlow Kabana has delivered once again. Can’t say that I’m surprised, but damnit, I am impressed nonetheless. Today he drops off a head bobbing, space filled, bar tainted journey entitled, “To The Moon”. Kenlow Kabana delivers a heat wave over this atmospheric inspired beat, to add to the pressure. Listen and take notes as they show you how to get spacey. Make sure to peep the new track and don’t be afraid if accidentally enter a flexing wormhole in your brain.

Rolling Loud V: Welcome 2 FLA (Playlist)

In dedication to all of the Florida natives performing at the fifth anniversary of Miami’s Rolling Loud festival, we created a playlist featuring a favorite song from each of them. While you’re getting ready to rage this weekend, put this playlist on and vibe tf out.

Etrnvlwave – Flexin (Dir. ToneValley) [Video]

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Broward’s latest hit maker, ETRNVLWAVE makes his CitrusRap debut with a banger to kick the summer season off right with “Flexin”. After feeling the need to create a new anthem to stunt to, ETRNVLWAVE did the obvious and linked with his cinema god, ToneValley, and gave a vivid flash of stunting with this video. So if you needed something to fuel your flexing and rebellion, then look no further, ETRNVLWAVE has what you and the rest of the world needs. As usual.

STZ – Enemy Lines (Prod. YVRE)

ARTWORK: @fvckema

Two months after shutting the streets down with his track entitled “S2S”, the man and the myth known as STZ lets loose a newbie called “Enemy Lines“, in which we all have the right to call a BANGER. Linking up with YVRE, who handles the production, giving the track it’s space-age vibe and head bobbing drums. But STZ deserves equal credit, with his energy and belligerent rhymes. A great display of fluid like flows and lyricism, adding to the track’s combustion. A 3 minute display of words turned into auto rifles. Just don’t end up in the crossfire. Stay alert because these guys are looking to make serious noise, much farther than Puerto Rico and Florida.