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2 Weeks Notice – Burton Earny (Official Video)

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PRODUCER: Mike Astrea
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

South-Florida emcees Drone Phonetik and 6 Cardinal, collectively known as 2 Weeks Notice, make their CitrusRap debut with a new single and accompanied video, “Burton Earny” .

The duo trade grimy verses over a beat dredged from the bottom of the swamp by Mike Astrea. The visual scenes are a far cry from the beaches and neon that come to mind when one thinks of Florida.

With surely more hits to be cranked out as the first quarter of the year comes is coming to an end, 2 Weeks Notice may have definitely sewed up their spot for 2022 with this one, as the hard working South Florida artists come through with a heavily flowing and brash pair of verses. This grade A product is sure to be what the audio fiends and go getters want to hear first thing in the morning. Press play and stay on alert for from the duo.

Deleteeglitch – Whispers From The Wayside (Album|Review)

PRODUCER: Lonesworld
PURCHASE: via Bandcamp
FEATURING: S!lence, Roman, Lungs, Skully Ciprani, Nine Livs, Big Flowers & Breezy Montclair


Tampa based artist, Deleteeglitch, a lyrically mythical being that’s on a mission to captivate rap fans, makes his debut to CitrusRap just before Spring truly begins. Dropping off Whispers From The Wayside, a full body of work that acts as a teaser to what feels like something much bigger in the near future. Deleteeglitch relentlessly tears apart the music game with merely nine, yet expressive and weighty tracks.

A vague presence all throughout the project, yet this album doesn’t lack in bar and production quality. Deleteeglitch is the perfectionist of surreal rap and soul grabbing lyricism. Vivid tales of pain turned into triumph anthems. Like a bizarre hybrid of wordsmith rapping, and a psychological thriller flick. This could REALLY be the score to something of an indie film!

For this very situation, Deleteeglitch called upon the perfect composers for Whispers From The Wayside. Producer, Lonesworld, giving that dark, but jazzy ambiance to the project, each in their own style and respect to the star artist. The duo is reminiscent to the timeless work of greats like MF DOOM and Madlib. This album is FULL of gems that NEED to be heard!

The introduction is an intense, nonstop onslaught of bars disguised as a weed induced poem, titled “Burnie Madoff Wax”. The latter called “THEHEADBONECONNECTEDTOTHENECK”, a distressing instrumental that forces Deleteeglitch and the featured artist, S!lence, to lyrically jab their way out of Lonesworld’s rhythmic crosshairs. Soon followed by “That Feely Feeling That Feels Feely” featuring Roman. A brash hitting psalm, that oozes self reliance in the lyrics. But if we were forced to choose a staff pick, it would have to be “GOINOVERTHESKYWAYBLINDFOLDEDAT140FUCKITWHYNOT”. A free flowing, double and triple entendre filled, hard hitting anthem for the perfect flex. It sounds like something that Ghostface and Raekwon would play before they hit the block in Staten Island. The definitive soundtrack for real emcees.

With only 9 tracks, each track is as hard as the last, it’s nearly impossible pick and pull out this pot. It’ll be best for you to do as we say and play Whispers From The Wayside in it’s entirety. Back to back to back to back.

Today is no day different from any other day when we tell you to keep your eyes and ears locked onto someone that we feature. Whispers From The Wayside is a poignant masterpiece by Deleteeglitch. Don’t just use the links above to purchase and stream this project. Be sure to use those share buttons as well and gift as many people as possible with this great and emotion packed music.

Deaudrick Williams – Crying In The Dark (Album|Review)

STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Deaudrick Williams

Nearly a year and a half since the release of his critically acclaimed, perfect scored album, Blessed Be The Fruit, Deaudrick Williams aka Way Up aka Tampa’s phoenix has returned from the ashes of the rap game to provide a strong resurgence of authenticity fused with pain and determination on his brand new album, Crying In The Dark. Just in time to see him perform at this year’s Express Fest on May 7th in Tampa.

An interpersonal body of work. With the help of artist like Guy Average, Sounds Annon and BudNotBuddy lending their vocals, Deaudrick displays a touching journey full of highlights and the lowlights that follow. Nine tracks compiling moments of bliss and immortal confidence. The young Hillsborough county emcee gives us a raw confession of life, disguised as an album. 

Although it’s nearly impossible, because theres a track for every moment in life, we have to choose some standout tracks. From celebratory tracks like “Frank” and “Make It”, to reminiscent tracks like “Deleted Tweets/Big Dog”. From king’s speeches like “WUAC” and hood baby lullabies like “Blind Love”. Even got some two-stepping sliders with “Best Of Me”, “Feel A Way” and “Caribbean”. Yes, you read that right. That’s every track on the list. Deaudrick created an ENTIRE album that is a gift to the world and Florida’s music scene. 

This project is an absolute smash! Delivering a different sound on each track. Catering to as many emotions as possible. We can definitely see this album lasting the test of time. As always when CitrusRap says this, we genuinely mean it when we say, keep an eye and ears out for what Deaudrick Williams has upcoming. Crying In The Dark is an experience. One that needs to be witnessed in order to be understood.

Twelve’Len – What About Me (Official Music Video)

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DIRECTOR: Twelve’Len & B Wade
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

One of Liberty City’s greatest gifts to the world, Twelve’Len hand delivers a video that we at CitrusRap have longed for. One of the standout tracks, “What About Me” from his 2021 highly acclaimed album, Sugar Hill Express. Self directed, alongside B Wave, Twelve’Len gives us a crash landing of love and peace with this visual. Bringing the outer world to our very eyes and land. Go on a rural journey and make sure to keep this video on repeat. Actually, we shouldn’t have to tell you, it’ll be involuntary.

#TBT: Twelve’Len – Star Dust [Video]

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Nick Leon & Zach Fogarty

Flashback to the fall of 2016. Before the release of his critically acclaimed albums, Sugar Hill Express and Friends. Before the high profile publication features. Back to the video that helped kick it all off, when Miami’s star-child, Twelve’Lenreleased “Star Dust” into the air. A dance track of the ages and a notable cornerstone of Florida’s music scene. As per usual, the hood pastor serenades listeners with a radiant melody leaving you to press play on the track over and over again.

Blxxdshot – cream fraiche (Chkn+Beer Live Set)

STREAM: via Soundcloud
WATCH: via Twitch

Central Florida rapper and DJ, Blxxdshot aka Bruce Mayne, captures the spirit of krunk, phunk, house, and everything in-between the underground music scene and bottles it in his first live streamed DJ set, on CHKN+BEER’s twitch channel.

Since his discovery in Puerto Rico, who have noticed that Blxxdshot is one of Orlando’s and the music culture’s proudest supporters. Using his platform and controller to bring back unmistakable productions and sounds, that have been the backbone of a lot of new age DJ’s success, and this live mix lays that out pretty plainly as he paints a vivid picture of the scene, dropping plenty of classic heaters and a slew of gems. Including a handful of fire bilingual tracks.

It’s a diverse picture of how the underground influence has changed the sound of rap since the glory days of phunk and crunk in the last 90s and early ’00s, and shows the the new wave of stars of rap and house music.

You can also watch Blxxdshot’s live mix on CHKN+BEER.

Q. Tate – Chauncey Billups (Prod. Cheddar Chaz) [Single]

PRODUCER: Cheddar Chaz
COVER ART: LongLiveTheChef
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Bouncing back from the west side to the state, one of CitrusRap’s favorite talents has made his return to the rap scene. Q. Tate recently planted his flag into the heart of Central Florida and in celebration, he has blessed us with an announcement of a new EP on the way, by way of this new track. “Chauncey Billups”, produced by fellow 941 representer, Cheddar Chaz. This track is a slow rhythmic reminder of where both emcees have been, where their ambitions lay and where their goals are pushing them towards. This stead paced, head bobbing tune is one of many drops from Q. Tate, that has instantly rang bells.