IvySound – Insecure (Feat. Chedeline) [Single Debut]



ARTWORK: DaShawn Watson

Social media is as prevalent as ever. Over time social media has become our main source of communication, news and entertainment. Although social media can be fascinating it also has it’s own side-effects. The growing platform has become place of insecurities. We constantly compare ourselves to others. With this in mind, we question our own value. Broward’s very own Ivysound, speaks upon that with his new record “Insecure”. The upcoming artist gives a poetic tale of a struggling relationship that is being troubled by insecurities. Ivysound cultivates a song that’s reflective and full of emotion. Throughout the song you can hear frustration of an artist who is passionate about the message he speaks. 

Within “Insecure”, the Broward artist becomes a true lyrical poet who is meticulous with his wordplay. His storytelling is vivid, where he paints a compelling picture with his words. To end it off, he brings in vocalist Chedeline who sings gracefully with power. Her voice captures the moment that’s so profound where you can feel the soul within her spirit.

“Insecure” is introspective record that’s captivating. A song that’s worthy of conversation. With it’s jazzy tones and lo-fi aesthetics, it’s a song that is much needed during this time.