Ivysound – I Need You (Single)

DIRECTED: Thomas Prettyman

Earlier this year, South Florida’s Ivysound delivered us a poetic tale of a struggling relationship titled “Insecure” that was captivating to say the least. Now he’s returned with his new record “I Need You” that’s exuberant and heartfelt. It’s a song that breathes wonders of being in love and how beautiful it can be. The South Florida artist puts together a record that’s feels like a warm hug that you’d never want to let go of. A record that truly expresses deep emotions for his newly wedded wife. 

When it comes to his lyricism, he’s at his best here. From having witty bars and acrobatic flows, Ivysound doesn’t fall out of pocket. While he delivers stellar verses that are nonetheless potent, it will be a disservice to not mention his production. Coming in with a looped sample that’s impossible to resist its sensation, the production on “I Need You” embodies the beauty of simplicity. 

ivysound vía instagram shot by Thomas Prettyman

“I Need You” is a pure sense of romanticism that’s without joyous. After your first listen it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face and wanting more. Truly Remarkable.