IvySound – Memories (Official Video)

Ivysound raps with a purpose. With his latest stream of releases, the south Florida native comes with an underlying message that he hopes people would pick up. With “I Need You”, Ivysound expresses the beautiful wonders of being in love and showing that black love exist. On “Insecure”, he told a story about a relationship that’s poisoned by insecurities. The unashamed emcee continues the momentum with “Memories”.

“Memories” is a song about the dangers of living in your past mistakes and regrets. Consequently, living in those not so great memories can fabricate insecurities in oneself. However, Ivysound finds light within it all with his undying faith in Jesus Christ. With his unashamed faithfulness, he feels a sense of redemption. Through his undying love for Christ he gains a shining light that clears out his clouded thoughts. It goes without saying that there’s hope in recovery and a brighter future with Ivysound.

The young virtuoso raps over tender and charming piano keys with dusty yet savoring drums that will for sure keep your neck gyrating for its two and half minute duration. “Memories” is well suited for those moments of reflection and aspiration.