Lada Beseda – “Betrayal”

Born in the Ukraine and now based in Miami, Lada Beseda is a singer, songwriter, and producer whose lyrics are captivating to say the least. The songstress releases her new heartfelt single, “Betrayal”. Produced and written by the angelic vocalist herself, Lada Beseda bends genres that packs originality and substance. Combining the elements of Pop and R&B, Beseda creates a lane of her own, where she stands out. “I feel that there aren’t many female producers, so I want to showcase my production skills to inspire others.”

Inspired by a true story, “Betrayal” expresses the hardships of heartbreaks. A soulful yet somber record that’s feels warm to the heart. “One of my fans told me a story about how his girlfriend cheated on him. The story was very touching, so I ended up making a song based off of the situation.” Although this a heart-wrenching record, Beseda’s voice is comforting. Where you once feel pain she steps in to relieve you from your worries and stress.

Lada Beseda (@hereislada)
Lada Beseda
Lada Beseda (hereislada)
Lada Beseda

Since residing in Miami, the genre-blending artist is currently being managed under M.E.I records. Recently, she released two other singles, “Girl Till Morning Light” and “Stormy Ocean”, where she proves to be an artist who is out of the box and willing to push boundaries. As of now, Lada is working on her new project that set to released this year with many of the songs to be accompanied by visuals showcasing Lada’s directing chops.