Sylvan LaCue – Young Sylvan EP. 1 (Album|Review)

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Days after dropping a surprising teaser, pictures of diminished black air forces with underlying messages in-between it all, Sylvan LaCue (Or shall I say Young Sylvan) makes his return with a vengeance. After a long dreadful hiatus, The Miami wordsmith unleashes the first part of his Young Sylvan trilogy. 12 and a half minutes of adrenaline-pumping exhilaration that you just can’t get enough of. Once you press play, you’re taken on a high-octane ride that’s packed with thrilling and memorable moments.

The project begins with a pissed off Sylvan LaCue, who is just tired of the antics. He raps with aggression and confidence that you can hear throughout the project’s duration. If you ever counted Sylvan out, he lets you know that you made a great mistake. “Nice guys don’t finish last, we lay low and plan shit”, let’s us know that he is a calculated artist who is also diabolical. “Young Sylvan Back” feels much more as a warning than just another rap song. It’s ferocious and alarming to say the least. It’s actually a threat.

Sylvan LaCue

Songs like “First 48” and “Backseat 2012” are more so lyrical exercises. Flexing his uncanny wordplay and ruthless flows, Sylvan shows how peerless he is. What’s astounding is how it feels that he’s only giving us a taste of just what he can do. As he raps over simplistic yet addictive beats, the intensity rises from one song to the next. “Clam Chowda” for example is like a ticking time bomb.

To conclude this, Sylvan LaCue shows that he’s a lyrical gymnast who’s to be reckon with. With EP 1 starting off with a bang, no telling what his next two installments will offer. We’re excited to see what else the deadly poet has up his sleeve.