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Loudon7th (Pronounced Loud on 7th) returns to Tampa in the streets of YBOR with its bombastic festival and events. I was a bit skeptical about the event as I’ve never heard of it before, nor did it appeal to me with its marketing campaign. I go in thinking this was going to be another disorganized event where they’ll have some uninteresting acts. Glad I was wrong.

Their first event is held at The CrowBar. It’s a cozy spot where at times feels homey and reminds you of your favorite sitcom where the main character often goes to, like Threes a Company or How I Met Your Mother for example. I arrived a bit early, tussling with the security staff about media passes only to get a phone call from one of the event coordinators to save the day. It was a dreary afternoon as it just rained minutes before I set foot inside.

Moments later I was introduced to 4 interesting individuals with different talents.  I intruded in their conversation about eating oysters, I was immediately bombarded with the question if I’ve eaten the aphrodisiac delicacy. Unfortunately, I have not. Disappointed with my answer and  introverted approach, the conversation moved along to awkward introductions. Amongst these indiviauls was Fresh P, a local artist from Tampa who happens to be one of the hosts of the event, titled “Collision Course”.

The Collision Course

Moving along, the festival opens up with Fresh P. The crowd of people began to flock to the stage, as he magnetized their attention. I begin to hear the velvety voice of Mariah Carey in the background, and he begins to rap over Drake’s “Emotionless”. But Fresh P makes it his own, turning it into a song about police brutality. The Tampa native exudes confidence and shows that he’s been putting in his thousand hours. Transitioning to gripping freestyles and performative acts that resemble a Tyler Perry ensemble, he shows promise. From delivering comedic and captivating bars, Fresh P makes a statement that he’s an MC to reckon with.

Another highlight was Pretti Emage, another Tampa artist who demands attention. She raps with exuberance and grit. The Tampa native’s stage presence is self-assured and attractive. She’s a standout amongst her peers. On stage, Pretti raps as if she has a point to prove, nonetheless showing determination. 

Throughout the rest of the show, you have a number of artists from Atlanta, Georgia. BabyAsberry has so much energy, he’s a fun artist to watch to say the least. K-Rose Royalty, another talent presents a heartfelt song dedicated to her mother. Even MarleBlu is someone to watch out for. Other artists who showed potential but they need just a bit more work.

Aych of Loudon7th
Aych of Loudon7th

Aych the mastermind behind Loudon7th, put together a show that’s about building a community. Not only that but provide a platform for underground artists across the nation. My only hope is that he and his team would collaborate with other collectives like TampaBeat to unify a powerhouse.