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Kidd Adamz – Chips N Dip (Single)

Kidd Adamz releases his latest music single “Chips N Dip” produced by Christ. Do not let the song title fool you into thinking the message of Kidd Adamz latest single is trivial. The substance and value of “Chips N Dip” far exceed what can be found in the isles of Publix. The song is not only about obtaining revenue to support himself but also on preserving himself while obtaining that revenue. Dipping or falling back sometimes brings up a negative sentiment and is frowned upon. Yet, in certain situations falling back is the smartest move one can make. The music scene, while a good source to generate revenue, has many perilous entities that can threaten an artist.  Although it is very tempting for an artist to prolonge their stay in the music scene to generate more revenue, the risk sometimes outweighs the reward and the smartest move to make is to get out while you are up. Kidd Adamz understands that and he is ready by always being vigilant. As Kidd Adamz puts it in his single, “Ni**a creep and the heat gone blow” and there “Aint no going back now.” Nearing over 7,000 listens on SoundCloud, “Chips and Dip” receiving a lot of admiration from fans. The 70 plus messages in the comment section of love and support further validate this. A visual for “Chips And Dip” is in the works and is due to release any day now. 

Adrian Stresow Brings The Heat in “Know It Now”


Adrian Stresow continues a strong 2018 campaign with his latest single “Know It Now.” The upbeat tempo of “Know It Now” paired with Adrian Stresow’s flow takes the listener on a fast ride that doesn’t disappoint. When asked for a comment, Adrian Stresow replied “I wanted to have fun and focus a lot of energy on the record. Really creating a good bounce and flow while still maintaining my sound.” With Adrian Stresow breaking 5 million total Spotify streams in August, this latest track will only add to his momentum as he sets himself up for a breakthrough year in 2019. Take the time to listen to Adrian Stresow’s new single by streaming it above and if you like what you hear be sure to follow him on Soundcloud! You can follow Adrian Stresow on Twitter @AdrianStresow.


The Return of the Citrus Rap Stage?


The Citrus Rap Stage may be coming back! Yesterday, the official Rolling Loud account on twitter tweeted a Throwback Thursday of Xxxtentacion and Ski Mask The Slump God performing on Rolling Loud’s Citrus Rap Stage. After Rolling Loud’s tweet was quoted by @96_hoe who said “wish rolling loud would make another stage like this for upcoming artist coming out of Florida,” the official Rolling Loud account responded with “is it time?@citrusrap.” Rolling Loud’s response hints the world’s number one hip-hop festival is considering bringing back one of its signature stages. For those unfamiliar with the Citrus Rap Stage, the Citrus Rap Stage was created when the hip-hop festival first launched in 2015. The stage was designed exclusively to give Florida rappers a platform and an audience to demonstrate their musical talent. The Citrus Rap Stage continued to exist heading into Rolling Loud 2016 but ceased to exist after. To many day one Rolling Loud attendees, the disappearance of the Citrus Rap Stage was a tragedy because it provided a glimpse at the future hip-hop stars hailing from Florida. Artists like Xxxtentacion, Smokepurp, Ski Mask The Slump God and Wifi’s Funeral all performed on the Citrus Rap Stage in 2016. Since then, each of these artists has gone on to generate a following beyond Florida and become national hip-hop stars. Although the Citrus Rap Stage cannot be given credit for the success of these artists, it can be recognized as one of the early steps on that path to success for these artists. With next years Rolling Loud in Miami being the festivals 5th-Year Anniversary, there is hope Rolling Loud will revive one of its signature stages so attendees can once again get a glimpse at the future stars of hip-hop. You want to see the Citrus Rap Stage return? Tweet @RollingLoud and let them know you want the Citrus Rape Stage to return! You can watch Xxxtentacion’s performance on the Citrus Rap Stage in the video above and view Rolling Loud’s tweets below. 





Kidd 4 The Culture (Album) – Kidd Adamz

Kidd Adamz releases his newest 10 track project titled KIDD FOR THE CULTURE. With his recent feature in “5 Under The Rader Artists from South Florida You Should Know About” published by The Fader,  the Miami Gardens native on the rise in the South Florida music scene. His recognition is well deserved as Kidd Adamz has been consistent in releasing new music and content. KIDD FOR THE CULTURE is different from previous projects as it delivers more of a diversity of sounds when compared to its predecessors. Citrus Rap was able to get in contact with Kidd Adamz for a quick Q & A session to talk about “KIDD FOR THE CULTURE”.

Q: How did you approach this album differently from your previous albums?

A: The approach for this project was more freelance than systematic. I didn’t want it to sound like a themed album or mixtape but more like a collection of dope music. And the real difference in this project is the different sounds from various producers I connected with. It brought a lot of different styles and sounds together for me easily.

Q:  What are your favorite tracks on the project and why?

A:  My favorite songs would have to be  “Gushy” (feat. Tunde), Popcorn, and Follow The Road. Gushy being that if I did made a theme for this project this song would definitely define the theme of it. Popcorn because that track has a lotta flavor and spunk and it basically is my mood for the rest of 2018. Follow The Road is definitely a personal favorite and stand alone track which is why I decided to make it the intro.

Q: You were recently featured on The Fader as an artist to look out for in South Florida. What does this mean to you to be recognized by a major publication?

A: It was shocking to be honest. But it also reassured me of what I’ve already known already. I’m gonna be one of the hottest Rap artists coming out of South Florida.

Q: What has been the reaction to this project from family, friends, and fans?

A: I can say that from the listeners who already accustomed to me they have their personal favorites but my family supports my music regardless of what I put out but I’m sure this project caught em off gaurd.

Q: Are you happy with the final results of this project? Is there anything you would change?

A: Yeah I’m happy with the results. I could’ve added a few more sounds but that’d be overdoing it to me.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to add or say?

A: I wanna say to all my fans that if you supporting now keep supporting its bout to get better.


You can follow Kidd Adamz on Twitter @KiddAdamz and on Soundcloud @KiddAdamz.


Kidd Adamz – Gyalchester (Freestyle)

Since the release of Juice: The Album, Kidd Adamz has remained dedicated to releasing new music for his followers. Over the last few months the artist has released freestyles over popular beats used for signature songs by Future, Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Where some artists defer to rap over beats such as these, Kidd Adamz does so fearlessly. These freestyles allow the Scott Lake artist to display his skills as a wordsmith and also possibly hint to followers at what is to come in the future. With Kidd Adamz announcing on Twitter the release of a new track coming soon, fans should be eager to witness if the same level of creativity is on the new track. You can listen to Kidd Adamz’s latest freestyle above and follow Kidd Adamz on Twitter at @kiddadamz and at SoundCloud at KIDD ADAMZ.  

Young Q – Get It

Young Q releases his follow up to “Late Night Fantasy” with single “Get It.” In this up tempo track the Miami artists communicates his sense of urgency to obtain success and the spoils that come with it. Yet the journey to success is not without obstacles as Young Q elaborates on dealing with law enforcement and the racism which has become prevalent as a result of last years presidential election. In a verse that highlights the grim reality for African Americans in this country, Young Q says “racism still relevant, another brother dead yet again.” Fans listening to “Get It” should find solidarity Young Q’s verses as its sheds light on some of their own experiences. You can follow Young Q on Twitter @HustleMan_Q and on SoundCloud at Hustleman Q.

DJ Luna – #MikaTaughtMe / Eryn Allen Kayne

In her latest installment of Mika Taught Me, DJ Luna adds to her artfully crafted playlist series by demonstrating her talents on the 1’s and 2’s with a soulful mix. This week the Miami DJ focuses on L.A. and Chicago based singer-songwriter Eryn Allen Kane whose talents have led her to collaborate with Prince, Chance The Rapper, Noname, Saba and more. Using music from Eryn Allen Kane’s Avery Act I and Avery Act II , DJ Luna composes a mix whose harmony and cohesion ensures the soul of those listening ascend into the heavens like the freed caged bird. The hashtag Mika Taught Me, which serves as an artist spotlight, allows people to discover DJ Luna and her followers favorite songs, artists and projects. When asked how she continuously discovers new music, DJ Luna claims she keeps an “ear to the ground” in addition to suggestions she receives from her followers. The DJ expressed “I tweet about music often, so my taste is widely known by my followers. When one of them assures me that I’ll love an artist, I listen.” The personal relationship DJ Luna has with her followers allows her to continuously present music they enjoy and build her following. After this weeks Mika Taught Me, followers of DJ Luna should be eager for what new music she has to announce next . You can follow DJ Luna on Twitter @DJLunaEBM and on SoundCloud at DJLunaEBM.