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Kidd Adamz – Gyalchester (Freestyle)

Since the release of Juice: The Album, Kidd Adamz has remained dedicated to releasing new music for his followers. Over the last few months the artist has released freestyles over popular beats used for signature songs by Future, Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Where some artists defer to rap over beats such as these, Kidd Adamz does so fearlessly. These freestyles allow the Scott Lake artist to display his skills as a wordsmith and also possibly hint to followers at what is to come in the future. With Kidd Adamz announcing on Twitter the release of a new track coming soon, fans should be eager to witness if the same level of creativity is on the new track. You can listen to Kidd Adamz’s latest freestyle above and follow Kidd Adamz on Twitter at @kiddadamz and at SoundCloud at KIDD ADAMZ.  

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Young Q – Get It

Young Q releases his follow up to “Late Night Fantasy” with single “Get It.” In this up tempo track the Miami artists communicates his sense of urgency to obtain success and the spoils that come with it. Yet the journey to success is not without obstacles as Young Q elaborates on dealing with law enforcement and the racism which has become prevalent as a result of last years presidential election. In a verse that highlights the grim reality for African Americans in this country, Young Q says “racism still relevant, another brother dead yet again.” Fans listening to “Get It” should find solidarity Young Q’s verses as its sheds light on some of their own experiences. You can follow Young Q on Twitter @HustleMan_Q and on SoundCloud at Hustleman Q.

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DJ Luna – #MikaTaughtMe / Eryn Allen Kayne

In her latest installment of Mika Taught Me, DJ Luna adds to her artfully crafted playlist series by demonstrating her talents on the 1’s and 2’s with a soulful mix. This week the Miami DJ focuses on L.A. and Chicago based singer-songwriter Eryn Allen Kane whose talents have led her to collaborate with Prince, Chance The Rapper, Noname, Saba and more. Using music from Eryn Allen Kane’s Avery Act I and Avery Act II , DJ Luna composes a mix whose harmony and cohesion ensures the soul of those listening ascend into the heavens like the freed caged bird. The hashtag Mika Taught Me, which serves as an artist spotlight, allows people to discover DJ Luna and her followers favorite songs, artists and projects. When asked how she continuously discovers new music, DJ Luna claims she keeps an “ear to the ground” in addition to suggestions she receives from her followers. The DJ expressed “I tweet about music often, so my taste is widely known by my followers. When one of them assures me that I’ll love an artist, I listen.” The personal relationship DJ Luna has with her followers allows her to continuously present music they enjoy and build her following. After this weeks Mika Taught Me, followers of DJ Luna should be eager for what new music she has to announce next . You can follow DJ Luna on Twitter @DJLunaEBM and on SoundCloud at DJLunaEBM.

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DJ Push Play – 305 To The Max: The Jook Tape

DJ Push Play delivers in capturing the signature sound synonymous with South Florida’s dance culture in his new mix 305 To The Max: The Jook Tape. With the recent release of DJ Khalid and Drake’s new single “To The Max,” South Florida dance culture has been thrusted into the spotlight. Playing off the “To the Max” title, the Miami DJ creates an energizing mix featuring older and newer tracks that have played a role in not only shaping his life but shaping South Florida dance culture. In an one on one conversation, DJ Push Play expresses “Most of my memorable times growing up and building my name as a DJ was surrounded by this music. The fast paced beats that you couldn’t help to dance to… This showed you South Florida in its purest.” It is these purest forms exhibited at local block parties, pep rallys and college functions that capture “South Florida at its finest.” Listeners raised in South Florida will appreciate the nostalgia generated listening to this mix. With over 1,500 plays in its first day, DJ Push Play’s 305 To The Max: The Jook Tape is off to becoming a gem of this summer. Listed below are just a select few of DJ Push Play’s favorite tracks from the mix:

  • I’m So High – Grind Mode
  • Wign – C.O.A.
  • Hit My Walk – Yung Gordon
  • Stick Drill – Reggie Cashflow ft. Cj & Piccalo
  • Lip Biting Animal – Bizzle

You can follow DJ Pushplay on Twitter @djpushplay21 and on SoundCloud @The DJ Named Push Play.

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Product Of The City – Level Up

Coming off the momentum of his debut project, Product Of The City drops his newest single “Level Up.” Not even halfway through 2017 and Product Of The City has started to make a name for himself in the South Florida music scene. With his debut project Carpe Diem making noise, the South Florida artist hasn’t stopped grinding as he’s followed up with singles “Say Less”, “Elevators” and the most recent “Level Up.” In “Level Up,” Product Of The City raps about rising up and taking command of the scene due to the hesitation of those around him. It goes to show the ambition and determination Product Of The City has in trying to separate himself from other artists. With the midway mark of the year coming up, supporters of Product Of The City can be confident that he will continue to deliver. You can follow Product Of The City on twitter @jxrdxb23 and on SoundCloud @ProductOfTheCity(P.O.T.C).

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JayKidd – No Chasin

Artist Jay Kidd releases his latest single “No Chasin” featuring JAELOU and produced by Cxdy. In this track, the North Miami artist opens up about his pursuit of a woman. From questioning whether chasing her is worth it to the realization that everyone can’t be saved, Jay Kidd touches on themes we all experience in the pursuit of love. He is currently working on his follow up project to The Standout titled At The Moment which is due for release later this year. You can follow him on Twitter @JayKidd_03 and on Soundcloud @TheRealJayKidd.


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Young Q – Late Night Fantasy

Young Q releases his latest track titled “Late Night Fantasy.” In this track, the Miami artist opens up about the beginning and ending of an intimate relationship he had with a woman. Once his inspiration and liberation, Young Q put nothing above her as she was his salvation. Yet as time passed, he would question her realness which would lead to the two becoming distant. Late Night Fantasy serves as an example of how love at times can be short lived. Young Q is currently working on the visual for Late Night Fantasy which he previewed on his twitter page along with a new project called Peep My Hustle scheduled to drop in June. You can follow Young Q on twitter @TheReal_YoungQ and on SoundCloud @YoungQ.

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