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Kidd Adamz & Babatunde – Kidd Tunde (EP)

Kidd Tunde, the much-anticipated project from Kidd Adamz and Babatunde, has finally dropped on Soundcloud. The ten-track project serves to build the reputation of both artists by adding a well-balanced project to their resume. Fans will be satisfied to find this collaboration not only delivers energy but also offers relatable themes they can associate with. On “My PPLS,” the communicated theme is the ambition of two artists who are striving to uplift their city, community and families through showcasing their talents on the mic. One of these talents showcased is their ability to produce their signature high tempo sound present in early releases “Take A Ride” and “Timberlands” along with new releases “Show Time,” “Go Up” and “Out of Time.” The hope is that this talent will be recognized and produce success both artists can share with those who have supported them since day one. The final tracks deviate from the norm as the dynamic duo splits up to deliver two compelling features of their own. Whether talking about personal paranoia or haters of the past, the solo features give personal insight as to who the artists are as individuals after presenting themselves collectively. The themes of brotherhood, struggle and triumph their rhymes cover is at times gritty but most importantly real. It is this authenticity that audiences gravitate to and support because of its relatability. As long as Kidd Adamz and Babatunde continue to present this authentic voice, their rise in the Miami music scene will continue. It would not surprise me if preparations for Kidd Tunde 2 are being made after the massive wave of love and support for this projects. If in fact Kid Tunde 2 is in the works, will be ready.

KiddTunde – Timberlands (Video)

Directed/Shot By: @Wavylord & @Raimage

Kidd Adamz and Babatunde come together to collaborate once again with their latest visual ‘Timberlands.’ The follow up to’ Take A Ride,’ this track asserts itself with authority and style just as the iconic boot itself. In this visual the brotherhood amongst Kidd Adamz and Babatunde’s squad is communicated alongside their readiness to take down any obstacle before them. This theme of comradery is embodied throughout all the verses with the staple mark being in the final line of the chorus which declares “Walking through the streets and we D’d up.” The message is a warning for anyone who dares to stand in opposition. ‘Timberlands’ drops in the wake of a ten track collaboration project featuring both artists set for release August 1st. Titled KiddTunde, the project is a combination of the two artists names which further cements the brotherhood between them. With the XXL freshman class featuring two South Florida artists, the spotlight has made competition fierce as artists fight to be next. The collaboration displayed in ‘Timberlands’ will go on to serve the rise of both artists as they separate themselves in a highly competitive field.