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Babatunde – Grand Puba ( Video)

SHOT BY: El Event Films
PRODUCER: BathingMontel

Babatunde revisits one of his most popular tracks from last year by giving fans a visual for “Grand Puba.” Shot by El Event Films, this visual gives fans a closer look into the lifestyle of the South Florida artist. From linking up with friends in the beginning to taking joyrides in the Jeep Wrangler towards the end, all appears carefree. Yet underneath the carefree images of this visual is an artist hungry to take his talents to the next level. With high aspirations that include wining a Grammy, Babatunde continues to make his case with this recent visual along with past features on Kayo Man’s The Holiday Way and a collaboration album with Kidd Adamz titled Kidd Tunde. The ending of “Grand Puba” offers supporters a glimpse of what the South Florida artist has in store for them as it offers a soundbite of his upcoming track “Keep Going.” So far Babatunde is off to a good start in 2017 and fans should be optimistic as to what he has planned moving foreward into the year.

Product of the City (P.O.T.C.) makes his debut into the Miami music scene with the release of EP Carpe Diem. The 8 – track EP offers listeners a diversity of moods and atmospheres as a result of the complex narratives generated by the South Florida artist’s creative lyricism. These moods range from the aggression of vanquishing ones foes in “Knock em Down” to the intimacy of romantic relationships in “Toxic.” One track that stands out in particular is the “Dead & Gone Skit” as it highlights the artist’s background in poetry by transporting the listener to the hazy dim lit room of an open mic night. It is here that Product of the City opens up about his past and the people in it that leaves listeners snapping their fingers. Overall, Carpe Diem provides Product of The City a solid foundation to build upon as he progresses in the Miami  music scene. Supporters can be optimistic of what Product of the City has in store for them as we move foreword into 2017. You can follow Product of the City on twitter at @jxrdxb23.

Kidd Adamz – Red Zone (Video)

Following the release of “My PPLS”, Kidd Adamz declares he is ready to make the jump into the mainstream with his newest visual “Redzone” presented by UG55. After dropping multiple visuals and partnering with artist Babatunde in collab project Kidd Tunde, Kidd Adamz is “trying to get [his] pro on.” Getting to this position has not come without adversity as the South Florida artist details being trampled and undermined in his first verse. Yet this adversity has not deterred him from reaching the hip-hop big leagues as he routinely releases quality content which silences his critics. This refusal to fold under pressure is symbolically captured when the camera pans on a confident Kidd Adamz in the center of a boxing ring. It serves as a reminder to the viewer of the multiple internal and external bouts he has triumphed over in establishing himself in the competitive Miami music scene. With the finishing touches being put on his upcoming album, the momentum from his new project may be the final push Kidd Adamz needs to finally reach pay dirt and cash in big.

Prez P & Big NICS – Set (Video)

PRODUCED BY: The Pyrvmids

Fresh off the release of their new collaborative EP entitled Too Player Mode, Miami natives Prez P and Big NICS liberate a vivid, new visual for “Set.”

The project offers listeners a variety of atmospheric tones from the hard hitting energy of “Put It On God” to the laid back vibe of “Off Top.” The chemistry between Prez P and NICS is flawless as both artists deliver a seamless flow over uniquely different production work from start to finish throughout this 9-track collaborative release. The distinct sound of one of these artists has even found itself on the big screen as song “Play that Funk” by Prez P is featured in the soundtrack of drama film Moonlight, a coming of age story of a young man during the war on drugs in Miami. With Too Player Mode receiving praise for its artistic style, another collaboration release between these two artists could be in the making.

Watch the two get sporty and take over the golf course and tennis court for their new Unkle Luc-directed visual. Their new EP is available for streaming below.

Prez P & Big NICS – Too Player Mode (EP)

Miami natives Prez P and Big NICS have come together to treat fans with a new 9-track collaborative release entitled Too Player Mode. Guest features and production work come from the likes of LunchMoney Lewis, Rell Burgundy, J.U.N.1.O.R., Pyrvmids, Rell Burgundy, Glocky Davis, and Showoff Beats. Stream above.

Check out their new podcast interview with TheNuMiami below.

KiddTunde – MY PPLS (Video)

DIRECTED BY: MarsMarsMars & Wavylord

Kidd Adamz and Babatunde have finally dropped the visual for their opening track “My Ppls” off their collaboration album KiddTunde. Shot by Marsmarsmars and directed by Wavylord, this visual provides a glimpse into the world both artists originate from and the people who inhabit it. As Babatunde reveals in his opening verse, his “people live poor and need more.” The resulting weight of this reality is the motivation for both of these artists to take collaborative action in uplifting their people. As Kidd Adamz reveals in his closing verse, the main objective is to “see my family on and . . . to see Miami on.” In a symbol of comradery, both artists are rarely pictured alone as they are often engulfed by their hyped supporters. This atmosphere is captured perfectly in the phrase across Kidd Adamz chest “SUPPORT ME,” which the people have as My Ppls racks up nearly 10k plays on Soundcloud. As shown in the opening scene, the journey of both these artists is at times one they must travel alone. Yet they never truly travel alone when they have the support of the people from bonds forged on the block. It is this continuous support which will further propel Kidd Adamz and Babatunde in the Miami Hop Hop scene.

KiddTunde – Showtime (Video)


Coming off the release of their collaboration project Kidd Tunde, Kidd Adamz and Babatunde debut their visual for “Showtime.” Directed by Wavylord, the visual is psychedelic with its fluorescent colors infused with the settings of cult anime series Dragon Ball Z. It is these images partnered with both visibly hyped artists that captures the anticipation of being ready to explode onto the big scene. The shots themselves symbolically portray the ascension these artists have made through their career as they shift from ground level to rooftop. Yet rooftop isn’t the limit for these two artists. With the momentum of a successful collaboration project behind them, nothing is stopping Kidd Adamz and Babtunde from ascending even higher.