Kidd 4 The Culture (Album) – Kidd Adamz

Kidd Adamz releases his newest 10 track project titled KIDD FOR THE CULTURE. With his recent feature in “5 Under The Rader Artists from South Florida You Should Know About” published by The Fader,  the Miami Gardens native on the rise in the South Florida music scene. His recognition is well deserved as Kidd Adamz has been consistent in releasing new music and content. KIDD FOR THE CULTURE is different from previous projects as it delivers more of a diversity of sounds when compared to its predecessors. Citrus Rap was able to get in contact with Kidd Adamz for a quick Q & A session to talk about “KIDD FOR THE CULTURE”.

Q: How did you approach this album differently from your previous albums?

A: The approach for this project was more freelance than systematic. I didn’t want it to sound like a themed album or mixtape but more like a collection of dope music. And the real difference in this project is the different sounds from various producers I connected with. It brought a lot of different styles and sounds together for me easily.

Q:  What are your favorite tracks on the project and why?

A:  My favorite songs would have to be  “Gushy” (feat. Tunde), Popcorn, and Follow The Road. Gushy being that if I did made a theme for this project this song would definitely define the theme of it. Popcorn because that track has a lotta flavor and spunk and it basically is my mood for the rest of 2018. Follow The Road is definitely a personal favorite and stand alone track which is why I decided to make it the intro.

Q: You were recently featured on The Fader as an artist to look out for in South Florida. What does this mean to you to be recognized by a major publication?

A: It was shocking to be honest. But it also reassured me of what I’ve already known already. I’m gonna be one of the hottest Rap artists coming out of South Florida.

Q: What has been the reaction to this project from family, friends, and fans?

A: I can say that from the listeners who already accustomed to me they have their personal favorites but my family supports my music regardless of what I put out but I’m sure this project caught em off gaurd.

Q: Are you happy with the final results of this project? Is there anything you would change?

A: Yeah I’m happy with the results. I could’ve added a few more sounds but that’d be overdoing it to me.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to add or say?

A: I wanna say to all my fans that if you supporting now keep supporting its bout to get better.


You can follow Kidd Adamz on Twitter @KiddAdamz and on Soundcloud @KiddAdamz.