Kidd Adamz – Chips N Dip (Single)

Kidd Adamz releases his latest music single “Chips N Dip” produced by Christ. Do not let the song title fool you into thinking the message of Kidd Adamz latest single is trivial. The substance and value of “Chips N Dip” far exceed what can be found in the isles of Publix. The song is not only about obtaining revenue to support himself but also on preserving himself while obtaining that revenue. Dipping or falling back sometimes brings up a negative sentiment and is frowned upon. Yet, in certain situations falling back is the smartest move one can make. The music scene, while a good source to generate revenue, has many perilous entities that can threaten an artist.  Although it is very tempting for an artist to prolonge their stay in the music scene to generate more revenue, the risk sometimes outweighs the reward and the smartest move to make is to get out while you are up. Kidd Adamz understands that and he is ready by always being vigilant. As Kidd Adamz puts it in his single, “Ni**a creep and the heat gone blow” and there “Aint no going back now.” Nearing over 7,000 listens on SoundCloud, “Chips and Dip” receiving a lot of admiration from fans. The 70 plus messages in the comment section of love and support further validate this. A visual for “Chips And Dip” is in the works and is due to release any day now.