DJ Luna – #MikaTaughtMe / Eryn Allen Kayne

In her latest installment of Mika Taught Me, DJ Luna adds to her artfully crafted playlist series by demonstrating her talents on the 1’s and 2’s with a soulful mix. This week the Miami DJ focuses on L.A. and Chicago based singer-songwriter Eryn Allen Kane whose talents have led her to collaborate with Prince, Chance The Rapper, Noname, Saba and more. Using music from Eryn Allen Kane’s Avery Act I and Avery Act II , DJ Luna composes a mix whose harmony and cohesion ensures the soul of those listening ascend into the heavens like the freed caged bird. The hashtag Mika Taught Me, which serves as an artist spotlight, allows people to discover DJ Luna and her followers favorite songs, artists and projects. When asked how she continuously discovers new music, DJ Luna claims she keeps an “ear to the ground” in addition to suggestions she receives from her followers. The DJ expressed “I tweet about music often, so my taste is widely known by my followers. When one of them assures me that I’ll love an artist, I listen.” The personal relationship DJ Luna has with her followers allows her to continuously present music they enjoy and build her following. After this weeks Mika Taught Me, followers of DJ Luna should be eager for what new music she has to announce next . You can follow DJ Luna on Twitter @DJLunaEBM and on SoundCloud at DJLunaEBM.