INTERVIEW: The Future of South Florida w/ Eli Hawkins

January 21st, 2020 by

Eli Hawkins is a dynamic young professional with diverse education and experience in directing marketing communications and event production. A keen ability to assess both client needs and organizational objectives to define and execute the most effective operational strategies. Demonstrated persistence in exceeding goals, with proven success in utilizing clear and precise communications to enhance […]


January 15th, 2020 by

Who is Cave and where is Cave originally from? Cave was the result of going through several fairly cringy and failed attempts at rapping throughout high school under names like Tis Wizardry and Samurai Swine Flu. The current form is the result of college just being a little overwhelming and needing something to take my […]

INTERVIEW: Goosymane

January 13th, 2020 by

Before we get into the thick of things, who is Goosymane?  First and foremost GoosyMane is an immigrant. I’ve travelled from place to place my whole life. GoosyMane was an outsider, but now I’m a conqueror. GoosyMane is a man of his people, everything I do is for Latinos and kids that grew up like […]

Plyte: The LA based Artist Incentive Program

January 3rd, 2020 by

Being an artist with talent, ideas and vision could be overwhelming if you do not have the right structure – with Plyte the artist development “one stop – shop” you learn to build a structure, a foundation that will carry your career forward with proper traction.  Plyte offers a one month program designed to level […]

Citrus Rap Presents: Best of 2019 (Staff Picks)

December 31st, 2019 by

2019 was yet another monumental year for Florida and its respective rap sector. As new faces arrived and existing talent continued to excel, it came at no surprise to see a headline at the end of the year read: “Is Florida The New Atlanta?” Though it was flattering, the answer to that question is simply, no. Florida […]

Citrus Rap Presents: Song Of The Year (2019)

December 30th, 2019 by

  PRODUCER: DaShawn Watson (wyx w) Hailing from Broward, DaShawn Watson used 2019 to build a strong campaign as one of FL’s next rising stars. A self produced, somber psalm of a distancing love, “SAD” is easily one of the best songs of FL for the year of 2019. PRODUCER: CHASETHEMONEY Fresh off of the […]