Deaudrick Williams – Crying In The Dark (Album|Review)

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Deaudrick Williams

Nearly a year and a half since the release of his critically acclaimed, perfect scored album, Blessed Be The Fruit, Deaudrick Williams aka Way Up aka Tampa’s phoenix has returned from the ashes of the rap game to provide a strong resurgence of authenticity fused with pain and determination on his brand new album, Crying In The Dark. Just in time to see him perform at this year’s Express Fest on May 7th in Tampa.

An interpersonal body of work. With the help of artist like Guy Average, Sounds Annon and BudNotBuddy lending their vocals, Deaudrick displays a touching journey full of highlights and the lowlights that follow. Nine tracks compiling moments of bliss and immortal confidence. The young Hillsborough county emcee gives us a raw confession of life, disguised as an album. 

Although it’s nearly impossible, because theres a track for every moment in life, we have to choose some standout tracks. From celebratory tracks like “Frank” and “Make It”, to reminiscent tracks like “Deleted Tweets/Big Dog”. From king’s speeches like “WUAC” and hood baby lullabies like “Blind Love”. Even got some two-stepping sliders with “Best Of Me”, “Feel A Way” and “Caribbean”. Yes, you read that right. That’s every track on the list. Deaudrick created an ENTIRE album that is a gift to the world and Florida’s music scene. 

This project is an absolute smash! Delivering a different sound on each track. Catering to as many emotions as possible. We can definitely see this album lasting the test of time. As always when CitrusRap says this, we genuinely mean it when we say, keep an eye and ears out for what Deaudrick Williams has upcoming. Crying In The Dark is an experience. One that needs to be witnessed in order to be understood.