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GTuck – Leave

PRODUCERS: Heisenberg’s Montage
UPCOMING PROJECT: See You Soon – Nothing Lasts Forever

West Florida representer by way of Canada, GTuck giving us his quick personal rendition of “Leave” by Poland production ensemble, Heisenberg’s Montage. A part of the creative collective known as MoneyHigh, Tuck is kicking off their summer campaign with “Leave”. Off top the production itself places the track in a good light. Great patterns, perfecting timing, and a mesmerizing sample playing throughout. But GTuck gives it what it may have been missing, a tantalizing presence with slick vibrant lyrics. Take a listen for yourself.

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Drai The Native – LIV (ft. Lamb$)

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PRODUCER: SecreteReality & PolyTechnik
Drai The Native’s LATEST EP: UpSeason | Stream
LAMB$’ LATEST EPFukk Karma | Stream

Coming out of Michigan, Drai The Native teams up with new heavy hitter LAMB$ for a banger. SecreteReality & PolyTechnik both deliver with a raunchy drill beat, to add to the pressure. Listen and take notes as they show you how to “Liv”. Make sure to peep both of their latest EPs with the links above.

PREMIERE: Lotto Money – Solo Dolo

DIRECTOR: Christian Bresluar

South Florida’s Lotto Money goes in over some Paul Wait-production for his latest visual offering, “Solo Dolo.” Though no concrete details are available about his upcoming project, you can expect Lotto Money to keep delivering more bangers like this for the rest of the summer. Until then, you can watch this new Christian Bresluar-directed clip above and look out for more Lotto Money hitting CITRUSRAP.COM in the near future.

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TRAPFONE – Prob Juz Sum Shapes [EP]

As summer starts up out of nowhere, in comes Betty Dawl & Jordan. Together they make up TRAPFØNĘ, a vocalist-producer ensemble, trapping out of Tampa, Florida. Touching down with their debut, “PROB JUS SUM SHAPES”. Saucy songwriting merged from Betty Dawl,  with gnarly instrumentals from Jordan. Giving you the best of both of their worlds. An 11-song display of instinctive chemistry and key guest appearances. With hard-knocking tracks like “Ayahuasca”, that make you sing out, “You need a feature. I need beamer.” And smooth trapped out joints such as, “Gotdamn”, which features Kaysmoov. Another standout, “Prom”, gives us a strong look at the collective’s trades in multiple genre’s. Blending an enjoyable combo of pop & rap. Co-starring artists Big Baby, Kaysmoov, Bertrand Russell, & Patrick Hughes. PROB JUS SUM SHAPES is a perfect beach house summer day in Florida. Full of tracks that you can play throughout every hour in the day, from sunrise to sunset. Stream it above.


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Malc Stewy – Spacy Blue (ft. Chris Morris)

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As the second quarter of 2015 kicks off and summer begins to bubble, it has become apparent that Florida has staked its well deserved claim in the underground art and music world. The south side being the most prominent at the moment. Striking while the iron is hot, Palm Beach County’s very own Malc Stewy delivers with a conscious minded track simply dubbed, “Spacy Blue”. Full of bass and a space age ambiance provided by producer Ian J, this songs tells a great message. Simply, open your damn minds people! As things begin to settle down, the track gives off a high like and floating feeling, just before the hit man Chris Morris takes control, melodically snapping with the same force as his counterpart, Malc Stewy. Play this song first thing in the morning and you’ll be sure to create the perfect setting for your day.

PREMIERE: Oddyssey – On You


The man. The myth. Miami’s Oddyssey has delivered once again. Can’t say that I’m surprised, but damnit, I am impressed nonetheless. Today he drops off a head bobbing, bar-filled journey entitled, “On You”.  A ride chauffeured by a Florida’s next destined star. CITRUSRAP.COM isn’t only the prominent source for the sunshine state’s raw and exceptional talent, we’re also fucking psychic. When the beat begins, I got the initial impression that it would be a slow, dark, misty track. But just before the verse begin, the instrumental delivers a strong pattern of hits, reminiscent of Mannie Fresh and Juvie in the late 90’s. Instantly setting off the alarm in my memory, knowing that only means one thing. It’s about to crank the hell up. And with perfect timing and rhythm, in comes Oddyssey, using that buildup to fuel the hypnotizing voyage. Painting vivid pictures with his works. Brief stories and excerpts, fluid like flows that were placed in his mental bank, virtually waiting for this moment to create something great like “On You”. The song is the ultimate flexing tool. This our millionth time explaining how gifted this man is. Embed this into your head. From here on out, anytime that you see his name, today is the day that we told you so.


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Lee Cavalli – Who Is This (ft. J $tash)

LATEST MIXTAPE: Relax Rekords Vol. 1 | Download

Relax Rekords‘ own Lee Cavalli and J $tash deliver a new collaboration titled “Who Is This.” All these bass-blowing records the group keeps dropping got us heavily anticipating Volume 2. No word on when we can expect that but the sooner the better because the Broward streets need that ASAP. For now, stream “Who Is This” above.

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