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ManMan Savage – Young N Reckless [Mixtape]

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PRODUCERS: Zaytoven, Cool$hit, Big Emm, Fukk12, Phenom Da Don, C4, Beatmonsta and JGramm
HOSTED BY: DJ Speakerfoxxx, DJ Osh Kosh and DJ MarcB

For the majority of 2015 ManMan Savage has been causing major havoc along side notable Atlanta acts like Key! and 21 Savage. Releasing a projects consecutively since the beginning of September, with Smash Or Die EP and the joint EP with Key!, Give Em Hell 2. Over this heavily music filled Thanksgiving weekend, ManMan Savage released another package with a title that perfectly matches his lifestyle, called Young N Reckless. An 11 track barrage of rowdy chants, bird talk and hearty 808 filled instrumentals from Zaytoven, Cool$hit, Big Emm, Fukk12, Phenom Da Don, C4, Beatmonsta and JGramm. Hosted by three of Atlanta’s rising DJ stars, DJ Speakerfoxxx, DJ Osh Kosh and DJ MarcB. Also featuring a handful of heavy hitters. With guest verses from Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Rich The Kid, Skippa Da Flippa, UnoTheActivist and Big Gipp. With over 25 thousand plays in the first couple of days and constant stream of positive reviews, ManMan Savage is setting up a great alley oop for the start of his 2016 campaign. This mixtape is sure to be a constant party/flex starter for any and every night.

Babatunde – Piece (Video)

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DIRECTOR: Wavylord
PROJECT: 500 Days EP

Tribe MIA rapper Babatunde returns with a brand new visual for his YoungPee-produced single, “Piece,” from his latest full length release, 500 Days.  The wavy visuals match perfectly with the airy vocal delivery from the upcomer. Peep the new Wavylord-directed clip above.

Yung Simmie – Re Up Money

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Coming back at full throttle, Miami’s Yung Simmie dropped off a pack this Thanksgiving by the name of “Re Up Money.” With Basement Musik 3 still gaining notoriety being that it was less than a month since its release, Yung Simmie decided that there was no time for lacking and delivered with this self determined and money motivated banger. Press play and get inspired to fill your pockets.

Young Thug – No Problem

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PRODUCERS: Trauma Tone & Kc Da Beatmonster

Less than a month after the release of Slime Season 2 and the release of countless loose singles, Thugger is back with yet another psalm. Young Thug has cracked the code to perfecting the ideal trap song. His hypnotizing vocals, catchy chants and flawless beat selection has been the soundtrack to most of the youth and this one is no difference with this Trauma Tone & Kc Da Beatmonster produced track, “No Problem”. On this track all Thugger wants to do is ball hard and mind his business, but still let’s it be know thta it can go down if need be. We’ve grown acustom to these frequent releases. Bangers such as these are essential at any function or at the first given moment you’re handed the aux cord. And just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Rich Gang 2 is on the way!

#TBT: Ball Greezy – Shone

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PRODUCER: Gorilla Tek
YEAR: 2008

Miami has always had a huge step in Southern Rap culture. But it seems as the early 2000’s were the rebirth of the golden ages. As we have shown and proved our fanatic outlook on the jook era, this week we will continue on that streak, reviving Ball Greezy’s radio hit “Shone”. This was the time in music where party goers and fans could just vibe and have a good time with the trippy or heavy drugs that are common today. Ball Greezy was the type of artist who not only told stories of his gritty environment, but he also displayed hope in party tracks. Although he was in the streets, he showed that there was always a time to have fun with your crew and a lady friend or two.

A track that was produced by Gorilla Tek, originally for a bigger unnamed artist, was practically hijacked by Ball Greezy because of his fast turnaround and even faster reception from listeners. The same night that he recorded “Shone”, Ball Greezy took the unmixed copy to the strip club, where it became an instant smash before the quality was even perfected. Once it was ready for airwaves, there was no stopping it. The single gained backing from major artists, including Rick Ross, who like usual went on to create a remix for the hit.

As most people could barely grab the correct definition of the trendy word, Ball Greezy helped us out in a 2008 interview: “Shone’ for the people who don’t know is a good girl that parties hard, if you do for your kids and you do for yourself when you come out in the streets, you’re a shone and that’s my definition of a shone, so if you feel a certain way you shouldn’t feel bad when someone calls you a shone just put a little more twist in your walk and let them know your shoning”

Although Ball Greezy did not follow up with another success venture as that of “Shone”, his is definitely a Florida favorite and shake junt legend.


Venus Amor – 4 In The Mornin

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PRODUCER: Tax Season
LATEST EP: Sakura | Purchase via iTunes
UPCOMING ALBUM: For The Time Being | December 1st

For the past year Venus Amor has been setting south Florida ablaze with her angelic voice and intimate songwriting. While teasing the net last week with a snippet of new material, the talented deity officially released “4 In The Mornin” as the second single for her long-awaited debut album For The Time Being. A warm and affectionate piece produced by Tax Season. An anecdote detailing a Hennessy filled late night with a significant other. Just six months after a great response of her EP Sakura, in that small amount of time Venus Amor has already reached a new level musically. She continues to steadily evolve with her reputation for virtuosity. For The Time Being is set to be released on December 1st, which we’re sure it’ll help set the winter vibes off just right.



Tyla Yaweh – DUI (ft. SKYXXX)

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PRODUCER: Metro Boomin
ENGINEER: Jake Saint
UPCOMING PROJECT: What You Been On Lately? | Release TBA

Rap’s true blooded rockstar, Tyla Yaweh, who’s fresh off releasing his buzz worthy hit “Dirty Vans”. Less than two weeks later, he hits us again with “DUI”, another sure banger. To build to the greatness, the track is produced by none other than Metro Boomin. Creative direction for the single was done by the man Nassacre, sustaining his year of success. While Studio18’s Jake Saint continues to work magic on the boards for yet another Orlando hit. The dark, yet subtle ballad is a gift for your ears, sure to be on repeat. Continuing to showcase his unique and distinct voice matched with catchy head bobbing lyrical patterns, Tyla could be on the path to becoming the Jim Morrison of Florida’s hip-hop scene. Appointing his Swamp Posse brother SKYXXX for secondary vocals, the power house of a musician adds to the magnificent single. With Tyla’s latest project What You Been On Lately? still on the way, this could definitely hold us over until it’s release. Want to feel unflinching? It’s simple, all you gotta do is press play.