Cherele – Paradise Lost [Album]

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PREMIERED BY: Fact Magazine | Read

When releasing an album, there’s always little to no room for error, unless you just truly hate your fans. Especially in this new age, where music is discarded as fast as a packet of duck sauce at your local Chinese food spot. You nearly have to aim for perfection in order to retain your spot in rap history. But in some cases, everything is just¬†natural. And it seems like Cherele is one of those cases. On Friday morning, with the help of Fact Magazine, she debuted her album to the world, Paradise Lost. Instantly, it garnished flawless reception with an hour. The album starts off with “Timing, a track that I personally played a minimum of 10 times once I received the album’s link. She reminisces of the times with her grandad, and a short excerpt about him that helps define her ways and her roots a little more to the world. With lines like: “He was selling coke and pimpin’, since I was in diapers pissin’..” Paradise Lost continues to pick up heavily just as the intro begins to fade out, with “Raised By Wolves” following after. With her brother in arms, Ellz, lending a super energetic and bar-filled verse. So many great tracks, it’s difficult to pick a standout. But this is ‘Merica, so if I had to pick, then Visions would be my shit. Like a young Pharrel with the hat to match. LeMieux pulling up as Chad Hugo. A real grade A cast was put together. Ellz, Father, Betty Dawl, KONA, & Argyle Bixby. The production done by LeMuieX. She got fucking Robert Gallardo for art direction. So to sum it all up for ya: IF YOU SAY THIS AINT FYE, YOU’RE A HATER. (stamped and approved by the 1995 Uncle Luke; don’t quote me)


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