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#TBT: Trick Daddy – Shut Up (ft. Slip N’ Slide) [Video]

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DIRECTOR: Zodiac Fishgrease
PRODUCER(S): Black Mob Group
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

“We gon let the band deal with this…”

Trick Daddy, Liberty City’s finest and one of Florida’s phenoms. The year was 2000. After blessing the culture with a momentum shifting, battle of the sexes banger like “Nann Nigga”, Trick makes his Atlantic Records debut with “Shut Up”, bringing in Slip N’ Slide members and reprising Trina’s guest role, pushing her into the future spotlight. ‘Shut Up” was dubbed as the rowdiest club hit of that year. The lead single that helped push his third studio album, “Book of Thugs: AK Verse 47”, to sell over 500,000 copies domestically, certifying it gold.

A song intended for clubs and hood bars, yet he continued to elevate to national awareness when the track was featured as the lead single for the blockbuster film, Any Given Sunday, while still embodying the South Florida culture to the core. From the high energy marching bands, to the gold grills and donks. He shows the masses exactly what our environment, and inspired and influenced a lot of us jits during that time.

There’s even a brief cameo by The U’s, Edgerrin James during his star years.

If we all studied our rap history, then we should know that this kick off a monumental career for this man. Despite how the world portrays him, on CitrusRap and in Florida legends live forever. That damn sure goes for Trick Daddy Dollars.

#TBT: Robb Bank$ – Sensational (Video)

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EDITOR: A Jaded Ape

Let’s think back to four years ago, while an underground phenom and at the start of stardom with a cult like fan base, but with the resume to follow. Florida summers in 2016. Today’s youth were running wild, full of untapped potential. All nights were filled with what seemed like unlimited vices and Robb Bank$ was the soundtrack. A space for the unique hood baby, anime loving, vice lovers.

The Nuez produced banger, “Sensational”, along side with “Crunch Time Freestyle” that made up the first installment of his highly acclaimed mixtape series,  “Cloverfield”, is believed to be the spark that set his stone name permanently in the underground’s hall of fame.

A continuous onslaught of fluid motion in his rhymes. Wave like flows of sorts. Lyrics detailing his adventures with past lust interests and providing further proof that he is rap’s true Anime God.

Unkle Luc, now as prominent of a figure to rap culture as the man starring in this video. Always providing innovative effects and perfect visuals to a partner with the track. And with how things have been going for both Robb Bank$ and Unkle Luc, they will continue to change the frame of Florida’s culture and it’s wave of art.

#TBT: Rick Ross – Here I Am (ft. Avery Storm & Nelly) [Video]

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PRODUCER: Drumma Boy
ALBUM: Trilla | iTunes
YEAR: 2008

“Sight seeing.. We might be in.. The Codra port or that new white BM..”

With the first Florida Verzuz battle getting closer by the hour, we at CitrusRap would like to revive of the hits that helped bring one of Florida’s most prominent and long lasting artist to his throne.

Back in 2008, before the Wing Stop, Checker’s & Rally’s franchises. Before the mogul fueds. Ultimately, before MMGRick Ross was still a prominent Florida figure, being that he was signed to Slip-N-Slide Records and Def Jam, after doing a stint on Suave House Records.

After the critically acclaimed success of his debut album, Port Of Miami, accompanied with his debut single, “Hustlin”, selling over a million records. Trilla was Rick Ross’ first real taste test in major notoriety, proving that the sophomore slump doesn’t exist to the greats. Reminiscent of Mahomes shrugging off the Madden curse and winning MVP. The album went on to be an instant hit. Selling nearly 200,000 copies in it’s first week and debuting at number one on Billboard 200. Kicking off a major streak of hits, selling over a combined 3 million units and signing multiple multi-million dollar ventures. Rozay aka Renzel, is the true definition of a BOSS.

With the direction of Gil Green, Rick Ross showed a luxurious version of Miami with “Here I Am”. A gold, summer smash record and Florida classic, featuring Avery Storm and Nelly. Distributing only quality work ever since, it is all that we expect from the legend. Excellence is his reputation. So continue to cherish these new singles from the boss, before his Verzuz battle against 2 Chainz. Live tonight via Verzuz TV!

#TBT: Kodak Black – No Flockin [Freestyle]

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DIRECTOR: BonesVision
: VinnyxProd
LATEST PROJECT: “Dying To Live” | via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Representing South Florida, by way of Broward County, Kodak Black has been making serious noise after the release of his video “Project Baby” in 2013, where he embodies the gold mouth dog world of FL and the 90’s/early 2000’s style of Louisiana rap culture. But like a lot of BG’s, he shortly fell out of public sight due to a run in with the law. Once Kodak Black officially jumped he came with this heater, dubbed ‘No Flockin’. A track that has been circulating for almost a year and has yet to let up. Giving us a preview of what he’s capable of doing while having fun and proving to all doubters and spectators that there is still A LOT more potential to be unlocked. With his latest album, Dying To Live, still steadily doing numbers, we sit and watch as his stock steadily rises, even while being in the box. As a Florida native and southern representer, I am truly proud that this young man is making these major moves in South Florida. All prayers and blessings to Kodak Black. We need more artists on the scene that never flock, never lack, and always come correct.

#TBT: Grind Mode – I’m So High (Jook Video)

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PRODUCER: Gorilla Tek
YEAR: 2007

McKlezie, Chaos, and Hunger make up for one of South Florida’s most historic rap groups of the 2000’s. At the start of the jookin’ craze that took over the state, Grind Mode were one of the nationwide successes when they released their hit record “I’m So High”. This was the go to track when you wanted to jook, wig, or bop your stress away.

From doing all sorts of free shows and open mic performances, they built up a buzz in the Miami streets with their indie videos for “Oh No” and “Yayo”. But because of their subject matter they just couldn’t break through the radio waves. That was until 2007 when they racked up a solidified hit with “I’m So High” which was produced by Miami producer Gorilla Tek.

Starting in Miami with the hit going viral as the nation wanted to learn how to jook properly, this was usually the background music for the instructional videos.  Soon it made it’s way towards the northern regions of Florida and the remainder of the nation. Following a remix and co-sign by Rick Ross, the trio gained the attention of Universal Records, where they went on to sign a deal and release an official video for the single as “She’s So Fly.” Making the single even more suitable for radio play.

Although no prominent work has been achieved since the hit, Grind Mode has claimed the hearts of all Floridians. No matter the year or the time of the day, if this song plays, the atmosphere shifts and all worries roll off of our shoulders as we jook.

#TBT: Ice Billion Berg – Closer To My Dreams Freestyle (Video)

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Ice Billion Berg is no stranger to the spotlight. He’s been steadily making a name for himself, way before he was screaming “Fuck The Other Side” in 2008. While most artist who have been out for that long without a direct major label deal end up hitting a stand still, Ice Billion Berg is a part of a very exclusive class that seem to not only get better with time, but have kept a strong grip on their authenticity and fan base. Vino.

While on his push to South Florida legendary status, Ice Billion Berg delivered one of the most memorable renditions of Goapele’s “Closer To My Dreams”. Featured on his “International Billion” mixtape. The 19 year old, at the time, gave the state new found hope with this track. As it was played all throughout hoods as a hymn of motivation for everyone who was “on their way” to greater things in their lives. Since then, the Dade County powerhouse has released over 15 mixtapes and studio albums. And instead of signing to a label he has took the boss route and created his own recording and merchandising company, Live House Entertainment.

Today we bring you this video to remind those who forgot about why he’s the household name that he is right now and to bring this classic back to the light for those who didn’t have a chance to witness firsthand.

Make sure to check out his latest album I Never Lied. available on major streaming services such as Tidal, Apple Music & Spotify.

#TBT: Quad City DJ’s – C’Mon N’ Ride It (Video)

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PRODUCER: C.C. Lemonhead & Jay Ski
YEAR: 1996

It’s time to show some love to the pioneers out of Duval County. Jacksonville’s Quad City DJ’s were and still are one of the prominent Florida taste-makers who broke through to the mainstream in the 90’s. C.C. Lemonhead & Jay Ski, known as The Bass Mechanics at the time, gained noteriety for creating hits alongside 69 Boyz (“Tootsie Roll”) & 95 South (“Whoop, There It Is”). Both singles cracking the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts and over 5 million records combined. Just a couple of years later, they kept their flame ablaze by officially forming Quad City DJ’s and releasing this summer smash, “C’Mon N’ Ride It”, with JeLana LeFleur assisting vocals throughout their career. As we know, the song went on to become very successful like it’s predocesors, peaking at #3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and selling over a million units. With the strength of this single it helped their only studio reach platinum status as well and earned them a spot one of today’s most influential and heavily followed sports movies “Space Jam”, as they performed the title track by the same name. The collective has since matched the success nor do they have to, to be honest. Because that list of Florida classic tracks, Quad City DJ’s have immortalized themselves in music history and today we are here to show our appreciation for some of Jacksonville’s curators of bass music.