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Flex Malik – Stage Fright (Prod. Eddie Gianni)

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PRODUCER: Eddie Gianni
LATEST PROJECT: How Dare You | Stream via iTunes

Atlanta representer, Flex Malik, has been putting in some heavy work over this past year. Making it hard not to notice his work and progression. A few months ago Flex Malik started a constantly growing complication entitled How Dare You, which has been been steadily taking off. But Flex is back with more hits to add to his arsenal. “Stage Fright” is his newest entry. A hype filled track, that swears his authenticity and should definitely be played at the highest of volumes. Produced by another Atlanta native, Eddie Gianni. “Stage Fright” is a heavy dose of electricity and high quality song writing. Flex Malik is a man on the edge as he shows off a crazy onslaught of rhymes and flows, that matches this insanely dynamic beat. We’ll definitely be looking forward to what Flex Malik has in store for the world next.

Ro-Thoro – Life Of A Lifer (Prod. Glenn Jr)

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As the second quarter of 2018 kicks off and Spring begins to bubble, it has become apparent that Florida has staked its well deserved claim in the underground art and music world. The north side being rather prominent at the moment. Striking while the iron is hot, Tallahasse’s very own Ro-Thoro delivers with a conscious minded track, simply dubbed, “Life Of A Lifer”. Full of bass and a oldie but goodie ambiance provided by producer Glenn Jr, this songs tells a great message. Simply, open your damn minds people and stay focused! As things begin to settle down, the track gives off a high like and floating feeling, just before the hit man Ro-Thoro takes control, viscously snapping with the same force as a 200mph locomotive. Play this song first thing in the morning and you’ll be sure to create the perfect setting for your day.

Mike Lary – Citrus (Prod. Boss Brain)

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PRODUCER: Boss Brain

Back with another one, even bigger and better. Lauderdale’s Mike Lary has delivered what may be our headquarters secret anthem, “Citrus”. Produced by Boss Brain, Mike Lary melodically impresses as he slips and slides through the shoulder moving beat, with an arsenal of different flows and cadences. A real anthem to make some money and flex to. One with such as appropriate name. Say it with me, BITCH I’M GETTING TO THE CHEESE! This isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing Mike Lary on CitrusRap. Keep your ears and eyes tuned in!

Kenlow – Raptor (Prod. 1K)

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Coming viciously hot out of Florida, Kenlow teams up with the beat making heavy hitter, 1K, for a banger called “Raptor”. Kenlow delivers a heat wave over this a raunchy drill and video game soundbite inspired beat, to add to the pressure. Listen and take notes as they show you how to live in beast mode. Make sure to peep the new track and don’t be afraid if accidentally start a mosh pit in your brain.

Darien – Smokin Dank (Fast) [Prod. Cjd]

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As foreseen, the young artist with promise from Pembroke Pines’, Darien, is here with the South Florida sped up rendition of his show-stopping jam, “Smoking Dank”. The latest update to his upcoming mixtape, that is said to have some very special guests featured on it. Darien delivers over a hard hitting, 808 bouncing beat by Cjd and the jook paced remix by FM954. Darien tosses his steadily growing and changing flow onto the production and then gets the track sped up, only adding to the momentum that this track is gaining. As the year continues to build up more breakthrough artist, Darien is making a statement with this track to be in that conversation..

lrkChronicle – From The Ville (Video)

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DIRECTOR: Dewey Thompson
PRODUCER: Ghost/\/Ghoul
LATEST PROJECT: Coming of Fall | Stream via Soundcloud

lrkChronicle has been doing wonders for the state of Florida after the release of his LP Coming of Fall. An incredibly packaged full length project that has been setting the northern region on fire over the past few of months. More recently he gives us this visual offering for their hometown homer, “From The Ville” which was a banger from almost 12 months ago, featuring another Duval native, John B. One that needed a video for the fans. The eye popping video was directed by Dewey Thompson, with the beat being produced by Florida favorite Ghost/\/Ghoul. A cinematic masterpiece that gives the perfect contrast to the heavy hitting track and dedication to the duo’s homeland, Jacksonville, Florida. is just what we need today.

#TBT: Desloc Piccalo – Stick N Roll

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YEAR: 2008

At the peak of Miami’s dance revolution in the underground Desloc Piccalo will always be remembered for helping transition this part of rap culture to a bigger scale. In 2008 when times seemed golden and fun was never seldom, Piccalo released one of the few official videos for his many street anthems, this one being “Stick N Roll”. Named for the body movements that the entire South Florida danced, like one big tribe. The Rapper-Producer was constantly curating the movements of the listeners. Either forcing them to jook and bop, or just simply vibe. Today, we’d like to remind those who forgot and shed light to those who never knew the greatness of this time era.