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GenoDa1 – Potent (Prod. TaylorMade)

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PRODUCER: TaylorMade

The man. The myth. Miami’s GenoDa1 has delivered once again. Can’t say that I’m surprised, but damnit, I am impressed nonetheless. Today he drops off a head bobbing, soul filled, bar tainted journey entitled, “Potent”.  A ride chauffeured by one of Florida’s next destined star. CITRUSRAP.COM isn’t only the prominent source for the sunshine state’s raw and exceptional talent, we’re also fucking psychic. Produced by TaylorMade. When the beat begins, I got the initial impression that it would be a slow, dark, misty track. But just before the drop hits, the instrumental delivers a strong instrumentation, reminiscent of love in the 70’s. Instantly setting off the alarm in my memory, knowing that only means one thing. It’s about to crank the hell up. And with perfect timing and rhythm, in comes GenoDa1, using that buildup to fuel the hypnotizing voyage. Painting vivid pictures with his works. Brief stories and excerpts, fluid like flows that were placed in his mental bank, virtually waiting for this moment to create something great like “Potent”. The song is the ultimate tool when creating a vibe. This our millionth time explaining how gifted this man is. Embed this into your head. From here on out, anytime that you see his name, today is the day that we told you so.

Christ Dillinger – Pour in the Wock

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PRODUCERS: Sgull & Dillinger

The man with a thousand verses returns to the citrus life. Christ Dillinger drops off a new track, “Pour in the Wock” produced by Sgull and Dillinger himself. The hard-hitting record will have you raging at Christ’s next show. Be sure to pour up and jam this new track!

#TBT: Trick Daddy – Shut Up (ft. Slip N’ Slide) [Video]

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“We gon let the band deal with this…”

Trick Daddy, Liberty City’s finest and one of Florida’s phenoms. The year was 2000. After blessing the culture with a momentum shifting, battle of the sexes banger like “Nann Nigga”, Trick makes his Atlantic Records debut with “Shut Up”, bringing in Slip N’ Slide members and reprising Trina’s guest role, pushing her into the future spotlight. ‘Shut Up” was dubbed as the rowdiest club hit of that year. The lead single that helped push his third studio album, “Book of Thugs: AK Verse 47″, to sell over 500,000 copies domestically, certifying it gold.

A song intended for clubs and hood bars, yet he continued to elevate to national awareness, while still embodying the South Florida culture to the core. From the high energy marching bands, to the gold grills and donks. He shows the masses exactly what our environment, and inspired and influenced a lot of us jits during that time.

There’s even a brief cameo by The U’s, Edgerrin James during his star years.

If we all studied our rap history, then we should know that this kick off a monumental career for this man. Despite how the world portrays him, in Florida legends live forever. That damn sure goes for Trick Daddy Dollars.

John Fifth – A Story By John Fifth (Album)

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PRODUCERS: John Fifth, MiiiKXY, NoLuckBeats, N2DeepBeatz & Lil Xane OTB

15 tracks of sheer mayhem with an elegant overtone. A Story By John Fifth is the long-awaited addition to the warfare that John Fifth has initiated. The Miami rapper continues to give us something to stir up this year’s lyrical debate, adding fuel to the fire that he ignited over the past few months and throwing a musical tantrum on the thrown that he’s claimed all in the same breathe.

The introduction to A Story By John Fifth is a message from one of an incarcerated brother, “D Mane”. Following, features “Bank Chaser”. A strong, bass filled beat that John Fifth manipulates flawlessly with his speed bag of rhymes and throwing a hay-maker or two ever so often. Never missing a punch. Reminiscent of the generations greatest fighter, in which the track is obviously themed after.

A treasure chest full of gems such as “I Told Ya” and “Dreams N Nightmares”. This man and his army in New York is a force to be reckoned with and should never be taken lightly. Doing it in the most organic and arrogant way so far. Not only does this seem like it’s sport to him, but it’s child’s play in some way. Convincing me that he has something dynamic hidden up his sleeve and this is barely the tip of the asteroid. I just pray that the world is ready for the turn up before time runs out.

This album by John Fifth is a MUST listen!

SOLOMONDAGOD – p.m. (proper measures) [EP]

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After dropping off Black Dragon EP, his kick off project for 2018, Florida’s own, SOLOMONDAGOD has arrived with another lightly packaged display of talent. The spring EP called p.m. (proper measures). SOLOMONDAGOD delivers with three quote worthy, heavy hitting tracks. A playlist about dedication, loyalty and confidence. Although short the project is lived, this is a great run for SOLOMONDAGOD. The dynamic rapper of Central Florida.

Paul Ke11y – Dirty Doctors (ft. BigBabyGucci) [Prod. GRiMM Doza]

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The wait is finally over. A week after shutting our Twitter down with his announcement, Paul Ke11y lets loose his premiere track called “Dirty Doctors“, in which we all have the right to call a BANGER. Linking up with Atlanta’s, BIGBABYGUCCI handles the assisting verse and GRiMM Doza handled the production, giving the track it’s space-age vibe and head banging drums. But Paul Ke11y deserves equal credit, with his energy and belligerent rhymes. He starts the song off with so much force, burying the quotable hook into your brain. Don’t sleep on him. Either way, it’s clear to see that this man is lightyears ahead with a .50 caliber rifle sitting patiently, waiting for that “Dirty Doctors” to repeat again. Don’t end up in the crossfire. Take a listen and be on the look out for more from Paul Ke11y. You have been warned.

GenoDa1 – ’92

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After one listen, I admit, I was hooked. Now this track is on repeat. Fresh off of an exclusive interview with Cassandra of CitrusRap’s The Juice, Homestead’s very own, GenoDa1, comes through with the mean scriptures on “92”. Helping push his brand and Florida’s hip hop scene to new and improved levels. GenoDa1 enlists the boom bap sound, of what’s considered rap’s golden age, to deliver with the spiritual and string filled beat. Lines full of self confidence and righteousness, as well as resentment and pain. There’s so much insight in this song that should not be over looked. I shouldn’t have to persuade you what to do. Like, share and put this on repeat. Then thank us later.