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#TBT: Grind Mode – I’m So High (Jook Video)

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PRODUCER: Gorilla Tek
YEAR: 2007

McKlezie, Chaos, and Hunger make up for one of South Florida’s most historic rap groups of the 2000’s. At the start of the jookin’ craze that took over the state, Grind Mode were one of the nationwide successes when they released their hit record “I’m So High”. This was the go to track when you wanted to jook, wig, or bop your stress away.

From doing all sorts of free shows and open mic performances, they built up a buzz in the Miami streets with their indie videos for “Oh No” and “Yayo”. But because of their subject matter they just couldn’t break through the radio waves. That was until 2007 when they racked up a solidified hit with “I’m So High” which was produced by Miami producer Gorilla Tek.

Starting in Miami with the hit going viral as the nation wanted to learn how to jook properly, this was usually the background music for the instructional videos.  Soon it made it’s way towards the northern regions of Florida and the remainder of the nation. Following a remix and co-sign by Rick Ross, the trio gained the attention of Universal Records, where they went on to sign a deal and release an official video for the single as “She’s So Fly.” Making the single even more suitable for radio play.

Although no prominent work has been achieved since the hit, Grind Mode has claimed the hearts of all Floridians. No matter the year or the time of the day, if this song plays, the atmosphere shifts and all worries roll off of our shoulders as we jook.

Lil Champ FWAY – FWAY SHXT ONLY (Mixtape)

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PRODUCERS: DP Beats, Rozey, 2DZ, Sauce Nitro, A9 One, Keenzanza, Mr. Sisco & Rackz The 1

Carol City’s own and FWAY NATION Co-Ceo, Lil Champ FWAY, is back with a new mixtape for all of South Florida called FWAY SHXT ONLY. A 12 track 1UP on his competition. Featuring Mahxie, Cashy Kesh, GlockyCashOnly & El Camino Black. With production from DP Beats, Rozey, 2DZ, Sauce Nitro, A9 One, Keenzanza, Mr. Sisco & Rackz The 1.

#TBT: Pouya – Get Buck

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MIXTAPE: Baby Bone (2013) | Stream
LATEST RELEASE: Pouya x Ghostmane – 2000 Rounds | Stream/Download

With 7 million hits and steadily counting, this moment in 2013 was a home run in South Florida’s underground culture. Smart Stunnas reign had official become nationally notarized when Miami’s own Pouya released this flowing banger “Get Buck”, produced by Rellim. Originally featured on his mixtape, Baby Bone, paying homage to his inspirations. The man and brand also from Miami, known as Fxrbes, came through with the quality visuals that come along with his strong-held name, to deliver a hypnotizing anthem for moshers and any youth that just enjoys to wild the hell out. While his stardom was continuously growing, this instance catapulting him into the view of nearly every young american. Being featured in publications such Miami New Times & Complex is just the tip of the iceberg after headlining and featuring in nothing less than sold out shows since his uprise at the age of 18. But just from this moment Pouya has solidified himself as one of today’s stars and stage gods. We will continue to watch in amazement and document the adventures of the young rockstar as he continues to make history for South Florida.

Make sure to catch Pouya and The Buffet Boyz on The Forevermore Express Tour with The Underachievers, Kirk Knight, & Bodega Bamz that starts tonight. Purchase your tickets here.

Kid Bou – Grief (Album)

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Kid Dou hails from Tampa. The premiere spot in West Florida for music and arts. As the city continues to grow creatively, so does it’s inhabitants. So it’s only right that today Kid Bou gives us Grief. A therapy session disguised as his debut album. A 7-pack of self produced tracks, walking us through a timeline where he himself had to indulge in the rehabilitation of grief and what it had to offer once the stages were complete.

Kid Bou immerses himself into the truth of reality, as he composes an outline of emotions within this project. With sounds, detailing the yin & yang of heartbreak, as the 20 year old musician deals with the pain of lies and conforming, to finally witnessing himself overcome and only wish the best for his evils. Not only with the help of his instrumentals, Kid Bou calls upon a handful of FL rising stars of the west and the more prominent south.

Each of the 7 tracks layered with in sync vocals and songwriting that perfectly capture each step and emotion. So when you hear tracks like “The Denial”, featuring Gems, as it delves into the mind of a man who just wants to cope and move forward, you just get it. And it doesn’t take much to catch the flow of the scenes as you move Forward to “The Pain” with Fukkit. From pain you have “The Anger”, featuring Cris Shimmy & Skullleleven. A malicious banger about causing pain rather than receiving. “The Depression” trails after, with one of my personal favorites “The Light” finally following after, featuring RONIN. As the remaining tracks come into scene, just as the protagonist Kid Bou begins to, we also feel a breezy sense of closure.

Kid Bou delivers a full out experience packed into just under 14 minutes of audio dope. If you couldn’t tell by the essay written earlier, Grief is a def MUST LISTEN and CitrusRap approved.

Flex Winter – Backseat Freestyle

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LATEST RELEASE: Trust Issues – Stream

Flex Winter is dropping heat for the end of the summer. Letting off a full out onslaught of sharp flows and punches to the brain over Kendrick Lamar & Hit-Boy’s classic beat, “Backseat Freestyle”. The young Tampa emcee gives us his own rendition of the hit, as he goes to war with everyone that’s not the man in the mirror. Only looking to set to spit flames and set the game on fire, like a dragon. Nearly every eight bars Flex Winter finds a new wind and levels up each go round. Almost forgot that this was originally a Kendrick Lamar track. That feeling is reminiscent to when mixtape Lil Wayne would body someone’s track. The people over at CitrusRap approve this message and we’re confident that Kdot would approve as well. Have we just stumbled upon another golden child of Florida?! Okay, Flex Winter, you have our attention. Now what will you do with it next?

#TBT: Ice Billion Berg – Closer To My Dreams Freestyle (Video)

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Ice Billion Berg is no stranger to the spotlight. He’s been steadily making a name for himself, way before he was screaming “Fuck The Other Side” in 2008. While most artist who have been out for that long without a direct major label deal end up hitting a stand still, Ice Billion Berg is a part of a very exclusive class that seem to not only get better with time, but have kept a strong grip on their authenticity and fan base. Vino.

While on his push to South Florida legendary status, Ice Billion Berg delivered one of the most memorable renditions of Goapele’s “Closer To My Dreams”. Featured on his “International Billion” mixtape. The 19 year old, at the time, gave the state new found hope with this track. As it was played all throughout hoods as a hymn of motivation for everyone who was “on their way” to greater things in their lives. Since then, the Dade County powerhouse has released over 15 mixtapes and studio albums. And instead of signing to a label he has took the boss route and created his own recording and merchandising company, Live House Entertainment.

Today we bring you this video to remind those who forgot about why he’s the household name that he is right now and to bring this classic back to the light for those who didn’t have a chance to witness firsthand.

Make sure to check out his latest album I Never Lied. available on major streaming services such as Tidal, Apple Music & Spotify.

Big Baby – Checks! (ft. Pollári) [Prod. PoloBoyShawty]

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PRODUCER: PoloBoyShawty
ARTWORK: @puffdaughter

Tampa and Atlanta link up for a banger and potential heat seeker for Big Baby and Pollári with “Checks!”. Produced by PoloBoyShawty. Big Baby, one of the hardest working rappers in the south is letting it be known that this is only the beginning as he gives off one of his most noteworthy 16’s, as of yet. With Pollári lacing the chorus as the foundation of the track, the two create something that can potentially go national. Catch onto the wave of “Checks!” before it hits airwaves.