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Kase Cobain – Run It Up (ft. Charliee Royal) [Prod. AdamOnTheTrack]

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PRODUCER: AdamOnTheTrack

Thanks to his relentless work ethic, DMV’s, by way of Central Florida, Kase Cobain has been making extreme leaps into the conscience of music lovers and it seems as if he does not plan to take his foot off of the pedal any time soon. This drop isn’t any different as he calls upon one of the most recent people’s champs, Charliee Royal. The two combine their unique voices to blend it into a great celebratory track called “Run It Up”. Produced by the soon to be legendary, AdamOnTheTrack. This heavy hitting anthem is a statement to show off their victory and flex a bit on those who opposed. By now, you should already know that this won’t be the last that you here of Kase Cobain and we will make sure that this isn’t the last that you hear of this track, “Run It Up”

Irie Reyna – Trust Me [Video]

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The talented, South Florida Goddess known as Irie Reyna seems to bless us with her strong presence at the right times. This go around she leaves us with “Trust Me” and she’s a little charged up. Melodically giving us brash details of her intimate late night thoughts of love and truthfulness over an airy and drum driven instrumental provided by K-Money. The year is drawing closer to an end and this young lady continues to keep her match lit. We’ll be sure to stay tuned for what’s next and so should you.

Make sure to catch her live at the The RnBaeCollective Presents: #SideBaeValentinesDay with Alex Kevay and Kayland, 2/15 @ Gramps in Wynwood, Miami. Tickets are available here.


RodXTheXGod – Hand 2 God Freestyle [Prod. XanBoy & Yung Gli$ten]

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PRODUCERS: XanBoy & Yung Gli$ten

So far, 2018 for the state of Florida has been quite eventful and we’re barely two months in. The year has been packed with the faces and personas throughout the Sunshine State, more so from West Florida. The Gulf Coast. This go around we have St Petersburg’s RodXTheXGod, hitting his fans with his second consecutive street hit within two months. This one being a freestyle called “Hand 2 God”. Featuring the production from XanBoy & Yung Gli$ten, providing their unique drill style to the track. Make for constant head nodding vibes. RodXTheXGod uses these two minutes to give us a glimpse at his work ethic and how he continues to prevail. Peep this track and study, you just might learn something.

Stepdad – Fleshlight (ft. Lil Toenail)

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Stepdadfla aka Stepdad drops off a gift for the lovers out there in the word\ld. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, called “Flashlight”. Featuring one of South Florida’s rising figures in the rap game, Lil Toenail. Thriving In Hell is on the way.

Off The Porch – Find Out (Video)

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PRODUCER: Silas & Ernest Ziembroski II

Still pretty fresh off of inking deal for his own label, Nate Dae and Off The Porch Records has yet to take their feet off of the gas pedal. Off The Porch & Lone Wolf presents the official video for “Find Out”. Ernest Ziembroski II’s airy vocals singing over a drug induced daydream of chords. A retrospective soundtrack, laced with a tale of heartache, in the form of a powerful pair of verses by Nate Dae. Off The Porch is one of the breaths of fresh air that the music world has been blessed with receiving, as they come one in a million nowadays. But we are happy to know that this small offering is just the tip of the iceberg of this year for Off The Porch Records, and we at CitrusRap can not wait.

ShakezBeQuiet – Woes (Video)

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DIRECTOR: Charles.pdf
STREAM: via Soundcloud

Men lie. Women lie. But numbers don’t. Broward’s ShakezBeQuiet is back with a triumphant tune for his continuous winning streak titled, “Woes”, with production handled by KrissiO. The track hit 2 million plays alone on soundcloud, so it was only right to bring it back. While fans patiently wait for the official video to release, ShakezBeQuiet continues to impress with his lavish flows, melodic bars and hard hitting beat selection to mesh the track perfectly. While the ever so growing Charles.pdf, who’s name has been ringing heavily in these video streets assists on the visuals to match this hit single. An ideal song to blast at anytime of the day when your desire to flex exceeds all other needs. Play this at loud volumes and make sure your haters are paying attention while you’re singing along and reciting those first two rules.

Murph – Home Coming (Video)

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LATEST PROJECT: Position of Power (EP) | Stream via Soundcloud

Murph does it again. The South Florida emcee calls upon his go-to videographer, DRE Films, who gives us a film that’s stylized as an ordinary multicultural, vice filled day in Colombia. The official video for “Home Coming”. One of the leading singles from his latest project, Position of Power. From cinematic stills to beautiful ocean water. This video has everything and more, so make sure you check it out above.