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Nick Khronic – Master of None (Prod. Swirl)

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Came from the dirt, but I ball in the burbs!”

As CitrusRap is know for bring you Florida’s premiere and up and coming artists, today we offer you something more on an international level. Nick Khronic of Toronto, to be exact. And just in time before summer ends, Nick Khronic delivers to the world “Master of None”, a onslaught of sauced up flows and witty, quotable lines that you can’t help but yell out repeatedly. Swirl provides the rhythmic bounce for the Tdot representer to slip and slide over. Do us one favor. Try to stop your head from bobbing and your shoulders from moving when you press play. From Florida all the way to the 6, Nick Khronic is here to let us know that he is coming for a spot at the table.

Mason Monroe – Cobain [Prod. Lil Ug’Lee]

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PRODUCER: Lil Ug’Lee (Mason Monroe)
Gemini II | Stream

From the north to the west, and as of lately, making some noise in the south, Mason Monroe has been tackling all of Florida since the start of 2017. Leaving a mark on each territory. This week is no different as he is back with another banger called “Cobain”. Produced by his alter ego, Lil Ug’Lee, the twins create another musical presentation that displays the Mason Monroe’s extensive skill list. If this were Street Fighter, he’d be Akuma. With a number of tools on his belt and enough punch behind the track to break walls.

Native Youth – Understatement (ft. JK The Reaper)

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ARTWORK: Native Youth

Native Youth, a deity of passion, is taking R&B and alternative music to astral levels in South Florida. The Miami vocalist has been making waves throughout headphones for the past year, since releasing her project Polarized back in September of 2016. This go around Native Youth makes her CitrusRap debut with a smash hit for the lovers with “Understatement”, featuring JK The Reaper. As the cloudy & soulful ambience that Kaixen provided suits both of the vocalist’s songwriting tones, Native Youth’s patient breeziness and JK The Reaper’s gritty, fast rhythm makes for the perfect contrast for this track. Saying that this is a great track would be just that, an understatement. Factually, “Understatement” is a step by step guide to love. One that this world needed.

Cherele – Yetti [Video]

DIRECTOR: Parris Pierce & Cherele
EDITOR: Parris Pierce
HAIR: Dash Romero

STARRING: Cherele, Kangie, Dash Romero

The femme fatale, Cherele returns with dope visuals for her song “Yetti”. The South Florida artist is looking radiant as ever, dressed in all denim, straight flexing in the middle of nowhere. The TSK produced track is hard and agreesive but fun. The video was directed by both Cherele, herself and Parris Pierce who also provides the visual effects. Cherele also enlists Kangie & Dash Romero to star in the video as well. Press play to check out this fire cinematic visual.

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Big Baby – Jameis Winston [Video]

DIRECTOR: Pablo Vasquez
PRODUCER: CaptainCrunch

Big Baby is back making noise, with his new video for his new song, “Jameis Winston”. The song is dedicated to James Winston who is the star Quaterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Big Baby, also correlates himself to the star athelete with his playmaking skills. Throughout the video, Big Baby is living lavish, eating crab legs, and showing his love for the Bucs! Strongly representing Tampa, as he flexes in the video. The fun quirky song is nothing short of a banger. The song was produced by CaptainCrunch, while the visuals were directed by Pablo Vasquez. Continue reading

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Danny Towers – WOOLY [Prod. Henry Daher]

PRODUCER: Henry Daher
ARTWORK: DeadMonBernz/Uncle Bernz

As we wait for his highly anticipated horror flick mixtape, HELLRAISER. Danny Towers releases “Wooly”, a gritty and absolutely grimy song that gives you goosebumps, that’s full of thrill. Henry Daher who produced the track, sets the vibe with light hollow piano keys with a hard grungy bass-line. Don’t sleep on this track as it builds a lot more excitement to what will come to his mixtape HELLRAISER that’s soon to come.

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KATANA10400 – Danger

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KATANA10400 has been making serious noise around not only Florida’s Bay area, but around some of the most prominent parts of the country (don’t worry, we know. We always do). But if this is your first time discovering the Tampa beat arsonist, then we just have one question for you. Have you ever been face to face with a ticking time bomb? The adrenaline and tunnel vision focus that this song “Danger” embodies will give you that sort of thrill. With a suspenseful opera orchestra belting in the ambience of the hard hitting clashes of the drums, KATANA10400 uses that sound to his advantage as he gives off a verse similar to a King Leonidas war speech.