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ShakezBeQuiet – Woes (Video)

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DIRECTOR: Charles.pdf
STREAM: via Soundcloud

Men lie. Women lie. But numbers don’t. Broward’s ShakezBeQuiet is back with a triumphant tune for his continuous winning streak titled, “Woes”, with production handled by KrissiO. The track hit 2 million plays alone on soundcloud, so it was only right to bring it back. While fans patiently wait for the official video to release, ShakezBeQuiet continues to impress with his lavish flows, melodic bars and hard hitting beat selection to mesh the track perfectly. While the ever so growing Charles.pdf, who’s name has been ringing heavily in these video streets assists on the visuals to match this hit single. An ideal song to blast at anytime of the day when your desire to flex exceeds all other needs. Play this at loud volumes and make sure your haters are paying attention while you’re singing along and reciting those first two rules.

Murph – Home Coming (Video)

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LATEST PROJECT: Position of Power (EP) | Stream via Soundcloud

Murph does it again. The South Florida emcee calls upon his go-to videographer, DRE Films, who gives us a film that’s stylized as an ordinary multicultural, vice filled day in Colombia. The official video for “Home Coming”. One of the leading singles from his latest project, Position of Power. From cinematic stills to beautiful ocean water. This video has everything and more, so make sure you check it out above.

Steep – Bay Street Vibes (EP)

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PRODUCER: Pyro Beats

Up and coming artist, Steep, drives off in his cruising EP, Bay Street Vibes. Something only for the players to ride to with the top down to. Entirely produced by Pyro Beats.

LittleBoyParis – 6below (Video)

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DIRECTOR: lonelyboy & JustAndy
UPCOMING PROJECT: Dirty Boy, Dirty World (EP) | Release TBA

LittleBoyParis has been making serious noise around not only South Florida, but all around some of the most prominent parts of the states (don’t worry, we know. We always do). But if this is your first time discovering the Broward beat arsonist, then we just have one question for you. Have you ever been face to face with a ticking time bomb? The adrenaline and tunnel vision focus that this song “6below” embodies will give you that sort of thrill. With the piano playing a catchy set of notes, the ambience is carried by the hard hitting clashes of the drums, as LittleBoyParis uses that sound to his advantage as he gives off a swagged out verse similar to a pot overflowing with Ragu. Translation: LittleBoyParis and his hit “6below” is dripping with sauce. More sauce to drip on his upcoming project, #DBDW aka Dirty Boy Dirty World.

Savannah Cristina – Florida Boy (Video)

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DIRECTOR: Savannah Cristina & Amadeus M

South Florida’s songstress, Savannah Cristina is back and serving the jook vibes with the self-directed video for her 2017 slider called “Florida Boy”. Co-directed by Amadeus. The video was filmed in Dade and Broward county and produced by bLvvk, bridging the gap between the two sides of South Florida’s growing music culture. Powered by The Numiami and starring the South Florida singer herself, Savannah Cristina, this video perfectly embodies South Florida culture. Soflo Snap Squad dancers take the forefront with original Florida inspired dance moves. Watch and get your jook on, as Savannah Cristina continues to soar.



Donno Jay – All Day (Video)

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Donno Jay is on a never-ending mission to secure the bag and “All Day” is the perfect music to play during his victory lap. The Miami rapper drops off the cinematic visuals for his steadily climbing heater, “All Day”, which is as quote-worthy as it is catchy. His ability to appeal to many crowds is amplified as you play this banger at loud volumes breaking the knob if possible.  With provocative lyrics, energizing wordplay, and creativity within the video, Donno Jay leaves it all on the track with this one.

Pancake Papii – What That Mouth Dooo (Prod. Jvles)

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Florida low-key has birthed their own based god and we have yet to begin to appreciate it. The entity known as Pancake Papii has returned with another hard hitting, laugh track dedicated to… Well the name says it all. “What That Mouth Dooo”. Pancake Papii spews his adventurous sex-capades over a Jvles produced beat. The South Florida rapper and flapjack daddy is transforming himself into a real life Leisure Suit Larry. So if you like doing hood rat shit, like getting double toppy while playing Mario Karts, Pancake Papii and his bangers will be your savior.