#TBT: Robb Bank$ – Sensational (Video)

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EDITOR: A Jaded Ape

Let’s think back to four years ago, while an underground phenom and at the start of stardom with a cult like fan base, but with the resume to follow. Florida summers in 2016. Today’s youth were running wild, full of untapped potential. All nights were filled with what seemed like unlimited vices and Robb Bank$ was the soundtrack. A space for the unique hood baby, anime loving, vice lovers.

The Nuez produced banger, “Sensational”, along side with “Crunch Time Freestyle” that made up the first installment of his highly acclaimed mixtape series,  “Cloverfield”, is believed to be the spark that set his stone name permanently in the underground’s hall of fame.

A continuous onslaught of fluid motion in his rhymes. Wave like flows of sorts. Lyrics detailing his adventures with past lust interests and providing further proof that he is rap’s true Anime God.

Unkle Luc, now as prominent of a figure to rap culture as the man starring in this video. Always providing innovative effects and perfect visuals to a partner with the track. And with how things have been going for both Robb Bank$ and Unkle Luc, they will continue to change the frame of Florida’s culture and it’s wave of art.