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Tyler, The Creator – Fucking Young/Death Camp

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PRODUCER: Tyler, The Creator
DIRECTOR: Tyler, The Creator
UPCOMING ALBUM: Cherry Bomb | April 13th, pre-order via iTunes

T does it again! As the Golf Wang masses gathered on the internet after the release of his new media based app, Tyler The Creator premieres the greatest video of the past few months, “Fucking Young”. The first single off of his newly announced album, Cherry Bomb, which drops next Monday on the 13th. Additional vocals from Charlie Wilson, Chaz BundickCole Alexander. With cameos from Lionel, Taco, & Jasper, this film tells the tale of a man who connects with a girl perfectly. But there’s only one problem, she’s too fucking young. Being a Golf Wang video, Tyler continues to bring more innovative effects and scenery to the music game. Scenes that have them shrunken down to the size of sunflowers, bubblegum balloons that helps them levitate, and rotating cinematography. This is truly a work of art. Florida’s own Crystal Tillman (@crystalcl3arr) co-stars along side as the love interest, sort of. Causing havoc and distress, while bombarding her way into his life. Have a seat and grab some popcorn with Tyler, The Creator as he watches “Fucking Young” from a seat at the movie theater. Until, he goes on a Mad Max post apocalyptic rampage, in “Death Camp”, during the last seconds and a Cherry Bomb finale.

Kim – Did To Yuh

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PRODUCER: Jove Beats
ENGINEER: Damijin’ Myndz
LATEST PROJECT: The Polymath | Listen

Miami birthed him, but he resides in Orlando. The artist known simply as Kim, takes his step into the spotlight with his new release called “Did to Yuh”. The track gives insight into Kim’s life as he vividly recalls the day that his father, Stephon, took his own life. He reminds the world that moments like that are what molded him into the artist that he is today. Switching from singing to spitting, all in the same flow, he remains fluid on the beat. The production is by Jove Beats, who has been backing him since they first met, helping propel him into future stardom. We can see it in him as well, true star power. And he reminds us that even though the track this hot, for him, it’s effortless now. There’s always bigger and better to come, and we’ll be waiting for it. Until then, take a listen to “Did to Yuh” above.

Murph & Webbz – Westbrook & Durant

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PRODUCER: Urb Tactics
WEBBZ’ LATEST EP: Medicinal EP | Download
MURPH’S UPCOMING PROJECT:  Position of Power | May 1

Straight out of South Florida, fellow Miramar natives Murph (Realer Than Most Entertainment) & Webbz (Currency Exchange Entertainment) link up on this video dubbed, “Westbrook & Durant. With a lot of potential being overlooked, these two artists are doing their best to prove that they deserve a spot in the MVP race. Over an extremely super funky beat, produced by Urb Tactics. The pair goes bar for bar, shot for shot. Not one over shadowing the other, but both in what sounds like musical harmony. But are they truly worthy of the title that they claim? Take a look/listen and make sure to tweet us your thoughts.

DoLA – Birthday Suit

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PRODUCER: ghost/\/ghoul
LATEST EP: Ch. 1 Night Vision | Listen

Usually for birthdays people get gifts, but DoLA decides to show us why he’s the man and gives a gift to the people called “Birthday Suit.” Ghost/\/Ghoul continues to rise to prominence, as he lays a dark-hype instrumental to combat with DoLA’s rash bars on the trippy record. The hook kicks the door off of the hinges immediately, with the lines: “Fuck a outfit, I’d rather wear ya bitch out / Fuck a ounce bitch, I’d rather cop a brick house!” Forewarning, if you play this at high levels in public areas, the possibility of a moshpit being formed out of nowhere will increase 100 percent. But then again, who doesn’t appreciate a good moshpit? Let DoLA continue to apply pressure to the rap game, and if you haven’t done so, make sure to wish him a Happy (belated) Birthday.

Wifisfuneral – Surrrf (ft. SkyXXX, Keez & Max P)

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PRODUCER: Jay Splash
LATEST EP: 3 Peat | Download
UPCOMING PROJECT: Now & Forever | June 30

“Today I woke up flexin! Tomorrow I’ll be surfin!”

Like many other squads, Swamp Posse is on a serious campaign to bring the crown back to Florida, with the respect that this beloved state deserves. With that being said, I shouldn’t be surprised that Wifisfuneral has yet to disappoint. Less than two weeks after releasing the intro to his highly anticipated project, Now & Forever, Wifisfuneral leaks a bonus track featuring the homies SkyXXX, KeeZ, & Max’ P. With production by Jay Splash, listen as the collective get their Kelly Slater on as they flex on “Surrrf”.


Kenny Turnup – Leave Me Alone (ft. RPG & Teddy Blow)

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LATEST EP: KJ | Purchase via iTunes
LATEST MIXTAPE: Relax Gang Vol. 1 | Download

As aware as we are that this is a Florida related platform, we still couldn’t be any prouder of Relax Rekords and the work they’ve been putting into the rap game. Kenny Turnup is the next of many sunshine state artists to run with the torch, and on this track his does exactly what his alias suggest. He turns the fuck up! For the features he graps RPG & fellow Relax Rekords member, Teddy Blow. Who both do their part at being active, never failing to keep the song jumping and only adding to this audio dope. Far Lane is on the beat, he does his best Cliff Paul impersonation and assists the track with such ease. This song is featured on his EP called KJ, which was released on April Fools Day, via iTunes. Listen and wile out to “Leave Me Alone” and make sure to thank us later.

Bizzy Crook – Tears Of Joy [Freestyle]

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LATEST MIXTAPE: Coming To America| Download
LATEST EP: No Hard Feelings| iTunes

Fresh off of a live performance at S.O.B.’s, for Hot97’s Who’s Next concert, Bizzy Crook releases another track for the week. With this new leak he continues to add onto South Florida’s streak. I’m hoping that this means we should be expecting a project soon. Until then, listen to Bizzy Crook lyrically lash out over this Rick Ross instrumental.