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#TBT: Rick Ross – Hustlin’ (Video)

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PRODUCER: The Runners
ALBUM: Port Of Miami | iTunes
YEAR: 2006

“Whip it real hard.. Whip it, whip it real hard..”

With the #RenzelRemixes drowning the airwaves and Black Market getting closer by the day, we at would like to revive the hit that brought one of Florida’s most prominent and long lasting artist to worldwide stardom.

Back in 2006, before the Luc Belaire and DGK endorsements. Before the Wing Stop franchises. Before the fueds. Ultimately, before MMG. Rick Ross was still a prominent Florida figure, being that he was signed to Slip-N-Slide Records and Def Jam, after doing a stint on Suave House Records. While touring and putting out street albums, Ross continued to build a strong name for himself as the people’s choice by honing in and constantly elevating his talent and work ethic. During that run, he found an instant hit with Orlando production duo, The Runners, who at the the time had Lil Wayne and Fat Joe on their credit list.

As his debut album Port Of Miami was announced, “Hustlin” became the official single. This was Rick Ross’ first real taste taste of major notoriety. The track was an instant radio smash. Although it only peaked at 54 on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts, the record went on to sell over a million copies and gained the sights of hip hip god, Jay Z. Who eventually lent a verse for the official remix, alongside Def Jam label mate Young Jeezy.

Holding only two singles, “Port Of Miami” debut at the #1 spot on the charts and went on to gold certification. Kicking off a major streak of hits, selling over a combined 3 million units and signing multiple multi-million dollar ventures. Rozay, or Renzel, is the true definition of a BOSS.

With the direction of Gil Green, Rick Ross showed a version of Miami that’s familiar to natives, but foreign to outsiders and onlookers. I’m talking about dreadlocks, gold teeth, and box Chevy’s sitting on 24 inch tires and higher. The REAL Miami. References that were more common to listeners than that of the South Beach nightlight. Strictly hustlin’.

Distributing only quality work ever since, it is all that we expect from the legend. Excellence is his reputation. So continue to cherish these #RenzelRemixes and be sure to cop Black Market once it is available. Ross has shown and proved that all he can do is impress.

Ice Billion Berg – Land Of The Hate

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UPCOMING ALBUM: Damage Is Done 2 | Release – December

After hearing this track, it’s no wonder the Titanic sank when they ran into this force. Ice Billion Berg, better known as Ice Berg has been on the radar since he was screaming “Fuck The Other Side” back in 2008. But we’re here to bring you this hard hitting track by the name of “Land Of The Hate”. Giving a vengeful and chilling story over a DjOnDaBeat instrumental.

“So cool out before you get shot for tryna be hot.. Cold killers have niggas like you froze in a box..”

This is truly the type of street music that people need to cut a check for. Ice Billion Berg has consistently delivered heartfelt and menacing content, and this is no different. Press play and give “Land Of The Hate” the recognition that it deserves.


Ice Billion Berg – It Aint A Party

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PRODUCER: Young Zoe & Joe Molly
UPCOMING ALBUM: Damage Is Done 2 | Release – December

With little time to let the world breathe, Ice Billion Berg has been applying pressure to rap game’s neck with an onslaught of tracks and freestyles over the past few weeks. Heavily known for his detailed perception of the street life, he’s just as well known for making some of the most compelling and laid back tracks of our time. “It Aint A Party” is an easy going, yet vivacious song about lust and the night light. For those who want to set the right mood for the night, but don’t wanna be Draking, play this and let the track work it’s magic.

OG Layla Johnson – ALL I KNOW ft. Boy Wonder (Video)

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DIRECTOR: P.K. Sellers
PRODUCER: Jordan Patrick

When you mention Florida rap, the more southern regions usually tend to get the most response. But over more recent times, The Bay has been consistently placing a handful of talent in the position to gain notoriety. One being OG Layla Johnson, one of the faces of the all female collective, Tampa Baes. Still riding a tsunami like wave from her debut project, “OG EP”, Queen Layla has been steadily pushing her way towards the throne of Florida’s upper echelon of not only female creatives, but creatives all alike.

Recently she has blessed us with visuals by P.K. Sellers, for one of her prominent records from the EP, “All I Know”, featuring a hard body verse and chorus by another one of 813’s finest, Boy Wonder. The pair tag team Jordan Patrick’s heavy hitting instrumental with a Chi Chi and Goku type of vengeance as they give us a hymn for keeping it real in today’s times.

Make sure to pull up to your nearest gyro spot blasting “All I Know” and let the fakes know how you really feel.

Ace Hood – Starvation 4 [Mixtape]

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PRODUCERS: Ben Billions & Schife Karbeen, Sonny Digital, Ray Real, & Dun Deal
UPCOMING ALBUM: Beast Of The South | TBA

With last years entry reaching over half a million downloads to accompany a million views. We The Best Music Group representer, Ace Hood returns during the fourth quarter to unleash the final installment into his critically acclaimed mixtape series with, Starvation 4.

No features whatsoever, Ace Hood continues to show fire in his eyes and a snarl in his growl as he proves why his numbers NEVER lie. An 11 track itinerary of pure gas was delivered by the Broward County phenom. Mostly produced by frequent collaborators Ben Billions & Schife Karbeen. The mixtape also features beats from Sonny Digital, Ray Real and Dun Deal.

Tracks like “Mood” shows us versatility with his melodic vocal projections and bashing rhymes. While the Sonny Digital produced “954” gives a familiar rhythmic and hypnotic flow, it passes all tests of being a banger once you realize that you’ve been dabbing the entire four and a half minutes.

It’s safe to say that Ace Hood is back for his annual run on the charts as he’s grown accustom to doing. With bodies of work as appealing as this one, the entire state of Florida is likely to help catapult him back into the front lines of stardom. Give the tape a listen and prepare to put it on repeat.

Lil Reese – Seen Or Saw (ft. Rick Ross) [Remix]

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LATEST PROJECT: Supa Savage 2 | Stream
PURCHASE: via iTunes

Lil Reese calls up the biggest boss for the second installment of “Seen Or Saw”, originally on his latest mixtape Supa Savage 2Rick Ross has been popping up left and right for the past month, missing no steps at all after being released from jail. The duo come together again to deliver a pure street anthem, reminding those of the unspoken code in the trenches. With Lil Reese’s upcoming album 300 Degrezz rumored to be nipping at our heels, this will used as an official single until further notice. Give it a listen and check back with us for updates on what the Chiraq general is dropping next.

PREMIERE: GTuck – Take No L’s [Remix]

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UPCOMING PROJECT: See You Soon – Nothing Lasts Forever | TBA

Dropping off a re-release of his latest hit “Take No L’s” which had the internet buzzing for the past few days due to the queen YesJulz’ snapchat. GTuck made some minor revisions based on views of the fans and the Director of Vibes herself. Although slight, it’s still great to see an artist take constructive feedback and actually utilize it as quickly as he did. Rather than taking a stand against the audience, as we’ve grown to see from artist over the years.

Nevertheless, it does not take away the impact that this track had this week. This is a must listen when looking for motivation to burst through your day. The urge to stunt and the resentment of life losses is still at an all time high when we press play. Mark up another “W” for GTuck &