Pouya – So What (ft. Fat Nick)

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DIRECTOR: Giancarlo Loffredo
PRODUCERS: Don Krez & Hltr$kltr
LATEST MIXTAPE: South Side Slugs | Listen
UPCOMING RELEASE: Fat Nick – Fat Camp | April 28th

It’s the Kumite on acid. While back on the road. This time with Sir Michael Rocks. Pouya delivers the insanely mind farting video for his South Side Slugs track, “So What”. Don Krez and Hltr$kltr behind the production, while visually, Giancarlo Leffredo takes you to that moment just before you’re about to trip balls. Cat girls fighting to the death. Seizure inducing¬†transitions. Fat Nick half with no shirt, holding and umbrella. No one really knows what’s going on in the video, but that’s why it’s so addicting to watch. The only thing that it’s missing is Shang Tsung in the cut, coolin’. Watch the video and thank them for the best video of your day.

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