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K.Charles – Comeback


Miami native K.Charles looks to start off the Summer with a bang with his new single, “Comeback”. Instead of his usually flow, K.Charles fused some demonic type rock essence into the track which is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

On the day of the release, he later on tweeted “Haven’t Dropped A Track In Over A Year But I Promise It Was For A Reason. Ya Bump That Pressure“.

“Comeback” is the first official offering from his upcoming project God Speed dropping later this year. Stream the latest above.

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JackCheddah – Biscayne Vol. 1 (Project)

ARTWORK BY: @Robopeezy

“I expect anyone who’s listening to this project to find a track which correlates to their everyday life or struggle.”

After putting in a lot of work this year, 7Eighty6 member JackCheddah returns with his latest body of work entitled Biscayne Vol. 1. Complete with 8 tracks and all the vibes, the sole feature comes from fellow South Florida artist, SKBABYRUTH.

Speaking with the upcoming Miami artist to get a little more insight of the new release, JackCheddah stated that “The meaning behind the project was to set the vibes for the summer creating a wavy atmosphere for my city. Metro Boomin’ tweeted & he said whatever project you are doing make sure it’s some of the best music that your able to produce if it’s 10 tracks they all gotta be fire and that’s what inspired me to create Biscayne Vol 1.

Press play and listen to Biscayne Vol. 1 above and hear the dope summer vibes pumping through your speakers.

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Space Jam – Tell Me Where (Video)


Miami’s own Space Jam is making his debut on our pages with his latest visual “Tell Me Where.” Director NTRO4K made sure to capture Space Jam in a more mellow state while being joined by his lovely main lady, Le Cherry. From his futuristic tone, you can already tell that Space Jam is bringing something different to the underground South Florida music scene. Be sure to check out his previous EP The Pilot King Kenobi Vol. I and watch “Tell Me Where” above.

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Remy 99 – Stop Hating (Video)

DIRECTED BY: Triclops Empire

An upcoming Broward artist emerges on the scene with a new hot visual entitled Stop Hating. He goes by the name Remy 99 (don’t forget the “99” when you say it). Since rapping at a young age, 99 has been productive with his music and has been making noise ever since his “OOOUUU” freestyle in August. The visual shows 99 getting electrified with his crew, “Troubled Kampers” and they are repeatedly telling the disbelievers to simply Stop Hating ! You can clearly see that he doesn’t care about what others think and believes that he is bound for greatness. You should be on the look out for Remy 99 as from here on, but for now take a peep at his visual, “Stop Hating”.

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SIN ft. Bostxn – You Sleep (Video)

DIRECTED BY: $hane “Komodo” Andre
PROJECT: Victory Lap

South Florida’s SIN brings us a new, wavy visual that is sure to wake the doubters up. Director Komodo captures SIN in a chill & hazy setting before cruising the streets on a lit pickup truck with Bostxn. Watch “You Sleep” above and make sure to stream his Victory Lap EP, available on all music platforms.

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RZG – $$$ (God Bless U Have A Nice Day)

Cover Art By: @kenrickac

Ending 2016 on a good note, Broward County artist RZG returns with his latest single, “$$$.”  You can expect a new project entitled Blowin’ Up Fast coming soon for 2017. To hear more from RZG , you can check out his Soundcloud here .

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Interview: GemTalk with Koi


Here at CITRUSRAP.COM, we give you guys the goods on who is hot & who is popping. To make it more enlightening for you, we introduce to you our series: “GemTalk”. We will be interviewing some of the loveliest women in Florida making major moves and blessing us with their work. “GemTalk” is all about creating a platform where women can speak about their true passions and what they do for our culture. Up next, is Koi who is constantly blessing us with her angelic voice & captivating visual. Read below how Koi & I talked about her latest visual “Jaffa Remix” & the story behind her first EP “Digging You”.


Who is Koi?

I am just a girl who loves to sing, loves to create, and loves to eat.

In the music world, who do you look up to?

I have so many inspirations I could probably write an essay about it. To narrow it down, Solange, Little Dragon, MF DOOM, Chaka Khan, King of Leon, and Kelela are definitely my top inspirations. They are so creative, innovative, and are in their own lanes. I want to create my own lane just as they do.


Who would you want to collaborate with?

Another question I could write an essay on. The artist I have mentioned in the interview so far to be honest and so much more I really can go on and on. But some people I haven’t mentioned I would want to are Rihanna, Jai Paul, Sampha, SBTRKT, Jessie Ware, Quadron, Ben Khan, BC Kingdom and The Internet just to name a select few.

During the time & process of creating, did you feel like you had to reinvent yourself as an artist so people can actually know who Koi is? 

I wrote T4U and I wanted to know what it would sound like outside of my head. After dropping T4U, I did feel like I needed to invent myself over and construct some persona that would become “KOI” until I realized I am KOI… day to day and there is no right way of presenting myself to the world.

unnamed-3Which album or artist are you currently listening to right now?

Currently I have been bumping the new Solange, Grimes and Anita Baker’s greatest hits. Most of the time, I just listen to instrumentals that I possibly want to turn into songs.

Tell me the story behind your first EP Diggin You.

Digging You” came about only because There 4 U came into existence. A close friend of mine actually introduce me to this producer/DJ mixer Soundcloud named Kokobo and he had a mix on there I loved. T4U beat was something I just listened to freely until one day I just started singing to it because I had a crush and the beat inspired me. After I dropped T4U my friends kept asking when would I drop more music so as I came across beats I liked I put together an EP (except for Unwind). I originally sang it to the instrumental for Lupe Fiasco’s “Streets on Fire” but the producer & I flipped it.

From watching your newest visual “Jaffa RemixI can already see that you’re coming out this year as a more seductive, carefree Koi, do you feel like there’s a difference between when you first came out to now?

Many of the artists out right now are getting their shine & usually they have a brand. They are constantly posting pictures daily & advertising their brand. Putting themselves out there and getting their following count up to par. When I first got into this, I never established a brand, an aesthetic. Overall, I am eclectic. Trying to establish that has been a little struggle. For this video being seductive and carefree is just how it came to be. The song is sexy so it happened naturally.


I know everybody can agree when I say that your song writing skills are remarkable. Explain how do you get in the zone while you are in the process of curating some new work?

Thank You! Sometimes words or melodies come to me so I open up the voice recorder or memo apps on my phone and just let it all go. However, most of the time I write in my room or in my car. I will listen to a beat on repeat for hours on end until I finally vibe with it (only if I have to). Once I am ready, I will start singing words sometimes it is just mumbling and humming but I joint down what I hear. Sing it back. Replay the part repeatedly, flowing like that until I am done.

Name your top 5 albums.

That is such a hard question for me. I could easily say Little Dragon’s discography or MF DOOM’s. I do not know how to narrow it down but I will just name some albums that I bumped during changes in my life growing up. Lets go with Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool, Jay-Z ’s American Gangster, and Little Dragon’s self titled album Little Dragon, Amy Winehouse Frank (R.I.P one of the best to ever do it), and Radiohead King of the limb. There are so much more seriously, I could go on and on there are not just five.

unnamed-5Any expectations for your upcoming project this year?

Well my goal is to drop a 10-track project very soon if all goes swimmingly. I explored with my vocal in the lower registers a bit more and sonically my sound is like no other around these parts. When the new music drops, I want people to be, as I do not know what this is but I love it.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

In three years I see myself finishing school and to take off with my music. In addition, I hope that I am on a dope tour soon. (fingers crossed)

What philosophy or motto do you live by day to day ?

“The lion does not turn around when a small dog barks.” This use to be my little MySpace quote back in the day. When you are a strong lion, you do not let little things bother you. Just be above the bullshit.



By: @HighTaty

Editing: Michelle Aguirre (@amisheru) & Zoey Lawrence (@wheresfrankocean)


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