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P.O.T.C – No Make Up (Music Video)

Directed by: @Giogetstheshot

Produced by: @Blvckmike

Edited By: @Cm_Ghapo

Valentine’s Day is solely dedicated to the lovers however, upcoming Miami artist P.O.T.C (Product Of The City) had other plans. Directed by @Giogetstheshot, “No Make up” takes us through memory lane where we witness two lovers now becoming strangers in the end. Recently, we talked to P.O.T.C. and wanted to know more about the direction behind “No Make Up” and he stated ”

The concept behind No Make Up is basically you have a girl and she’s not your girl but she wants to be, and every time you wanna make it work. Life gets in the way . . . but you love her regardless. With music, I always told myself that I want to tap into the reality that everyone can relate to. I figured I’d attempt love this time around. ”  

Produced by Blvckmike, P.O.T.C displays a vocal range throughout the melodic hook followed by verses such as

Now there ain’t no more hitting me up, responsibilities are eating me up, I know you giving it up … I know you giving me up”.

With his upcoming project, “All That Glitters Isn’t Gold” releasing very soon, you can expect some tracks to make you either reminisce or flex on your ex. Watch “No Make Up” above.

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HDYWI – Tund3

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Directed by: WavyLord

Produced by: KeylowKeem

Latest Project: Before The VVS 2

With the new year starting, a wave of new projects, singles, and visuals are slowly but surely coming together from many underground South Florida artists After releasing the single in September & reaching about 15.8k plays on Soundcloud, rising artist Tund3 is back to premiere his highly anticipated visual for HDYWI.

From 2Pacs legendary single, Tund3 also incorporated a couple of similar melodic verses from K Ci & Jojo infamous line … ‘

“How do you want it, bae? /How do you feel? /Comin’ up as a n*gga in the cash lane /I’m livin’ in the fast lane, I’m for real”

How Do You Want It / TUND3

Working alongside his trusted producer KeylowKeem (who produced for GlokkNine & JackBoy) & director WavyLord ( who also worked with Kodak Black & Trippie Red), HDYWI captures the artist in his element while flexing all over Los Angeles with his homies & goofing around the Runyon Canyon. Also, let’s not forget the cute elderly lady cameo throughout the video. Lastly, the visual ends with a couple of funny bloopers giving thanks to those who participated in the making & support of HDYWI. Overall, the visual makes a statement for the Miami artist, showing the industry that Tund3 will be making major headway for 2020. Watch “How Do You Want it” above. Enjoy

Hot Spot – K.Charles

Directed by: NTRO4K

Produced by: Jewpaidro

Before the New Year started, Miami artist K.Charles can honestly say 2019 was a rollercoaster. From performing at Rolling Loud Bay Area to creating his upcoming merch, then releasing my personal favorite track “Georgetown” featuring Miami native SK, K.C thought it was only right to bless our site with the visual treatment to “Hot Spot”.

You may wonder what does the “Hot Spot” means?

According to K.C, “it’s the fuckin’ turn-up”.

At first, the visual starts off with a hilarious skit with SpaceJamThePilot & K.C. linking up at the FWAY house looking for the Hot Spot. After one quick call to Station7Eighty6ix, the Hot Spot arrives & that’s where the lituation begins. Directed by NTRO4K, the video is filled with tequila shots, fine women & good vibes. Also, you’ll see a couple of cameos from some familiar faces such as DJ Kirra, Splash Zanotti, Jack Cheddah, Zoediac, Based, Prez P BeCampin, Tund3, D-boy & many more. There were also some similar references from ” That’s 70 Shows ” but with a little 7Eighty6ix spin to it. Overall, HotSpot is the place where you need to be at ! You can also catch K. Charles performing live on Coi Leray mini-tour at the Magic Mushroom on 01/31 (ticket link is located here). Watch the “Hot Spot” above.

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There We Go – SpaceJamThePilot (ft. JimboSpikeLee & Vr Veto)

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After watching their latest collab “Hollywood”, SwagSkool Airline’s rapper SpaceJamThePilot and JimboSpikeLee are back again with another dope music video “There We Go”. Directed by NTRO4k, he captures both Miami natives living the lavish lifestyle on a yacht, while VR VETO lays a quick and catchy verse on their new single. I recently talked to Space Jam The Pilot and asked him a few questions about his newest video and he simply said: “We’ve come a long way with so many losses, we can’t lose anymore”. Watch “There We Go” above

Tund3 – Hello (Video)

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PRODUCED BY: idlbeats & keylowkeem



Making his first debut on the CITRUSRAP site, rising Miami artist Tund3 thought it was only right to announce his a new visual Hello with a bang. Off his latest project “Before The VVS 2“, Tund3 incorporated a little bit of everything into the self-proclaimed 15-track project. From past visuals such as Idlewild & Why (which are also in Before The VVS 2),  also let’s not forget to mention Deadman featuring Miami’s legend Ice Billion Berg, you can already see that Tund3 is making a name for himself in the underground South Flo music scene. Producers Idlbeats & KeylowKeem, sets the tone in Hello with a trap aesthetic with a combination of Tund3’s musically persona. Over the creative direction of Greatezt, you’ll notice a couple of references from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” & “Looney Tunes” throughout the visual. Watch Hello & make sure to catch Tund3 performing at Rolling Loud this year at the Miami Garden Hard Rock Stadium.





March – Juhasfallen (Project)

COVER ART BY: Louieseye

RELEASE DATE: March 25th, 2019


After teasing fans with a few promo visuals last week, Juhasfallen has finally released his third installment “March“.Throughout the 5-track project, Ju displays a side where he channels a mixture of nostalgic memories in his verses. Also, showcases how versatile and self-assured he simply remains in tracks such as “Somedays & Nuggets Pt.2“. From production to Friedd and Chickenn, following by a feature from BLKCIVLN artist SmokeDelagado, “March” should give you the proper introduction to Juhasfallen. Listen to “MarchhereCredits:











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TNT Freestyle – Nacro Nice (Freestyle)

Produced by: Young Devante

Over the hype beat created by upcoming producer Young Devante, Narco Nice once again releases another banger entitled “TNT Freestyle”. Every Tuesday, Nacro Nice thought it was only right to claim Tuesdays as #TNizzleTuesdays & drop nothing but fire every Tuesday. Check out Narco Nice latest #TNizzleTuesdays joints here.

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