P.O.T.C – No Make Up (Music Video)

Directed by: @Giogetstheshot

Produced by: @Blvckmike

Edited By: @Cm_Ghapo

Valentine’s Day is solely dedicated to the lovers however, upcoming Miami artist P.O.T.C (Product Of The City) had other plans. Directed by @Giogetstheshot, “No Make up” takes us through memory lane where we witness two lovers now becoming strangers in the end. Recently, we talked to P.O.T.C. and wanted to know more about the direction behind “No Make Up” and he stated ”

The concept behind No Make Up is basically you have a girl and she’s not your girl but she wants to be, and every time you wanna make it work. Life gets in the way . . . but you love her regardless. With music, I always told myself that I want to tap into the reality that everyone can relate to. I figured I’d attempt love this time around. ”  

Produced by Blvckmike, P.O.T.C displays a vocal range throughout the melodic hook followed by verses such as

Now there ain’t no more hitting me up, responsibilities are eating me up, I know you giving it up … I know you giving me up”.

With his upcoming project, “All That Glitters Isn’t Gold” releasing very soon, you can expect some tracks to make you either reminisce or flex on your ex. Watch “No Make Up” above.

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