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lil a-lik – GETAWAY [Prod. by Chri$tian]

lil a-lik revives “GETAWAY” in the new year – a track that’s produced by Chri$tian. For lack of a better term, his melodic rock-rap style can be compared to that of someone in the Gothboiclique. The message in the track is quite clear from this Broward County artist – he’s just trying to getaway towards better days. As midnight approaches, he’s in his head trying not to think about the loss he’s deeply feeling – “I wanna see the light, I promise I won’t run.”

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Shiloh Speights – SARS [Prod. by Flying Lotus]

Broward County artist Shiloh Speights introspective style shines brightly on his latest single “SARS (SHIT AIN’T REALLY STRAIGHT)” – he raps over a Flying Lotus beat; the flow and message are exquisite. A clouded moment where he’s expressing shame – he’s tired of that feeling. Asking for the strength to gain clarity –  “not tryna put my vision further into this haze.” Short and sweet with an impactful message. The cover art was shot by @CHIGUSAJ, track was engineered by @ABNERDENNIS.

The more I listen to his music and hone in on his visuals, I become more excited. I see where he’s headed and he will take part in the new wave of music that is not only more tasteful, introspective and evolutionary, but innovative. As every 5-7 years music evolves in all genres, rap is no stranger to these changes.

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BLACKKINGKOFI – Aye Gyal & Tropics [Prod. BraveStar]

Toronto based artist BLACKKINGKOFI released 2 singles to begin the new year on the right note! “Aye Gyal” is a dance floor hit, “I just wanna be your king” – steering away from the usual themes of love songs (heartbreak, fuck love, etc.) the song is about wanting to be that man that helps uplift his love interests spirit. “Tropics” [Prod. by BraveStar] has a similar theme – “I’mma take your girl back to the tropics” – if you can’t take care of business with your girl, KOFI will! Pretty much.

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Blake Banks – Can’t Catch Me Slippin'(ft. Big Baby Gucci)[Prod. by The Ambulance Factory]

Los Angeles based artist, Blake Banks just released “Can’t Catch Me Slippin'” ft. Big Baby Gucci. An up-beat party favorite produced by Banks’ in house production team, The Ambulance Factory. What a great way to kick-off the new year! Click the SoundCloud link above to listen to “Can’t Catch Me Slippin'”!

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Mike Escanor – Kari Faux [Prod. by Mike Frost]

Mike Escanor, formerly known as Mike, The Emcee, is the silver tongue of Tampa. The name change is credit to his shift in focus from being a “Rapper’s rapper” to becoming an all around artist. His latest single, “Kari Faux,” is a perfect display of witty lyricism, smooth cadences, and his make-it-look-easy tone. Click the Spotify link above & STREAM “Kari Faux” NOW!

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Jamez London – Young Sweet Jamez [Prod. by Birdie Bandz]

Los Angeles based artist Jamez London started off the new year strong with the release of his latest single “Young Sweet Jamez” (produced by Birdie Bandz) and it’s a certified hit! “Young Sweet Jamez that’s my name, if pimpin’ is religion then come and get saved..” he exclaims in the chorus. An introspective banger where he shares a true life situation, but the song is anything but melancholy – catchy and melodic. The Charlotte native will be releasing a new project towards the end of January, so stay tuned for it!

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Mixedbyjesus – Demons and Try Love

Los Angeles based artist Mixedbyjesus (born in Indiana, raised in High Point, North Carolina) just released 2 new singles – what a way to begin the new year! “Demons” is an introspective single about self exploration – he’s going back and forth about his life choices admitting he’s been living wrong. On the track “Try Love” he asks “can we try love for a little bit ?” – both tracks were produced and engineered by Mixedbyjesus himself. Both tracks, although opposite meanings, are up-beat and are sure to make you want to listen on repeat!

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