Interview: with Up-Coming Rapper, [602] Prophet

I had the opportunity to speak with a promising up-coming lyricist from Arizona known as [602] Prophet. The Arizona native currently resides in New Orleans, attending Loyola University. Influenced by artists like J. Cole and Isaiah Rashad, we have much to look forward to from this artist on the rise. Check out the short and sweet Q & A below to become more familiar with the artist known as [602] Prophet.

  1. You grew up in South Phoenix, AZ – around influences that could have “broken” you, what made you divert from self-destructive tendencies? – Arizona is known for 2 things guns and drugs because how close we are to Mexico and are gun laws are very loose so it’s not that hard to get a semi-automatic or fully automatic weapon whether you get it clean or dirty. South Phoenix specifically is a very rough area and has been like that since the 80’s. I had Uncles in gangs who were heavily involved in street shit and would be in & out of the prison system. My mom used to be affiliated since she was in middle school basically because of my uncle and my dad was selling a lot of drugs out of our house from when I was age 5-13 not to mention he eventually became an addict himself. The point is I witnessed too many people go down the wrong path whether it be my friends or my own family in a way I figured out how to be better by learning from all the bad examples that were around me and just thought to myself “Ok so this is what I shouldn’t do”
  2. Knowing what you want in life can be tough for many, you knew as young as 13 that music was your chosen path – what do you feel led you there? – It’s not that I knew I wanted to be a rapper at age 13 I just started writing raps as an outlet to deal with all my pain and trauma my book of raps was basically a diary and I feel without it I probably would’ve lost my sanity and who knows where I’d be at today without it like no corny shit music literally saved my life.
  3. You are now based in the 504 – when did you relocate and why? – I relocated in August of 2019 I go to college full time out here at Loyola University Of New Orleans and Study Urban & Electronic Music Production. My mom had me when she was 20 during a gap year she took when she graduated high school and I remember her working full time and going to community college part time at night after she was done with community she was doing online classes for NAU and around middle school she earned her Bachelors degree. Even though with the college degree we didn’t start off making money she literally showed me it was possible to get an education against all odds. That’s what inspired me to work my ass off in high school so I could earn a big scholarship and go to college.
  4. Your influences are some of the greatest lyricists of our generation (Isaiah Rashad, J. Cole, Tupac, MF Doom) it’s safe to say you are aiming for great heights like them! Please elaborate on where you see yourself in the next 5 years.  – I definitely have that mind state of if you want to be the greatest you gotta study the greatest. In 5 years I see myself on top not even on like I’m #1 on billboard or get a Grammy or whatever but like I’m talking about going on huge headline tours, owning my own label, working with a few of my inspirations, creating powerful/beautiful music, etc.
  5. Who are some producers, engineers and other artists you’re excited to work with in the near future? – Producers I’m working with now are BobbyIDK, Chris Mingus, Change, G1 to the Rescue, and Lil $lumped. Only producers I want to work with outside of my circle is !llmind and Kato on the Track. Engineers I like working with are Felix (Bag of Tricks Cat) and A. Levy.
  6. What inspired your artist name, 602 Prophet? – So 602 is the area code for South Phoenix. Prophet in biblical terms is a messenger of God I feel like I was sent on this earth to deliver a message not from God but for my people back home. Prophet can also be a double entendre for Profit. A little backstory my Nana is super religious like very devout Catholic and she always wanted me involved with the church like she wanted me to be an alter boy but I never did it. I remember this one time we were in the backyard sitting together and she was like “Mijo when you die I want you to become a Saint and I want you to go to heaven” and I was just like “That’s a lot of pressure when I’m only 14” Hahaha 
  7. Please elaborate on anything you’re currently working on (projects, shows, merch, etc.) – So right now I’m a be releasing 2 songs and 2 videos a month all the way up to July that’s 14 songs and 14 videos over a span of 7 months. While I’ll be releasing all of that I’m a be simultaneously working on my album. I’m also part of this creative collective called Reloaded that recently started with Me, Change, and Alfilmedit and by the end of year we finna be on some crazy next level shit. Expect a lot more shows this year even possibly a little mini tour. If anyone is tryna cop some Merch check it out on my website and follow all my socials @602prophet.