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Flexx Lugar – Flexx Up (Official Music Video)

Flexx Lugar blazes into 2020 with the release of his latest music video for his single “Flexx Up.” The music video was filmed in sunny Los Angeles, California showing Flexx move around the city making different money moves. Stay tuned for more music to be released this year by Flexx.

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O’Keefe – My Dream Girl Is Different (Official Music Video)

O’Keefe is a young eclectic rapper from Brooklyn, NY who released a music video for his latest single “My Dream Girl Is Different.” The music video was directed by ShotByAHM, it has amassed over 5k views since it’s release on Valentine’s Day. The music video shows O’Keefe having a good time with a beautiful young woman, hanging out by a train-track. Check out the music video for “My Dream Girl is Different” above!

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Kate Rose – Outside

Lil Perfect – Living La Vida (Featuring LilBootyCall)

Lil Perfect is an already a popular YouTuber, has over three-million subscribers since starting her channel. “Living La Vida” featuring LilBootyCall, is the lead single for her EP that dropped in late-2019. The music video for “Living La Vida” has already amassed over 203K views since it’s release in November of 2019. Lil Perfect was born in Little Rock, AR and is now based in HTX.

Her strong following as a YouTuber and versatile rap artist is something that should be studied! She has amassed an organic following by being strategic and having great timing. On her YouTube channel she is known for her pranks and sense of humor – often times pulling pranks on her own family and friends. She also has another YouTube channel with her girlfriend called Jazz & Tae. Stay tuned for more to come from this promising rising star in 2020.

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Loyal T – NOW OR NEVA (Album)

Chicago has a star on the rise named Loyal T – a persistent visionary whose a paper chaser. His latest project titled NOW OR NEVA was released in Feb. of 2020. The album NOW OR NEVA is an 11-track project that gets better after you listen to each track. He has been in and out of deals since he was a teen and is now taking the independent route, ready to blaze his trail anew. NOW OR NEVA describes how people make decisions and what makes the backbone of a society, expressing gratitude for his loved ones, fan base and idols who made the new album possible.

The single “Win Again” featuring John John is a personal favorite! “Bag touch down bitch I feel like Tom Brady” the chorus exclaims. The music video will be coming out soon for “Win Again,” so stay tuned! You can show some love and support by STREAMING NOW OR NEVA on Spotify, click the link above!

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Reddot550 – Big Soulja (EP)

Rapper Reddot550 has just released his project Big Soulja on all streaming platforms. The 6-track EP was all produced by Reddot and has no features – He wanted his newly growing audience to experience his full on talent and prepare them for what’s to come, sonically. The Broward County native was born there but spent a lot of time, while growing up, going back and forth to ATL. You can distinctly hear both sounds in his music, Big Soulja is the best outcome of both. He speaks from experience “I talk a lot about guns drugs and money cause that’s all I was around growing up” Reddot expressed about the creative focus of his music.

My personal favorite track is “DATS WAT I LIKE” it already has close to 2k streams on SoundCloud since the EP’s release on Friday the 13th! Stay tuned for more to come from this promising up and comer.

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Lil Southside Kaleeks – Traffick (Directed by Keaton Jones)

Dallas, Texas artist Lil Southside Kaleeks released a visual for his latest single “Trafficked.” The visual was directed by Keaton Jones – track produced by Tommy Poe. “Trafficked” was inspired by the daily trials of trap life in Dallas – it’s the lead single off of Kaleeks album Slide or Shut Up which was released in October of 2019. He is yet another artist affiliated with the St. Louis based Dorm Room Entertainment. Check out the music video for “Trafficked” above!

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