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Plyte: The LA based Artist Incentive Program

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Being an artist with talent, ideas and vision could be overwhelming if you do not have the right structure – with Plyte the artist development “one stop – shop” you learn to build a structure, a foundation that will carry your career forward with proper traction.  Plyte offers a one month program designed to level – up skills, network, and exposure for emerging artists known as “D-Day.” They have teamed up with PayDay LA and NoGossipLA to make it all happen. The intensive is carried out with a 3 – stage consultation program designed to give selective artists the tools, resources and guidance needed. The main focus is to build a team for the artist. Plyte’s roster of coaches work with companies such as Vevo, Spotify, Warner Brothers, Universal Music Group, SXSW, and more.

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Jux Bravo – Real Ones (ft. Lil Pop Out)

Jux Bravo is an up-coming artist from Charlotte who’s latest single “Real Ones” ft. Lil Pop Out has amassed almost 10k plays on SoundCloud since it’s release. The track is an ode to those who keep things genuine and don;t have to “fake the funk.” In a time when much is based on the surface of things it’s good to bring up the idea that it’s the “Real Ones” who deserve true praise. Produced by Yung Tago & Ceddidit.

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Voice of G – Energy [Prod. by Voice of G]

Miami emcee, Voice of G released his latest, high-energy single titled “Energy.” The track was written and produced by Voice of G himself. He made the track during a time he was feeling frustrated and rejected; he chose to externalize his emotions in this manner. “It’s a hype track and so it’s purpose is to make people move around, jump, scream – just let it all out! Everyone has an energy inside them, sometimes it’s good or bad energy but I want everyone out there to let it out and free themselves. This is a perfect song for that” expressed Voice of G about the song.

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DANVHEFNER – Topanga [Prod. by Sparkheem]

DANVHEFNER just released his latest single “Topanga” (the track is produced by P. Sparkheem ) the heavy DMV sound is prevalent in the song. Cover art was done by bynpz.  The is no real inspiration behind the single “Topanga” other than “let’s turn up” to the DMV sound. DanVHefner and Sparkheem are working on a 3-track EP that will be available by early next year, I can’t wait to listen to the tracks! What a great way to begin the new year! I’ve been covering Dan’s music for most of 2019 and it’s progressed so much – he has a consistency that some artists lack and he’s showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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Prime Society – BUCK TEETH (Full Album)

“BUCK TEETH” is the latest full-length project by Arizona based hip hop trio Prime Society. A melodic, punchline packed reintroduction to true artistry. The group’s self-produced EP touches on topics such as dealing with personal losses (such as Infin8 losing his Grandmother), to overcoming life’s toughest obstacles, and even having to evade police. Prime Society opens up with “Moonwalking”, a strong introduction where singer Shy supplies the perfect support to Infin8’s raw rap lyrics. “Ain’t no Kylo Ren, I off these kids like Anakin” is one of the many boastful lines from the group’s main MC Infin8.

On the track “Rick & Morty,” brothers J. Reid Prime and Infin8 go bar for bar over the bass-heavy banger produced by J himself. Prime then turns to the peaceful vocals of Shy on the guitar-laden track “Satria” featuring Kal the Thot Slayer of The Color 8. Shy sings about not having time to waste especially knowing the future he is destined for. The project is sprinkled with mini skits that serve as transitioning points between tracks. J. Reid provides unorthodox production for Infin8 and Lil Ty on “Bowser”, allowing the group to show diversity.

By the end of track 7 “Duckin the Law”, you should feel like you know the 3 members as Infin8 gives one last verse letting you see a vivid picture of what his life has become. The finishing touch is the voicemail left by his father encouraging the group to stay together through the ups and downs of the music industry. “BUCK TEETH” is Prime’s latest and most fulfilling work yet and although it’s only 7 tracks, it’s a wholesome piece of art.

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Brandon Scaletta – TRIO [Dir. Keaton D. Jones] (Official Music Video)

St. Louis has a promising star on the rise, rapper Brandon Scaletta is making sure to blaze a memorable path for himself in music. His single “TRIO” was inspired by times in his past; being a young kid getting stoned with friends, just going with the flow. After an over the phone conversation with a friend, reminiscing about the past, Brandon was inspire to make the track. The visual was directed by Keaton D. Jones , the main focus for the video was to keep it cinematic, no grand inspiration behind it.

Brandon is at the very beginning of his music career and I am honestly excited to see what’s to come for him. I can see his potential already simply from his flow – I guarantee we will be hearing a lot more about him by December 2020. Brandon will be releasing a new single in January, so stay tuned!

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Shiloh Speights – Fallacy (Shot by Clout9Cinema + Editor TENDAI) [Video]

Broward County producer and artist Shiloh Speights debuts on our pages with this artistic visual and single known as “FALLACY.” The visual was directed by Shiloh, shot by South Florida based videographer @clou9cinema and edited by South Florida based artist @10d4ys. The track was produced by Nion – an introspective look into accepting that you and someone you care for are growing apart. The visual beautifully suits the song – Shiloh is smoking in his car thinking about the situation and facing the facts. Short and sweet yet there is so much for the audience to perceive. Everyone has been through moments in their life, whether it’s friends, family or a love interest when you come to the realization that you must distance yourself from them. I feel this is a nice memento of those emotions being expressed through song and visual. Shiloh Speights is an artist that is going to give you more than a standard song or visual, he has his own thing going for him and I look forward to seeing what 2020 and on have in store for this promising star. For updates and more please visit his website: SHILOHSPEIGHTS.COM

Shiloh has also recently released a new single titled “Kali’s Sacrifice” click here to listen NOW!

Follow Shiloh Speights on Instagram & Twitter – click the YouTube link above to watch the music video for “FALLACY.”