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Young Breed & Dame – Tap In (Single)

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Seasoned rapper Young Breed and rising spitta Dame Cain have joined forces for their new joint.

On Wednesday (Dec. 9), Breed and Dame dropped their new song “Tap In.” On the song, both rappers throw down slick bars over smooth production. CitrusRap spoke with Breed and Dame about their new collaboration.

“We were in the studio in Cali and we got this other artist that be coming around,” Dame said. “He came in and he gave us that clue. He was like ‘Aye man tap in.’ His name Movi3, and he’s under the same management team. He kind of gave us that idea and we filled the rest in on our own.”

“That was just one that just came out of the blue effortlessly,” Young Breed said about the record.

“Tap In” is just the first offering from their coming up joint project Wages of Sin. According to both artists, the project is set to feature a rare sound that SoFlo hasn’t heard yet.

“I’m feeling good about this situation,” Dame said. “and this music me and [Young Breed] have been making together it’s like a different sound that no one ain’t got so we’re going to take it a whole new different way. I know they’re gonna bite on quick because it’s smoke.”

“Dame will tell you, I tell him everyday we in the studio like bro really motivated me to go hard,” Young Breed said. “Just to be honest, I was really bored with the music. I done traveled the world twice and I did music. I was still doing music but I was just bored. When me and Dame came together and we said we were going to do this collective project, he really rekindled my flame for this music. The type of music we were making, like he said, it’s a different sound that nobody heard before. So I was actually excited to do the project.”

While Young Breed is a well-known lyricist from the crib, Dame Cain hails from Baton Rouge, La. and has been on the rise for quite some time. Prior to “Tap In,” Dame linked up with New York’s own K-Shine for their song “Target Practice.” The song is set to be on Dame’s debut album coming in 2021.

Wages of Sin drops December 17. Listen to win “Tap In” up top.

Teenear – Special Attention (Official Video)

DIRECTOR: Damian Fyffe
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

All eyes on Teenear.

Slip N Slide’s shining star commands the world’s attention in the official music video for her new song “Special Attention.” Teenear gives us a taste of both sides of her sex appeal in the spiciest video she’s made thus far.

On Friday (Nov. 20), Teenear debuted her risqué visuals for “Special Attention.” Directed by Damian Fyffe, the illustrious singer strips down to her lingerie as she lays in bed waiting for her special someone. In an other scene, we can see Teenear dressed in a sequined bodysuit pulling some slick moves on an acrobat ring while dangling mid-air.

Teenear made sure to keep that same energy at the official release party for the video. On Thursday night (Nov. 19), Slip N Slide Records held a private event to celebrate the singer’s new visuals. Troves of women pulled up to the secret venue located in Wynwood rocking their most seductive lingerie fits in honor of the music video’s NSFW theme.

Hosted by Media Bae, guests enjoyed the vibes set by DJ Rere before Teenear made her grand entrance. The singer instantly garnered everyone’s attention as she strolled into the party dressed in a diamond-encrusted, sheer dress that glistened with every step she took. Teenear acknowledged all of her fans as she made her way to the photo booth to flick it up with her entourage.

The song and video comes not long after she shared her inspirational anthem “Free.” Check out the music video up top.

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From South Florida, To The World: A Conversation With Bizzy Crook (Interview)

There’s no need to worry about how Bizzy Crook is doing in life. In his new album, From Me, to You, BZZY finally comes to terms with his chaotic past. The South Florida artist is moving on to the next phase of his life. 

After spending the past nine years gaining global notoriety for his music, the 28-year-old rhymer finally puts his past behind him and focuses on the future of his rap career — no co-signs necessary. From Me, to You is the first body of work that consistently portrays his life in a positive light despite the turmoil happening throughout the world thanks to COVID-19.

Like most people nowadays, Bizzy Crook spends most of his time at home to protect himself and his family from the coronavirus. He’s usually surrounded by his work and his 2-year-old daughter Zen Love, but today CitrusRap is catching up with Bizzy on a Zoom call live from his living room. During our conversation, we reminisce about the pre-COVID days and reflect on how we’ve all had to adapt. 

“It’s definitely a harsh change,” Bizzy said. “I definitely miss performing but on the bright side it’s opened my eyes to so many other things bro. Most importantly, what this pandemic has taught me is that we need to be self- reliant because the system could shut off at any minute. Man I got into real estate and recently started my first construction. I got into stocks — Shout out to Telsa. I made a lot of money with Tesla during the pandemic. These are things we all should be taught at a young age but you know sometimes it takes being stuck at the crib to figure it out.” 

Bizzy’s extra sources of income definitely help him embrace his new life journey. The Good Luck Forever Records founder delivers 10 profoundly personal tracks that give his fans deeper insight on who he’s become as an independent artist today. He’s no longer holding on to minuscule grudges or the detrimental characters who previously held him back. Instead, Bizzy takes a stand for himself and proves to the haters that he feels greater than ever before. 

The introduction to the project alone indicates exactly where Bizzy’s head is at. “Over You” solidifies his split from the one girl in his life that he couldn’t let go of. Although he mentions the end of their relationship in “Breaking Bad” off his last project Confetti, Bizzy elaborates further about life without his former flame. He mentions how much happier he’s been since he got over her. 

“If you’ve been following my music for a long time, then you know that I’ve been kind of like holding on to a specific relationship with this certain girl,” Bizzy Crook told CitrusRap. “And I was just like… “Fuck this shit” like I’m ready to let go. I’m ready to start a new slate. And when I put myself in that state of mind, the song is just about all the things that the doors that open when I close that one.” 

The rest of the LP is indicative of what the newest chapter of Bizzy’s life looks like. His day-one Florida fans will appreciate refreshing new songs like “Dios Mio” and “South Florida Girls.” The latter is a bouncy banger produced by Zalezy that lets the put on for the hard-working baddies from Dade County all the way up to the northern border of Palm Beach. 

Meanwhile, “Dios Mio” lets the world get a better understanding of his Latin roots. The Cuban and Dominican MC overcomes the identity issues he once struggled with to create a Spanglish bop produced by fellow Florida natives J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. The song alone is a huge step for Bizzy. Early in his career, Biz was surrounded by people who pressured him into shielding his Latin heritage.

“Certain people in my corner would be like ‘Yo don’t say you Latin. Just don’t say you Latin,’” Bizzy explained. “On the inside, I wouldn’t understand it like ‘Nigga, but I’m Latin. I’m Dominican and Cuban like Afro-Cuban. My ancestors came from Africa to Cuba like why can’t I say that?’ I guess it was that people didn’t know how to market that at the time. So it was just weird bro. Now I’m just embracing who I am bro like the Hispanic community is so supportive of one another. I need a group to identify themselves with me and be like ‘Yo I see us in him and vice versa. So I threw a little Spanglish on there for “Dios Mio” and I’m definitely getting more into that.”

As the music industry continuously evolves, Bizzy does everything possible to embrace his family’s heritage in his music to working as a self-sufficient, independent artist. In “No Co-Sign,” the seasoned lyricist rehashes the trials and tribulations he experiences to get to this point in his career. The J.U.S.T.I.C.E League produced track, explains why Bizzy Crook doesn’t need an endorsement from anyone regardless of their status.   

While his confidence stands out more than ever before, Bizzy also takes some time to humble himself. His collaboration with South Florida natives, Foreign Teck, and Legaxy is Biz’s testament to his survival in the rap game. With Teck on the beat and Legaxy on the chorus, “Humble Hill” allows Bizzy to reflect on his own shortcomings and how he resolved them. While it’s easily one of the more powerful records on the album, it was also the most difficult to complete.  

I’m ready to start a new slate. And when I put myself in that state of mind, the song is just about all the things that the doors that open when I close that one.”

Bizzy Crook

“I recorded “Humble Hill” in a certain space, and then we lost the session,” Bizzy said about the song. “Yo I’m talking about at least 2-3 times a month I would try to recut that again and it just wasn’t coming out the same. I probably got 25 takes, full cuts of that record. Then I tried this thing where I envision Rick Ross being in the studio on some A&R shit, for delivery sake, and then I just nailed it.”

If anything, the song proves that Bizzy will bounce back like he always does. While he constantly puts his best efforts forward, Biz knows that he can’t be great all by myself. He closes out From Me, to You by thanking the most high in “Thank You Lord.” Bizzy delivers his grateful bars over a heavenly instrumental produced by Dante Martinelli. Martinelli originally presented to Kanye West for his Jesus is King album. ‘Ye apparently passed on the beat, which essentially gave Bizzy the lay-up and made him feel even more grateful.

Bizzy Crook has finally come full circle. Before his beloved 84 mixtape hit the streets in 2013, Bizzy was rapping about his “Stan”-like emails to Kanye West. Seven years later, Bizzy is closing out his 11th project over an instrumental that was once in ‘Ye’s possession. It’s the metaphoric cherry on top of the progression and overall growth Bizzy has shown us with his new album. From getting over his ex to flexing his Latin roots, the rapper-entrepreneur is proud of the place he’s in. But he’s nowhere near done yet. 

“I want to start experimenting with the songs but I want to make bigger songs,” Bizzy said. “I was listening to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy today and the thing I admire about Kanye is how out of the box he is. Like hearing lyrics and instrumentals, and man, you don’t even know what to call it. I want to start making shit like that. Stuff that you can’t just easily call rap. But I want to experiment and challenge myself to make bigger songs.” 

Listen to From Me, to You below. 

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GhostWridah – Hand On The Bible (Video)

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Miami’s own GhostWridah comes through with brand new visuals for his new banger.

Back in August, Ghost released a motivational record called, “Huddle” that was a haymaker. Fast forward to Monday (Nov. 9), the Miami artist dropped a brand new clip for his latest single “Hand On The Bible.” In the video directed by Daniel Betancourt, the “Huddle” rapper posts up in front of the Park Motel sign in Homestead as he delivers his slick rhymes over the illuminating beat produced by 40Mil.

The video comes shortly after GhostWridah dropped off two other songs, “2 Piece (Spicy)” and “Spirit of Frank White.”

Check out the video for “Hand On The Bible” up top.




Kidd Adamz – Toyko Drift (Video)

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DIRECTOR: Top Floor Films & Hard Knocks Films
PRODUCER: Christmuney

Kidd Adamz returns with dope visuals for his new track “Toyko Drift.”

In the video directed by Top Floor Films/Hard Knocks Films, we can see the Carol City native posted up with his shorty in front of his crew’s personal fleet of cars. In between scenes of him doing donuts in a red Corvette, Adamz drops bars about his perfect picture lifestyle.

“I got a freak b*tch, work at Magic/But I f**k when I want, it’s a habit,” Kidd Adamz raps. “Picture perfect, this pistol perfect/Turn my fist into water like its surfin’.”

The video drops ahead of his upcoming project Fweagovelli. The EP project is set to hold eight songs including “Tokyo Drift.” Look out for the Fweagovelli dropping on Dec. 7th. Watch Kidd Adamz’s new video up top.

Rippa DeLaHoya – M.I.M.S. (Single)

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STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal
LATEST PROJECT: Yours Truly, Love Rippa | via Spotify

Rippa DeLaHoya, fka Rippa On Da Beat, makes his hustle make sense to the people in his new banger.

The seasoned Miami artist recently dropped his latest solo record “M.I.M.$.” In his self-produced track, which stands for “Make It Make Sense,” Rippa delivers smooth rhymes about the days when he was broke and the losses he took –all of which helped turn him into a boss. He also describes his rich dreams full of luxurious jewelry and expensive cars.

“For the love of the money, n*ggas turn stank, but a n*gga bounced back, got it up aye,” Rippa raps. “But a n*gga turnt now, years later a n*gga really ran it up now/ My first 10 bands yeah I blew it, but my next 20 bands went stupid/Where my first 50 bands, had to use it/Had to really reinvest in this music/Where my first 100 bands, got to double up/Got it out the mud, I’mma hustla.”

The new single comes not long after Rippa dropped his album Yours Truly, Love Rippa. The 11-track project features collaborations with Ball Greezy, Kiddo Marv, Major Nine, Tierra Traniece and more.

Listen to Rippa DeLaHoya’s new song “M.I.M.$” up top.

NSG Simba – No Help (Video)

Miami’s newest rap sensation NSG Simba comes through with fresh visuals for his latest single “No Help.”

In the video directed by Anton Anderson, Simba rides around his block with the top down as he raps his bars. Later on, the Carol City native posts up at his crib and rocks out with his inner circle before he hits the stage to perform at an pop-up concert for his fans.

NSG Simba, which stands for “Never Stop Grinding,” has been hustling since he dropped the video. Earlier this week (Oct. 26), Simba dropped off his 4EVER GANGSTA MIXTAPE. His newest project holds eight new songs, including four new collaborations with YNM Rell.

Watch the video for “No Help” up top and stream his new project below.