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Noex – Breeze


Relax as twenty-one year old emcee Noex takes you for a “Breeze” in the final installment of his weekly #SAKESHOTSUNday series. Produced by XIV, he polishes the track with a smooth sample of the classic “Didn’t Cha Know” by Erykah Badu. Accept the invitation to forget about the world as Noex effortlessly glides over the beat switching flows at ease. Throughout the track we are taken on a journey through the sky to come alive and obtain new heights as we live life like a dream. This serene record definitely deserves a few plays during a walk on the beach or the drive home. This that shit that you need so sit back, light one, and spread your wings. Be sure to take a listen to the full #SAKESHOTSUNday series here.

The Weeknd – The Hills

PRODUCERS: Mano & Illangelo
DIRECTOR: Grant Singer
VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Nathan Scherrer

After teasing us during his live performance at SXSW, The Weeknd blesses us with a video for his new single “The Hills” which was originally thought to be called “Mood Music”. The video begins at the scene of a car crash as The Weeknd and two females manage to crawl from the vehicle. As a bloody Abel walks down the street of a suburban neighborhood, we see the vehicle explode in the background. It isn’t long before he arrives to a mansion to see three women staring at him in a red room, then the video ends. A little strange to say the least but still a great video. Currently #2 on iTunes and a new fan favorite, you can purchase the track here. Stay tuned as we patiently await The Weeknd‘s follow-up to his latest album Kiss Land, Chapter 3 will be coming soon.

DoLA – Salutations

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PRODUCER: Eddy Braveaux
SHOT BY: Filmrat
LATEST RELEASE: Ch. 1 Night Vision | Stream

Jacksonville native DoLA drops some dope visuals for “Salutations” from his latest project Ch. 1 Night Vision. Produced by Eddy Braveaux and directed by DoLA himself, he is seen turning up and mobbing with the homies as he salutes various supporters and members of his team. Check out the video above and look out for DoLA coming to a city near you on the ‘Havoc’ tour.

Noex – Masked Tears

PRODUCER: Flying Lotus

In the third week of his #SHAKESHOTSUNday series, Devin Lee, better known as Noex bares his soul in his latest release “Masked Tears” as he reminisces on his troubled past. Produced by the glorious Flying Lotus, the beat has a mystical and sentimental tone setting the mood for the record. Nostalgic and introspective, Devin takes us back to his adolescence as a broken and insecure youth. With a voice of resentment he takes us on an emotional journey reflecting on his lowest times of worthlessness, uncertainty, and lost love. Despondent and confused, Devin desperately tries to sidestep the devil to protect his soul and find his purpose in hopes of being accepted into heaven. Be sure to take a listen to this touching track above and check out his previous release here. Stay tuned for a new release from his #SAKESHOTSUNday series next Sunday.

J. NICS – One

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What if I told you J. NICS is the one? Well he is and the South Florida “Soul of the South” rapper is back with “One”, another Young McFly produced track to tell you why he deserves the crown. Although the beat is fairly simple, J. NICS adds his own unique flair to the record with his audacious and superior rhymes. Ready to carry the city on his back J. NICS is not only a breath of fresh air, but also what the Florida rap scene has been missing. On the rise and determined to get the recognition he deserves he has proved to be consistent giving the people nothing but quality music. With another track well-done by J. NICS and producer Young McFly we are looking forward to hearing more from them in the near future. Be sure to take a listen above and in case you missed the duo’s track “War Outside” be sure to take a listen here.

Case Arnold – As The World Turns (ft. Ace Cosgrove)


Tennessee’s Case Arnold teams up with Maryland’s Ace Cosgrove for his new track “As The World Turns” produced by Shepard. Case takes us through the motions of life casually rhyming over the sweet-sounding beat and providing us with a catchy hook. Ace Cosgrove joins in with a verse seasoning it with his one-of-a-kind style to put the cherry on top of this track. The beat and the verses compliment each other perfectly balancing this track out and making a smooth tune for the summer. Case is not ready to officially announce a project just yet, but you can assume one is fast approaching. Enjoy!

J. NICS – War Outside

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Check out J. NICS new track “War Outside” produced by Young McFly where he releases his frustrations about the current state of the world. He expresses his thoughts on the war outside addressing corruption within the government, the senseless killings of children, and poverty in countless communities. Considering the many hardships he has been through and seen his people experience, he clings to God to protect him from the world as he is just trying to stay alive. We hope to hear more tracks from J. NICS and Young McFly but for now just hit play and you wont be disappointed.