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#TBT: Tay Dizm – “Beam Me Up” Video

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DIRECTOR: Max Nichols & Constellation Jones
PRODUCER: Justin Diener

At the peak of stardom most rap artists use their new found power to shed light onto their homie’s talents. And that’s exactly what T-Pain did in 2008 when he signed his longtime friend and hypeman, Tay Dizm to his Nappy Boy Digital record label. After appearing on every T-Pain album at the time and charting on the Billboard Year End Hot 100 Single on the late Dolla’s “Who The Fuck Is That?” and 2 Pistols “She Got It”, Tay Dizm had the strength to make his mainstream debut, with “Beam Me Up” featuring Florida powerhouse Rick Ross and T-Pain, of course. A song that resonated in a lot of child hoods that had school dances, night clubs, and local radio stations steadily bumping. Little to no promotion, the single made the charts, selling 4,000 digital copies in little time. With little to follow up, Tay Dizm continues to release mixtapes and street albums under Nappy Boy Digital, working back to the momentum that he built in anticipation of a long awaited album release.


Danny Towers – BLOCKBUSTER (EP)

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PRODUCERS: HenryDaher, Danny Wolf, & AdamOnTheTrack
ARTWORK: Whateverfits.

Orlando’s Danny Towers pulls up to the finish line with a jam packed project for the fans. “BLOCKBUSTER” is a product that delivers the same feeling as  of new age legend Young Thug. Meaning it resonates nothing short of power inducing bars that makes the listener feel as if they are the baddest individual alive, with production and rhythms that forces your body into tribal dabb movements. Art direction was handled by the talented Whateverfits. Executive produced by HenryDaher, the sounds have instrumentals from himself, along with Danny Wolf and AdamOnTheTrack. One feature, that being Wifisfuneral, a frequent collaborator and only just four tracks deep. This will surely leave audio dope-heads fiening. Hopefully there will be much more coming from Danny Towers in the near future.

Solomonilla – Want To

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PRODUCER: Eestbound

The Maryland hitman Solomonilla drops off a body by the name of “Want To.” A bass laced production by Eestbound, Solomonilla once again comes with a vigorous and spirited demeanor, he continues set speakers ablaze. Only helping grow the anticipation for his upcoming project that has yet to be announced. Keep your eyes and ears wide open for what’s next to come from Solomonilla.

#TBT: Plies – Shawty (ft. T-Pain)

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DIRECTOR: Edwin Decena
PRODUCERS: Drumma Boy & Ensayne
ALBUM: The Real Testament (2007) | Purchase via The Real Testament

After a brief college football career, Plies unintentionally made a buzz in the music game after receiving great feedback on a track released on his older brother’s indie label, Big Gates Records. A short grind throughout Florida’s circuits led Plies to Miami, where eventually he signed to Slip-N-Slide Records in 2004.

Being best known for his street albums, his debut album was slated to release under new distributor Atlantic Records in 2007, as The Real Testament. To kick start the mayhem, Plies enlisted T-Pain, Drumma Boy, and Ensayne to assist on his major label single debut, “Shawty”. An instant hit in the underground and over the sound waves.

The single went on to sell over 500,000 copies, certifying it gold and charting at #9 on Billboard’s Hot 200. Plies’ name was being solidified nationally. His album was held with great criticism from the press and consumers. Selling 96,000 copies in it’s first week, landing at the #2 spot on the Billboard 200. A year later, it was certified gold.

2015, we’re still glued to our media outlets, waiting in excitement for what Plies has in store for the world next. From his outlandish Instagram videos to his street anthems and community events. This man knows how to keep his name and legacy alive.

Babatunde – 500 Days [EP]

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Putting on for South Florida and the Mother Land all in the same breath. Babatunde comes hard with his latest project “500 Days” an ode to the trap-soul genre blend that has flooded the sound waves through the recent times. Hailing from the Tribe MIA, the rapper-singer-songwriter delivers strong, yet airy vocals blended gracefully with an overdose of great production. With Instrumentals supplied by producers BathingMontel, Young Pee, VSpence, KruzTFE, & MarvBeats. The features are very limited, helping Babatunde prove that he can hold his own light. Nonetheless, the only guest appearance comes from one of Miami’s promising new-comers, NELL (free the boi). Listen as the young man puts in 12,000 hours of work for the new school.

Gucci Mane – Orange

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PRODUCER: Honorable CNote
ARTWORK: @MikalTheGod

If Weezy is the mixtape god, at the least Gucci Mane has to be the mixtape Jesus with all of the material that he puts out at such an alarming rate. Live from his prison cell Big Guwap drops off what some of us over at believe to be a testament to our quality work. The short length Honorable CNote produced track, simply titled Orange, is reminiscent of the Gucci Mane that the culture has immortalized. May he continue to bless these cold streets with the heaters that we’ve longed for.


#TBT: Desloc Piccalo – Stick N Roll

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YEAR: 2008

At the peak of Miami’s dance revolution in the underground Desloc Piccalo will always be remembered for helping transition this part of rap culture to a bigger scale. In 2008 when times seemed golden and fun was never seldom, Piccalo released one of the few official videos for his many street anthems, this one being “Stick N Roll”. Named for the body movements that the entire South Florida danced, like one big tribe. The Rapper-Producer was constantly curating the movements of the listeners. Either forcing them to jook and bop, or just simply vibe. Today, we’d like to remind those who forgot and shed light to those who never knew the greatness of this time era.