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Fourfive – I Promise I’m Happy

PRODUCER(S): Gekko, Zetra, Damma, Malcom Johnson, Wolph, Sham

Another impressive artist by the name of FOURFIVE released his latest project, I Promise I’m Happy. FOUR debuts eight new songs with that ever-so gracing melodic flow. Coming from the East coast, FOURFIVE has been putting in the work lately and this another example of the his hard work ethic. Some of the top songs off the album definitely has to be “I Promise I’m Happy”, “Love Didn’t Happen”, & “They Ain’t Ready” which are defining songs and whole sound of of IPIH. Hopefully we get some visuals with this tape as I’m highly enjoying it during my quarantine. In the meantime, check out FOURFIVE’s new tape I Promise I’m Happy out now!

QFrmBricks – “Drop Top”

As we enter another day on lockdown, another northern artist QFrmBricks from Poughkeepsie, NY makes his way onto our Florida based page. Taking 2020 by the horns, Q has initiated a roll-out of several songs that have caught a little traction on streaming platforms. Tracks like “Clown” and “Drop Top” w/ a familiar name, TraeDaKid, have caught the ears of myself and a few other music consumers. Coming from a rough neighborhood, Bricks took it the mic after high-school and this was his year to start that journey. As we are just getting acquainted with Bricks, we will only see more of his music and content. Buckle in and watch Q possibly go from nothing to something. Follow him on your socials, @Qfrmbricks and check out his catalog above!

Ramzoid – VAMPIRE


One of Canada’s brightest talents makes his way on to our prominent Florida based blog. Ramzoid is the name and he recently released his latest song, “VAMPIRE” produced entirely by Ramzoid himself. The new and emerging artist/producer from Canada is already skyrocketing off views from the premier with Trap Nation and already having a successful following that waits impatiently for every new drop. This new record is yet again catching the eyes and ears of today’s consumers. We can only wait for another brilliant Ramzoid record to surface in the coming months. Check this one out above and let us know what you think!

Dutchy DoBad – No Stress

DIRECTOR: Jimmy Divergent

Dutchy DoBad is another Boston native we have taken a liking too over the course of some time. Today he gives us a dose of his new medicine with the video “No Stress” directed by Jimmy Divergent. The melodic genius is posted in what looks like sunny LA and just gives us that summer vibe through the lens with a hit song to go with it. Dutchy seems to be on the prowl with more music on the way and dropping as we speak. Tap in with Dutchy DoBad and check out his new video, “No Stress” out now and watch the numbers climb!

Cash Gotti – They Know


Boston native Cash Gotti keeps it real in his latest video, “They Know” directed by Tanj. As music stays diverse across the country, our prominent Florida blog does dabble with other forthcoming rappers from various states. Today isn’t any different with Cash Gotti and his electrifying video that people are gravitating too. As the coronavirus continues to dominate headlines, the music industry will be blessed with a surplus of new music from the many artists out there hustling and getting to it. Check out the video above and form your own opinion of Cash Gotti’s “They Know” produced by Lil Rich & directed by Tanj.



Milwaukee man known as EMAAD isn’t letting COVID-19 stop him at all and in fact, he’s cutting off the “DEAD WEIGHT” which is the title of this masterpiece. Produced by Olli, EMAAD takes it up a notch and with this new single, he may well could provide the vaccine for Corona once and for all. As 2020 kind of comes to a stop, we are going to see more and more songs come out to keep the people sane. EMAAD will be one of the up and coming acts you don’t want to miss. Check his new single, “DEAD WEIGHT” out now and let us know what you think!

Birddo – Trap School

DIRECTOR: Kendall Mathias

Cincinnati is breeding talent left and right it seems like. Today, we are introduced to Birddo who is taking over with his latest video “Trap School” directed by Kendall Mathias. As Birddo continues his dominance and surviving a life-ending cancer, he showcases that school wasn’t all that he needed and his work ethic was the strongest trait he’s had. Thumbing through money and etching his verses into your brain, Birddo is here to stay. Don’t sleep on the up and coming rapper out of Ohio and check out his latest music video, “Trap School” that is out now!